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Posted: 10-12-2019 03:43 AM
by Riddick
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💹 Ur awake too Fred and I just awoke from a brief nap when they laughed too loud on Fraizer!🔕 OMG, WTF? This one below needs another views boost due to the racing snails and turtles tearing up the asphalt! :oops:


Mebbe some other night? Whatever's prompting the hits on this thread doesn't appear to be over...

Re: Pedro, WTC, and me.

Posted: 10-12-2019 04:36 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
No Fred it does not seem to slow down at all. I have no clue how this could happen, even bot wise! :confused:

Edited @ 4:45 AM the speeding bumps count stopped on 52,795! :shock:

I kind'a liked 👍 it, mainly the huge surprise it was. What was their incentive to start this strange action? I'd always hoped an occasional US or UK alternative news thread begun by me would raise a few million goose bumps! Even though no reader would ever be open minded enough to register and tell me it did. :P

Your comments still are ranked the best ever in all those silent years. Many thanks go your way up those long northbound highways to SE WI! :mrgreen:

Hells bells Fred, something's been triggered and seems unprecedented in any active alternative news forum. Whatever or whomever could be blamed for that action during this high strangeness tonight! 🔮 📲 💻

MK II :?

Yes, it's finally been turned off! But maybe they'll return again on a dark and creepy night! :D

Edited on Veterans Day 2019....& duly noted below as usual! :P

5:30 AM

As the weekend arrives at The Fantastic Forum he, she or MSN [Bot] has simply bumped as many random threads as possible (@ 1,457 30 mins ago!). Roughly an hour before sunrise the "Who's on line" #s (now @ 90!) go back all the way down to a logical count.😐

Re: Pedro, WTC, and me.

Posted: 10-13-2019 10:57 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Well! A very wise fella named Andrew Wendland missed Ian's red flag in an e-mail to C2C AM. When he thought he'd made a mysterious Rock 'N Roll hit! :P His hobby for many years was or still is synching up scenes from Hollywood movies to lyrics in Rock 'N Roll albums! :oops:

This idea must be similar to an endless black hole! :shock:

'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' by Pink Floyd (1986-1987) with 'Sayonara' (1957)
bullet discovered by Andrew Wendland in Nov./Dec. 1997
bullet revealed on 16.04.1998
bullet sync length = movie length (approx. 2 hours 28 minutes)
bullet start CD at beginning of movie, just before Marlon Brando's name appears
bullet repeat CD until the end of the movie
Some things I noticed:

The 10 tracts are here including all spoken words. ... eofreason/

Several aspects of the lyrics apply to the movie.

Learning to Fly. Brando is a pilot in the film.

The Dogs of War describes the bad things that the military does to its enemies as well as its own.

The music changes as the couple kisses. At the beginning of One Slip, the alarm sounds as the couple kisses a third time.

One Slip describes events that happen later in the film. Brando's character falls in love with the lead Asian dancer, and his life changes dramatically.

On the Turning Away "...from the pale and downtrodden" is sung as a pale-faced dancer is down on the ground.

During part of the dance, he whips his head around to the beat of the music.

Yet Another Movie is a hint from Pink Floyd that they have done it again, despite Roger Waters absence from the band.

A New Machine describes Brando's character.

Sorrow. Music synchronizes beautifully with the dancers.



Here's a beautiful creation recorded on the Astoria houseboat moored in the River Thames.

Re: Steve Quayle dot com - Tonight December 2, 2019

Posted: 12-03-2019 12:49 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II

The Burning Platform

The total black screen and pop up black boxes are annoying. Just scroll inside the occasional? full black screen to open it up. :P I suppose if you donate that BS is avoided. :confused:

Jim Quinn of PA - delves deeper into (See You On) "The Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd; past, present and future! There are over 294 comments and just a few seem to stick with his topic! :lol:

We must have a little something in common on our way to the paranormal side of Rock 'N Roll's endless finish line! :wink: ... -the-moon/
MK !! Circa 1973 - At least J. Quinn picked the right UK rock band to interpret scary stuff touching on todays, next months and next years news! :idea:

Anyone can call me sentimental well back on page 2. Since I really miss the good company joequinn provided us over his years at Fantastic Forum! No doubt he would have been all over this topic! 🔱 ⏰

He sure was a "Knock 'em out Joe!" ...👊...meaning out of the ballpark! That trait must have got him knocked off the forum.⌛🔚

Edited New Years Eve even though the date shown will be the 1st. :P

15 years ago I was an early bird post maker that included my take on Yet Another Movie! See the highest ratings. Mine is #3 with just 1 vote. :lol:

Those contributing don't seem to have the foggiest idea about what I've tried to show in these many pages with a Jung-like clarity!😕😢

PS - My 2020 New Year's resolution for FF goes like this! "If I can't make my topics understood enough to inspire one new member. I promise not to edit in alluring renewed lines to be able to understand them better." :lol: :biglol: :mason:

Re: I got a Like from Sean at Into Infinity today!

Posted: 01-06-2020 01:08 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Hmm! Sean just liked this one at Into Infinity dot com. He wrote not a word to relate to these recent spooky days and I don't blame him at all! So here is my reply to him on his and The Whetherman's Tapatalk web site! That site's fresher posts were from 2018. :oops:

Thanks Sean for the Like and 1 silver award that I missed 4 days ago. I suppose if the link to Halifax-West Yorkshire, England is enough of a trip through this uneasy week. Staying clear of all psychedelic drugs tripping out on Pink Floyd for the full Monty prophetic thread can wait. :idea:

Let's hope The Floyd's 1986 "Sorrow" never comes true if you get my drift. :shock: That seldom ever radio played Floyd song is the reason, among others on page 2, that I've prepped our family.

Edited late at night on the 8th of January:

More on the 1st EVER red flag flying over their Mahdi mosque! ... the-mahdi/

Supernaturalearth had it's own Mag 8 earthquake long ago! :oops:

World wide on the web that same link has well over 100 K views with extremely few comments!

When the obvious stares you in the face and your ears hear it over and over again, think on it some more! :wink:

No FF smilie related flags are available here yet ( ) vs (777) I could not figure out the Islamic Republic of Iran's flag for a choice, once any flag is clicked on, so I just left us free world lovers a good grouping of Lucky Triple 7's! :wink:

I ended my Tapatalk's "Into Infinity" post there. So I posted this extra addition in the UK at Tapatalk's Supernaturalearth where I am a still a Moderator of very little action these days. :roll:

We will need all the luck we can get folks! Are ya'all packing shields 'n swords, out in public are you wearing acid proof plastic head gear bearing face shields or are you carrying something just as quick but way more dangerous and virtually impossible to buy for staying healthy and very alive "over there"? And all of you know where "over there" is because I'm "over here" in the States armed to the teeth! :realmad:

One more?

It's views are just @ 3,205 and now it's found on page 2 and it relates to this long thread.

2011! - Re: Iran's surprise letter talking about their future if they actually had an A-bomb. Here's the last sentence with the journalists ideas on that strange, unexpected letter released publically!

Published 9 years ago this line goes with today's news.

"Such isolation and deteriorating economic situation could be more damaging to the regime's top priority, which is its survival, than a military attack by the West." :P

Depart into the FF Dark Pages now for this one. But the Daily Mail's Iran premature Big Bomb's report still online from 2011 worked the on the first click. Then on a second try it went to today's protests in Iran over their panicked crew firing 2 missiles downing the airliner with one. :cry: