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SHADOW PEOPLE,......seen one? FYI

Posted: 08-02-2003 06:57 PM
by Malaria_Kidd
Hello pirates, I've never seen one, but according to Coast to Coast AM callers "Shadow People" pop up when you least expect them. This thread, like Irs' about Crop Circles, belongs in paranormal. Please post your first hand accounts below. If you called C to C on open lines with something we would like to read about "Shadow People" go for it! MK ;) :eek: :eek: :eek:

Posted: 08-11-2003 07:06 PM
by Lakesider
Can't say I've ever seen a SP, or for that fact anything remotely paranormal. Not sure if I really want to either. I kinda like things the way they are...somewhat boring.

Posted: 08-11-2003 11:27 PM
by Laird
There are different types of shadow entites

You have the incarnated souls or ghosts which most often is what people are seeing.

Then there is the type that I'm firmly committed are manifestations of ones own kinetic energy ... which can be banished if the person is ready to acknowledge they exisit.

But there is one classification that seems to fade in and out of our dimensional slot of reality. Short child like beings who enjoy being caught or seen. They have a true density of form, you can't see through em, they're identical to Disney's view of Peter Pan's shadow. They take great delight playing games if a human can see em. Most often man misses it.

Whitley's about the only other person I know who can relate to this phenomena.

Thanks! Laird,..............well stated

Posted: 08-23-2003 06:47 AM
by Malaria_Kidd
Laird, I hope you saw my note in the subject line this past weekend during Ian's show. Thanks for the interesting lines, and your reply too, Lakesider. With 1,955 members, and the eveready lurkers few here have experienced this phenomenon of human experience. Coast's bumper music seems to be stuck in The Twilight Zone,...not the series, not the movie, but the song by Holland's so popular Golden Earring. Pirates here have done like I have with no luck I bet. A request for special "bumper" music. If your a fan of that band there's two songs just right, besides T Z, for the late night radio show. Nightmare is one, and Quiet Eyes the other. Quiet Eyes' 9th and 10th lines say,...."Somehow I'm imagining things,...Movin' in the shadow". Very fitting, and related to nightly open line callers "real" night life happenings. This can't be something from their imaginations. This subject is mentioned every night in some fashion. MK :eek: ;)

Posted: 09-22-2003 10:00 AM
by zeppo
As a young child I spent years being spooked regularly at night by things which I, even as I experienced and feared them, attributed to my imagination. Like most kids, I guess, they became less frequent as I got older. Probably the only lingering thing would be the sleep paralysis from time to time, but by the time I went away to college, I don't remember ever having even that problem. I used to get nightmares regularly as well, and that ended too. Very rare since. So many years later when I hit upon Art Bell, I would tune in casually and only long enough to get me sleepy again. But I always thought the Ghost to Ghost nights were entertaining. My opinion though was that I could see how they might be possible, though I couldn't really believe it until I saw it. My spooky nights had long since been put out of mind.

With the internet, I was able to check Art's site for the ghost shows and listen to them later at my convenience (back when they were free.) I went to grab a nap one afternoon and put on one of those shows as I laid down. Later I awoke precisely as Art introduced another caller, and the caller related an experience that was almost precisely like one I had had in just about every detail. It blew my mind. I made a mental note to go back to it and fell back to sleep. I didn't get around to taking the time to relisten for a number of weeks and had forgotten which day the show was. I spent a long time over many days searching for it in my spare time on Art's site. In the process, I came across the shows where the whole shadow people phenomenon was first brought up by Art and became a big deal. While still trying to find the show that blew my mind, I came across the Shadow People show with the part Native American guy who's name I can't remember. Anyway, he was pretty much hogwash I think, but the callers related a number of things on that show that brought back a flood of memories. My mind was being blown some more. This was the show when Art had people fax in pictures. A number of them showed a figure with a cape and hat, and one caller even related to having seen one a thinking to herself, "This is Zorro!", in a both startled but "how odd!" kind of way. Well, one of my early-teen spooky incidents while turning in to sleep one night involved seeing a shadow with a hat, which also brought Zorro to my mind. I had by that time long been writing off spooky incidents like these to my imagination, and remember thinking, why in the world would I conjure up Zorro, and why would he be spooky anyway? He was a good guy. Yet I was spooked by this shadow figure or figment of my imagination, whichever it was, for a number of nights after that first sighting.

Anyway, the similarities I found on that show across a number of calls with this and other incidents got me going back to listening to other old shows (as well as new ones). Plus I was still trying to find the original show that blew my mind. In the process, all those childhood memories were brought back and my opinion of them totally changed. Someday I may write them all out, but frankly, I think the coincidence of having experiences so similar to others recounted by callers would actually make it less believable to anyone I told. I know it probably would with me. Yet to me, of course, it's has been reaffirming.

But that's why I tune in to CTC now, and why I like open lines better than most of the guests who are on there to make a buck.

Peek-a-boo Shadow

Posted: 09-25-2003 10:42 AM
by OH_Niteowl
Well my experience with shadow "people" was only once and I remember it still. I was about 4 years old so it made a lasting impression I guess. I was lying in bed waiting to hear my parents get up to go downstairs to breakfast. My bed was pushed up against the wall in the corner of the room. I remember seeing this shadow beside me looked like someone holding a paper or scarf at the corners and slowly moving it down in front of their face. As it got lower I could see what looked like the shape of a head and it had blank outlines where eyes would be. Then it kind of got bigger, like moving forward. Right in my face. Almost as if to say "boo" or "peek-a-boo". I jumped out of that bed so quick and ran to my parents room across the hall. My mother tried to tell me it was just a "dreamie". That shadow moved and looked right at me. I still don't like sleeping in a bed pushed up against the wall.

Coast to Coast AM Shadow Special !!

Posted: 10-17-2003 07:01 AM
by Malaria_Kidd
There's an interesting debate about a web cam photo from Maine going on at this time. Subject "Is it or is'nt it?" a visitor of this nature. Hmm! Both sides seem to make a good explanation about apperitions so many see from time to time. I'd rather not,..never! MK ,but you all have that site in your favorites list for sure. Art's guest's Saturday and Sunday will keep us up,.......on the edge of our seats!

C2C shadow person

Posted: 10-19-2003 11:30 AM
by OH_Niteowl

Did he actually see this shadow person before he took the picture or after? If I had seen that as a child I'd be ruined for life!

Seems to be several different kinds of shadow people out there in the world.

Art's antenna in Parump ?

Posted: 10-19-2003 07:11 PM
by Malaria_Kidd
OH niteowl, The Coast web site's original story says the South Carolina computer link to a lower Maine computer camera is set to take pictures every 15 seconds. The results seem clear as mud! I think "Shadow People" pictures would be as tough to get as a "Ghost" photo. So few of any(SP) are ever shown. The elderly lady seems to have gotten a backyard photo of a "Ghost" as seen on the Coast web site. :eek: :) MK

Posted: 10-20-2003 12:56 AM
by OH_Niteowl
Oops! Never thought about the pictures changing.:rolleyes:

Poor Art!:rolleyes: I'm sorry....

That little old lady with ghosts in her backyard "has big ones" as Art would say! She seems to have caught one on film.


Posted: 11-06-2003 04:12 PM
by Laird
I have two other paranormal experiences battling adult shadow beings who are not benevolent. They have the ability to shape shift and communitcate telepathically ... there some dimensional species.

The first time was back in the early 90's during a metaphysical gathering where a man from California held a channelling session in Anchorage, Alaska. This gentleman is on the radio and know for his daily advice in astrology. He has since stopped channeling this entity.

During his trance ... my friend and I observed his spirit exit his body to witness another entity enter (my friend is also very clairvoyant and a healer). What we witnessed can only be described as a trickster sucking the life force out of the audiennce
for empowerment. The person was answering questions from the group with extrodinary accuracy while a thick black goo pulsed across the floor towards those engaged in coversation with him. My friend and I both were shocked turning towards each other saying in unison "do you see that?" "What is that black thick stuff?" Don't worry I'll slam the plexiglass invisible defense shield to encircle us. The precise moment I did that the man doing the channeling approached use, all electronic equipment failed. Yes, this channeling session was being recorded ...
My friend and I watched the moving dense black goo hit the paranormal defense shield I'd put in place ... this is when he and I entered into telepathic conversation jamming all the electronics and lights in the room. He was requesting that I come to him, trusting him implicitly. (that he had my best interest at heart) This was a direct acknowledgement to me that he wasn't a benevolent being.

The second experience with a dark dense dimensional being was in Oct of 1999. This being came unannounced to my home ... scaring the crap out my dog. I somehow recognized the energy signature of this entity ... hearing things hitting the walls, doors slamming, kitchen items being moved etc as it moved up stair towards my bedroom. I knew at that moment I'd have to use all my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual talents. No I wasn't sleeping, I was wide awake, but I had to alter my conciousness to battle this nasty shadow person. No Fear ... I waited and use all my paranromal magic to slam him back into a higher dimesional slot ... the vortex I spun to capture it was composed of high energy. PURE WHITE LIGHT ... that's when I noticed the residue of black stuff left behind. HE'D or IT had exploded like a can of black paint all over my house. Yes, I had to call upon some of my paranormal friends to properly clean up the mess.

