Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

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Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 04-28-2016 10:16 AM

This entry is meant to be just like Coast to Coast AM's theme promoting "entertainment" purposes only. You know the topic well, it's Dr. Carl Jung's "synchronicity"!

The date was a Sunday night on November 26, 2001 and I'll bet you missed my "after the guest" call into Ian Punnett.......... :idea:

That brief chat with Ian guest hosting Coast to Coast AM, with it's long predated fateful explanation, was made over four years past August 31, 1997.

MGM's The Wizard Of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon's 142 syncs with the movie was just the beginning. About 100 of them are down right spooky! :o

My favorite rock n roll mystery and little mentioned legend is as follows. Very dedicated Coast to Coast AM radio listeners may have heard me tell two synchronous US and UK rock song finds to Ian Punnett on Open Lines November 26, 2001. This was live streamed worldwide on the Internet, but I only mentioned the many paralleled connections as a numbers count. A retired TV station director for WEHT and WFIE that I worked with nightly, J.D. Young, suggested that I should call Coast to Coast AM. :idea:

The following is what freedom of speech in America can do. Now it's placed for the long term in Linnea's Fantastic Forum. It is just my opinion and typed thoughts about two connected rock songs. The two connected more closely than any others in the history of rock n roll!

Visit SQuire Rushnell's famous web site first explaining coincidence.

A disclaimer added that any line below IS NOT related, but could be easily related to the premature and accidental death? of ***** Princess Of Wales.

* Denotes a lyrics line

Here is my analysis of Pink Floyd's "On The Turning Away" from their often :oops: criticized album "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" from 1986-87.

'On The Turning Away'

*On the turning away/ 1 This is what must have happened!
*from the pale and downtrodden/ 2 The English were originally a white race existing in a class based society.
*and the words they say which we won't understand/ 3 A lyric is meant to represent the word - in The Wallflowers Double Grammy winning song that wasn't understood by all. :oops:
*Don't accept that what's happening is just a case of others suffering/ 4 Her death caused suffering by others.
*or you'll find that you're joining in the turning away/ 5 We all joined in this "turning away".
*It's a sin that somehow light is changing to shadow/ 6 Her light changed to shadow.
*and casting it's shroud over all we have known/ 7 This most surely happened.

*unaware how the ranks have grown/ 8 All of us were the ranks, and we'll never know how many missed this connection in rock music heard so often over so much time. :idea:
*driven on by a heart of stone/ 9 She went on to a new future for this reason.
*we could find that we're all alone in the dream of the proud/ 10 So many admirers of ***** wanted the royal fairy tale wedding to last forever.

*On the wings of the night/ 11 Something is flying in the night.
*As the daytime is stirring/ 12 ***** died in the early AM.
*where the speechless unite in a silent accord/ 13 This most surely happened.
*using words you will find are strange/ 14 Many said words they didn't want to say.
*and mesmerized as they light the flame/ 15 The world over candles will burn in her memory.
*feel the new wind of change/ 16 Things aren't the same with her loss.
*on the wings of the night/ 17 Line one is repeated, and an automobile's high speed is called flying as having wings since their invention.

Instrumental interlude and a time for thought..

*No more turning away/ 18 This won't happen again.
*from the weak and the weary/ 19 All of those who cared about her well being before and after her death.
*no more turning away/ 20 This won't happen again.
*from the coldness inside/ 21 Were we all cold inside?
*just a world that we all must share/ 22 Something we all should do.
*it's not enough just to stand and stare/ 23 In London one million mourners stood to look as the black hearse went by.
*is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away / 24 We can dream of "what if", but this missed opportunity won't ever happen again. :(

Pink Floyd's magical electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, and drums perform a rousing finale fitting a loved ones passing. Listening to this long before 1997 the fine ending sounded to me like a king or queen had died. This ballad was meant to be a song about bad politician's laws and their indifference to the their citizens.

In closing this first part David Gilmour's 2008 song was named "On An Island", and it's title is just another interesting parallel.

This second song won two Grammy Awards in 1998. In 1996 the album 'Bringing Down The Horse' by The **Wallflowers' and their big hit 'One Headlight' to me was a rare pop rock song. It was sad in nature. I said on Coast radio, "Many rock music fans must have said that it sounds like *****."

One local lady told me her little daughter said that. She assured her daughter that it was not about her. The following is for you to decide pro or con whether or not there are parallels here to ***** ******* *******. Just like Pink Floyd's British rock ballad seemed to have once it was finally linked to this Grammy winner! Here is a link to listen to the song.

'One Headlight' - The Wallflowers 1996,..(and the words they say which we won't understand - Pink Floyd 1986)

*So long ago I don't remember when/ 25 A timeless statement and either gender could be saying these verses below.
*That's when they say I lost my only friend/ 26 This person didn't loose anyone,'s implied and so many reacted this way.
*Well, they said she died easy of a broken heart disease/ 27 Her royal marriage resulted in this outcome.
*As I listened through the cemetery trees/ 28 Trees from her island grave site, was a pet cemetery.
*I seen the sun comin' up at the funeral at dawn/ 29 The time of her funeral in the US by time zones from the UK,...there are no dawn funerals here.
*The long broken arm of human law/ 30 50,000 London police officers lined the hearse's funeral route.
*Now, it always seemed such a waste/ 31 Anyone's death is a waste of life
*She always had a pretty face/ 32 ***** was very beautiful.
*I wondered why she hung around this place/ 33 Why was she there? Why did they leave a $10,000 per day suite at the hotel?


*Hey, hey, hey! Come on try a little/ 34 Listen, listen, listen, and no one did!

*Nothing is forever/ 35 So many wanted ***** to live forever.
*There's got to be something better than in the middle/ 36 The black hearse traveled 77 miles on the roadway's center line.
*But me and "Cinderella"/ 37 Is this a French paparazzi thinking? Cinderella married a prince, as did *****.
*We put it all together/ 38 Was there a paparazzi's planned accident scheme that went totally wrong? Did they murder ***** unintentionally by a planned slow speed, fender bender accident?
*We can drive it home, with one headlight/ 39 Two paparazzi on a motorcycle with their $prized$ picture.

*She said it's cold/ 40 A lady has died, and is this her spirit talking?
*It feels like Independence Day/ 41 This is an American song, and our July 4th is seldom a day of celebration in Great Britain.
*And I can't break away from this parade/ 42 Your funeral procession is a parade you can never leave.
*But there's got to be an opening/ God above us welcomed *****,...
*Somewhere here in front of me/ opening to Heaven via the tunnel.
*Through this maze of ugliness and greed/ 43 The royal's mentoring and the other two in her marriage.
*And I seen the sign up ahead at the county line bridge/ 44 England has counties, 45 It took a bridge to get to the island burial site.
*Sayin' all is good and nothingness is dead/ 46 ***** played on the island as a child and no one else is buried there.
*We'll run until she's out of breath/ 47 This implies being chased by us all for news with photos supplied by highly paid paparazzi. This song could be their song to haunt them all! :x
*She ran until there's nothin' left/ 48 ***** ran from the paparazzi for years, until there was no life left.
*She hit the end, it's just her window ledge/ 49 *****'s death resulted this way. The tunnel's 12th & 13th pillar's opening the limousine went into could be described as a window, and the bottom of a window is always the ledge.


*Well this place is old/ 50 The tunnel's location was beside a centuries old river crossing in Paris.
*It feels just like a beat up truck/ 51 This could mean wrecked. The couple arrived in a British made truck, but they left in a limousine made by the world's largest heavy truck maker.
*I turn the engine, but the engine doesn't turn/ 52 This implies an engine that won't run. Also the first limo chosen had a dead battery.
*Well, it smells of cheaper wine and cigarettes/ 53 This implies drinking in a song about driving! Henri Paul was not intoxicated!
*This place is always such a mess/ 54 The hotel.
*Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn/ 55 The anger about a miss-managed short limousine trip.
*I sit alone, and I feel just like somebody else
*Man, I ain't changed, but I know I ain't the same/ 56 Perfect words about a major loss.
*But somewhere here in between these city walls of dyin' dreams/ 57 *****'s death resulted in between the tunnel's walls owned by the city of Paris, France.
*I think her death, it must be killin' me/ Again very fitting words said for all of us.


Listen to the late David Bowie's "Heroes" "covered" by The Wallflowers. Was this song just another coincidence? In early October of 1997 we called their executive secretary after Interscope Records was told the above in brief and they gave us their unlisted phone number. After that call I posted a short note about their synchronous lyrics paralleling **'s death on their fan forum. That got a next day's reply from their front man who :P debunked any connections. He wrote a short but strange rebuttal comparing the death of actress Jane Mansfield to a random song that I can't remember the title to now. :oops:

Canada's David Alice would find that VERY unusual. :? So scroll well down his extensive web page to find Jane Mansfield's strange synchronous connections to ***** :!: :o

For what other reasons did the band choose "Heroes" to be a part of the sound track ending the new "Godzilla" movie :?: I think it might have been for this reason you've just read. :idea: Talk about a "cover" song :!:

............"We can be heroes, just for one day" :o


"Heroes" - Songwriters David Bowie & Brian Eno

I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, for ever and ever.

We can be Heroes, just for one day.

I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing, nothing will drive them away
We can be Heroes, just for one day
We can be us, just for one day

I, I remember standing, by the wall
And the guns, shot above our heads
And we kissed, as though nothing could fall
And the shame, was on the other side
Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever

We could be Heroes, just for one day

We can be Heroes
We can be Heroes
We can be Heroes
We can be....Heroes
Just for one day



Ian Punnett, of Coast to Coast AM Sunday's, before November 26, 2001, had read the last song's syncs from my e-mail. At the end of our six minutes he surprised me with this line, "They were very convinced that The Wallflowers' song was a prophecy Princess **'s death." That was much more than I expected him to say and I said a wide eyed, "Thank you Ian!" at 3:14 AM and he went to the next caller. I have that on a cassette tape!

July 14, 2004 - Coast to Coast AM's host begins by introducing his frequent guest R. Gary Patterson and he ended his remarkable bio with this topic to cover, among many others. The last one noted this and I now quote George Noory accurately here........."And to whether the death of Princess ***** was predicted in a coupla songs". I never missed a word while driving the coal truck and I predicted they would not mention it. I was right. :wink: If they did I'd planned to call in, if possible. So better luck next time! Whew! :yay:

Noted fresh this morning at the bottom - Edited August 29, 2016: Now, thanks to our son, you can hear that taped recording via Sound Cloud.

Coast to Coast AM with Sunday's guest host Ian Punnett on November 26-27, 2001: Nearing the end of our conversation Ian asked me, "What line most cinched it for you?" I was quickly thinking the show sells it's own taped recordings and lyrics are protected, so I was way too brief noting just these two words, "window ledge!" :oops:

To this day I wished I'd said, "She hit the end. It's just her window ledge." ... 11-27-2001

When the show started the first song played at the ad break was "Letters From The Wasteland" by The Wallflowers. I had never heard one of their songs on that program before that night! Also my story was written as a one page letter for my own references if I got on the air. At the next two ad breaks they played both songs above here and I got a case of the chills both times! :mrgreen:

With all the key words heard inside The Wallflowers' song you'd think red flags would have gone up from the fans. Their two Grammy winning categories were "Rock Song of the Year" and "Best Video by a Rock Group". The Rock Song of the Year video of 'One Headlight' has a black luxury car with two headlights being driven in a lighted tunnel! :o Sheesh! :?

