On the formerly Art BELL show last night...

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On the formerly Art BELL show last night...

Post by Riddick » 04-14-2017 02:42 AM

...Somebody was *screaming* against DRUMPF's wars

Posted by UTUSN at democraticunderground.com:
  • I leave the radio on all night & only bits filter through in the lighter dozing phases, so only the gist is here with details missing, and, no, I don't have a clip.

    I think the sort of wingnut (he denies it) George NOORY was the regular host (wannabe BELL, neverbe BELL) and for sure the Jerome CORSI Out-wingnut (author of the Swift Boat book torpedoing KERRY) was a guest. So I don't know whether it was either one of them or a caller, *SCREAMING* because of DRUMPF's Syria missiles.

    He said that he *knew* the warmongers would win, that he was sure there would have been war under Hillary, that he wasn't a supporter of either Hillary or DRUMPF, but that it didn't matter because he knew the warmongers would win, and that "here we are within 100 days and about to have a war in Syria or with Russia or with North Korea!1"

    He sounded with his *screaming* that his face was certain to be bulging in the veins and all red. Now today that the big bomb has dropped, what will he be like tonight?

    The point is that the DRUMPF-istas who swallowed his crap just might be the key to impeaching him or otherwise just making the rest of his life miserable. Uh, yay?!1

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