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"Scotty" in Coma

Post by Guest » 05-08-2002 07:46 PM

I just got this bit of news.

12:00pm ET, 6-May-02

Doohan In A Coma?

The Sy Fy Portal Web site posted a report that James Doohan, who played
Scotty in the original Star Trek television series, has slipped into a
coma after suffering a recurrence of pneumonia and is not expected to

The site based the report on a source close to Doohan's family, who told
the site that Doohan has been in a comatose state in an intensive care
unit for the past two weeks.

"He never recovered from the bout with pneumonia and had even been re-
hospitalized and released again without anybody finding out," the source
told the site. "It seems just a matter of his system shutting down at
this point and how long it will take. Just meeting him the [past] few
times has been pretty hard, as you could easily see how much he had
slowed down mentally. The only reason he was attending those
[conventions] was to raise money for his daughter. I guess we're lucky
we've had him as long as this."

The 82-year-old actor was first hospitalized with pneumonia in February,
but apparently had recovered. News of his being re-hospitalized recently
came from fellow actor Walter Koenig (Trek's Chekov). The latest news
has not been confirmed through Doohan's family, the site reported.


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Post by lutefisk » 05-08-2002 09:57 PM

C.K. Here's an update for you.

Doohan -- Not Dead Yet
Mon, May 6, 2002 02:11 PM PDT

by Andrew Rodgers
TV News, Zap2it,

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports that James Doohan is in a coma and knocking on death's door are greatly exaggerated.

Doohan, 82, the actor famous for portraying Scotty on the popular "Star Trek" television series, was reported by the fan site www.syfyportal.com to be in a comatose state in an intensive care unit following a severe bout of pneumonia. Doctors were said not to be anticipating a recovery.

Most of that isn't true, says the actor's agent.

"James has been a client of mine for almost 30 years," says Steve Stevens, Doohan's agent. "For an 82-year-old man who spent 13 weeks in bed recuperating from pneumonia, he's doing damn well."

That may be a fairly subjective diagnosis however, as Stevens also says that Doohan has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and diabetes.

"He's not ready to do any personal appearances yet," concedes Stevens, "but he is home and he is doing rehabilitation ... a lot of the stuff he's going through now are a result of his injuries from World War II."

Doohan participated in the D-Day invasion, where he lost the middle finger of his right hand, and was also part of the Royal Canadian Artillery.

"A lot of that is catching up," says Stevens, who specifically cited Doohan's "lung and knee problems."

For the full story on Doohan's health problems, Stevens says the family has authorized a tell-all in the National Enquirer tabloid magazine.


Post by Guest » 05-08-2002 10:49 PM

Well, hell. You don't know who to believe these days. Image
A "tell all in the National Enquirer"? Sheeeit! I wouldn't even wipe myself with that rag! I guess we won't really know "the truth" until he died, as in the case of George Harrison.

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Post by Barry » 05-09-2002 10:20 PM

Wow. I have never heard a damn word about this in the local paper, the wanna be USA, Ventura County Star. Nothing about him even being sick.

Well, I am glad it isn't so. James has been one of my favorites actors. I am so pleased there is no truth in the mill. But, we all are getting older now. I was truly saddened when Dee passed away. Another fine actor.

Get well Scotty!! WARP 9!!
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Post by Barry » 05-21-2002 02:39 PM

Any updates?? I've heard nothing!
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Post by Guest » 05-21-2002 02:42 PM

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Barry:
Any updates?? I've heard nothing!</font>
All I've heard is that he's at home resting. Nothing else.

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