We know for days after the accident? the Buckingham Palace's main gates and fence became a "wall of flowers". :oops:

"On The Turning Away" track #5 and "Yet Another Movie" track #6 are next to each other on A Momentary Lapse of Reason! In recent history two major news events shook millions of people to their core dated August 31, 1997 and September 11, 2001 :!: ... 01#p711801

MK II :|

Is there more synchronicity in just a song's title from the composer of the first song on top? :huhsmile:

David Gilmour wrote "On An Island"? And who is buried alone on an island? :idea:

In the UK this is my closing line that seldom ever worked like I hoped it would.

:idea: Comments :?: Questions :?: Or crickets :?: :crawl: :crawl: :crawl:
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Re: Princess **'s Fate Foretold on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Riddick » 04-28-2016 12:44 PM

Another amazing synchronicity! Eh MK2?

Is sussing them out, a gift or a talent

How DO you do it?

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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 04-29-2016 11:32 AM

Riddick wrote:Another amazing synchronicity! Eh MK2?

Is sussing them out, a gift or a talent

How DO you do it?

Yes, and I'm glad you asked that question! :mrgreen:

On September 6, 1997 I'd just delivered wild cherry and sassafras logs SE of Corydon, IN and back on Interstate 64 headed west I thought of the Lincoln and Kennedy parallels. Then I thought this on the day of *****'s funeral, that I watched at 4 AM before departing East, "What if she had similar parallels with The Wallflowers' "One Headlight"?" I popped in their cassette and during the song's play the key words came one after the other and I said out loud in my SCANIA semi log rig, "Unreal!" :o Then four years later I told Ian Punnett of the similarities and the Pink Floyd ballad came into the mix driving a coal truck on I-164 two years after 1997. So I noted both to Ian on November 26, 2001.

Also I'll credit many hours vs miles, legally logged hours, on the US interstates, 2 lane highways and very rural back roads/logging roads Riddick. :idea: Now I'm giving you much credit several hours after some serious Tyota Highlander crumple zone steel parts truckin'. Your two posts here and at Imaginative Worlds are at the top of any positive comments I've ever received, so thank you very much :!: I've always wanted forum acquaintances to copy and paste lines that they would agree with or disagree with, and oddly it's never happened. :frown:

:idea: I hope someday if someone responds in that fashion it will make my day, or night! :fortune: :yay:

Here is a credit to Canada's David Alice and his simple test found here at FF under Paranormal also....... ... 41&t=49625


Part 1 - THE P.A.L. TEST

The undeniable correlations between two rock songs (noted above) from 1986 and 1996 and Princess *****'s death in 1997 raise a fundamental question. ...

How do we judge if the correlations between an artist's work and a subsequent event are more than coincidence? ...


P - Precision

A - Abundance

L - Location

If the correlations are precise and they are abundant it is reasonable to believe they are more than coincidence. ...

"A coincidence is an explanation waiting to happen." - that's a quote from rock and roll mysteries historian R. Gary Patterson :wink:

MK2's standing by........ :)
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Keepin' my 2 multi coincidences close on Sunday!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 06-05-2016 06:48 PM

:idea: PROPHECY OR EVIL EYE :?: (borrowed from Mark Elvidge's Mysterial based in the UK) :cold: :vultures:

Published on: 31/03/08 at 23:06:23 GMT Submitted by: ooosyadady

Prophecies by Anthony North

On 14 April 1912, the luxury liner, Titanic, went down on its maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg. In 1898 author Morgan Robertson had written a novel, "Futility", in which a similar ship had met a similar fate. :(

Just a few years before the disaster, journalist W. T. Stead warned of a coming tragedy here because of a lack of lifeboats. Consequently, when Titanic sailed, many of the passengers and crew were too frightened to turn up. 8)


Perhaps the owners of the Titanic made a big mistake describing their ship as unsinkable. Why? Was it tempting fate? Or could it be that the public’s lack of faith caused unconscious decisions in the crew that led to the disaster? For instance, what caused the crew to go too fast in iceberg territory? Did they feel they had something to prove? :?

Psychiatrist Dr John Barker theorized the existence of the self-fulfilling prophecy, where your mind actually causes something to come true. Many cases of supposed precognition could fall in line with this idea - itself just a simple variation of a possible mechanism behind astrology. However, this is far from a complete understanding of our ability to affect the future.


There are problems with prophecy. And the problems intensify when we look to a similar discipline, divination. Typical is the ancient Chinese system of I Ching, thought to have been devised by the emperor Fu Shi, but unknown in the west until relatively modern times. An off-shoot of Taoism, there is no past, present or future within the system.

There is just the lifeforce, ch’i, and its complimentary forces of preservation and destruction, yin and yang. By consulting the ‘book of changes’, the diviner can toss 50 yarrow sticks or three coins three times.

The way they land produces a ‘hexagram’, consisting of patterns of solid and broken lines. The result is seen as a guide to how you should continue your life. :shock:


Another system is the Tarot, from the Italian ‘tarochi’, meaning trumps. A pack of cards in two parts, the Tarot is split into the Major Arcana with 22 cards representing death, wisdom, etc, and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards representing the suits wands, swords, cups and pentacles (there is an additional picture card in each suit, the page).

Thought to have been brought to Europe by gypsies, the earliest known pack of 17 cards is kept in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The modern pack was created in 1910 by occultist Arthur Edward Waite.

The pictures are said by some to be ancient images from the Egyptian Book of Thoth, whilst others think they can be traced to the Hebrew alphabet.

Dr. Carl Jung saw them as archetypal images from the human psyche. But to many dabblers, shuffling them and laying them out in chance order can hold predictive qualities.


How viable is it that random fluctuations of sticks/coins or cards can lead to real knowledge of the future? Could any ’success’ be simply down to coincidence, for instance?

The Oxford Dictionary defines coincidence as a ‘ … notable concurrence of events of circumstances without apparent causal connections.’ This reminds me of the Chaos Theory. For instance, could it be simply that our interpretation is too reductionist to understand the causes?


Could coincidence be an off-shoot of chance, with predictability leading to order? For instance, when a study was carried out into the number of dog bites in New York, each bite appeared random, but the annual percentage of bites hardly varied from year to year.

If we take a radioactive isotope, the decay of a particle is totally unpredictable, but an isotope has an exact half-life. Even physicists such as Paul Dirac could think of only one word to explain the unique balance that led to the formation of the universe and life. Coincidence.

However, Dr. Carl Jung was also fascinated with coincidences, evolving his theory of ’synchronicity’, where he argued that coincidences were so extraordinary that perhaps imaginative minds had a role to play in the world to bring them about. :hourglass

Indeed, such a mind/disaster scenario has been with us for centuries, ignored by science because it comes under the heading of a Curse. :oops:

MK 2

:idea: Comments :?: Questions :?: Or crickets :?:

Several years ago I discovered at R. Gary Patterson's web site that his blogs about rock and roll mysteries received comments but Gary never replied back. :| Prior to viewing Gary's efforts I had thought all blogs were meant for two way communications. :oops:

But I will reply quickly to comments on any blog/thread I've posted at Fantastic Forum. :wink: You can bank on that! :D

So I'm hoping all NEW and the few active pirates jump on board! :D

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'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' - Pink Floyd 1986-87!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 06-25-2016 03:37 AM

Here's the whole album to ponder on to hear their most criticized work by British rock music critics. :?

If you listen to Classic Rock Radio you will hear track #2 EVERY DAY in the States! :wink:

MK II :shock:

Now my two topics concerning this prophetic album are together at the top of a very dusty Paranormal......... :idea:
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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 09-05-2016 11:22 AM

England's Rose was eulogized by Elton John at the beginning of MTV's 1997 Awards program.

Here is what Madonna said during the same program in 1997.......... ... 19EC8E20FE

MTV ended that awards show by introducing The Wallflowers and Bruce Springsteen who decided to close it with One Headlight! :facepalm:

One Headlight's analysis by Wikipedia...

In 1998 it was a Double Grammy winner :!:

I thought it was very strange that a sad rock song could win any award that year or any year! :? "Sixth Avenue Heartache" from the same album was a much better candidate for a Grammy. I will always believe the rock and roll legacy of his father Bob Dylan played a big part in their choice for Rock Song of the Year and it was simply picked at random. :wink:

MK II :|
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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 12-25-2016 08:06 AM

Merry Christmas to all! :D

Here's a single gift to all brave ones entering Paranormal today. It's from the Song Meanings web site with folks opening up on 'One Headlight' by The Wallflowers. There's 7 pages of what that song means to the registered members who have posted to date. Read a few per day to check how many might hint at what you may have read already in the OP. Some years ago when I read the pages that had accumulated to that day. I was not at all surprised to read nothing of the sort. It's been a while since I last checked but it was the same at You Tube.

I guess it needed to be written on a wall! :idea:

My comment is the second one down on page 5. I kept it in line with the member's comments and I was not tempted to post any hints at what you've read and heard here in post # 1.

General Comment

Like Richard Marx's 'Hazard', 'One Headlight' is one sad song that us fans get so attached to. Sad pop rock songs are rare. 10 10 220's John Stamos got attached to it too! It's was a great 2 Grammy winner and it's song #58 on MTV's top 100. It is about a lady that was loved greatly.

Malaria_Kidd on February 05, 2005

MK II :)

Comments :?: Questions :?: Or crickets :?: :lol: That line's also had the same end result as a :crawl: up above.

Here's an unexpected bonus to post for all viewers. This was found well down the Twitter page today March 27, 2017 :!:

It's a Canadian radio program dealing with real life experiences of Coincidence, Paul Kammerer's Seariality & Dr. Carl Jung's Synchronicity! I have yet to listen but there are many shows to hear! The host and some guests are frequently on Coast to Coast AM.

Tune in........ 8)
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Re: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis Portland, Oregon

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 04-01-2017 11:05 PM

If you've just read the OP the Fox Mulder of Rock and Roll R. Gary Patterson uses the term conspiracy in similar topics not so much in the news. :shock:

Ground Zero March 31, 2017 with host Clyde Lewis


I was not aware that Sound Cloud offered Clyde's paranormal excellence on radio! 8)

MK II :o
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Re: John Morgan R.I.P. (1957 - 2015)

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 04-16-2017 10:49 PM

:( Until tonight I was not aware that Australian author John Morgan had passed away 2 years ago. I have exchanged a few e-mails with him noting what you may have read here. He replied back that he had never before seen the (2) connections I'd made to this little known addition to the alternate news history of rock and roll. :idea:

He, like me, did not believe Henri Paul was driving under the influence.

From the late John Morgan............ :( ... ing-diana/#

JOHN MORGAN (1957-2015) started researching and writing about the death of Princess Diana in 2005. He was the world’s leading expert on the 1997 Paris crash. Leading QC Michael Mansfield, who served at the London inquest: “I have no doubt that the volumes written by John Morgan will come to be regarded as the ‘Magnum Opus’ on the crash in the tunnel that resulted in the unlawful killing of Diana, Princess of Wales.” Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died in the crash: “John Morgan has done more to expose the facts of this case than the police in France and Britain.” For more on John’s work, research and books go to......

MK II :frown:

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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 08-05-2017 11:01 PM

Twenty Years Ago This August 31st We Remember The History Of The Automobile's Most Infamous Crash Killing The World's Most Famous Woman At That Time! :oops:

"Princess Diana - The Witnesses in the Tunnel - HD - Documentary" slide the red ball right, stop @ 8:53 - to view just one headlight :!:

Banned In Britain - "Unlawful Killing" - This film begins with The Alan Parsons Project's "Sirius"!

MK II :|
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