Posted: 11-06-2003 04:32 PM
by Laird
I was puzzled over why that entity was stocking me and how did I recognize it? Suddenly I remember ... months during a rather unusual healing session being conducted next door I had to use all my talents to block our combined thoughts from some entities who could anticipate our thoughts. The person being healed is a remote viewer with 10 years of government service. During this session it was my job to block em from reading our thoughts, with the use of my thoughts and hands I managed to jam their abilities for hearing us ... that's when the remote viewers body started making strange noises, popping sounds, sweat pouring off his brow, facial expressions changing ... at the end one of the healers on the speaker phone and I where crying tears of joy has we both watch a pyramid of light descent upon this remote viewer. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The pure energy I saw was lines and dots shaped identical to a pyramid.

For some reason those dark shadow shape shifters who can anticipate human thoughts didn't approve of this unusual healing for this remote viewer.

I know it sounds like an exocism but this was more than a normal
prayer session. It took us almost 1 1/2 hours to accomplish.

Those beings are very crafty and yes I was the human shield.

Posted: 11-14-2003 11:15 PM
by Dixie Butcher
Wow, Laird, your accounts are really compelling--and scary. But I think NiteOwl's scared me most. Something about creepy otherworldly things preying on little kids is extra scary--must've read too much Stephen King. L!

I've had two experiences with some things that I don't know how to classify-maybe shadow people? When I was in my early 20's, I had read R. Monroe's "Journeys Out of the Body" (because William Burroughs said it was cool :D )
and tried to have OBEs for awhile, but gave up. One night I had a spontaneous one--or something akin to it--and while out of my body--which I could clearly see laying in my twin bed, as well as my roomate sleeping soundly in her twin bed, this THING just came down from the ceiling, landed on top of me & basically tackled me and pinned me to the floor. I never actually saw it, I don't think, but for some reason knew it was all black, about the size of a child, and felt like it weighed around 300 pounds. There's a good bit more to it, but eventually I shook it off and ended up "clicking" back into my body on the bed.

The other time was fairly recent. I was at work, in the early am hours (by choice, so I could listen to Art Bell ;) ) I worked in a darkroom, by myself. And I mean "black as the inside of a cow" dark, no red lights. Whoever Art's guest was that night, they weren't at all scary, or I would have related the incident to that, but at the time, I was completely happy and at ease. Well, I'd just made a print, and walked to a particular processessor to put it in, like I'd done about a million times before, inserted it, and turned to my right, like every single time, to walk toward the light switch. But when I turned there, in the absolute pitch dark, there was a figure. I couldn't see if it was black, because everything was black, but it was about 6+ feet tall, standing inches away from me. I could feel it. I jumped & drew in my breath, just like you would if a friend was standing behind you & you didn't know it, then realized it was okay, and they just scared you--ya know what I mean? As soon as I did that, it was gone. That has never happened to me before or since, with the lights on or off. <L!> Sure, it could be attributed to my imagination or something, but at the time, I was on auto-pilot. I really think it was a shadow person that *thought* they were going undetected in the darkroom.


shadow people

Posted: 11-30-2003 03:04 AM
by ghostrider
Let me share with you a story that hapened in June of this year.
I was in Detroit,MI on my way to Canton,MI to pick del. a load of lobsters,and crabs.After backing in the dock the truck would not start,but the engine would crank.

after about 3-1/2 hours a tow truck finally showed up.I had used the starter to pull the rig 12ft away from the heavy dock plate,and I heard the plate collapse as it's suppose to.Around 8:30pm the tow truck arrived.Everyone at the warehouse was gone so it's just me and him.He disconnects the drive shaft,hooks up the air and electrical lines.I'm standing to the right of my rig,and he's getting ready to jump into his cab then suddenly...CRASH!!!A dock plate collapsed!!but there wasn't anything pulling out of the dock,as I turned to my right I saw the shadow person out the corner of my right eye moving quickly away.

The tow truck driver said what was that.I explained to him what I explained to you.He just looked at me like I was crazy...It was his denial.People don't want to admit that the veil is being stripped away.The visible,and the invisible are merging.

Posted: 01-01-2004 01:02 AM
by Laird
Perhaps it was a Mothman?

On Dec 2 of 2002, I had another very unusual paranormal experience in a friends apartment. I had just returned from the birth of my grandson traveling 50 miles. My bladder was very full as I'm racing towards the bathroom when I noticed a vortex of whirling energy in the bedroom. The lights had been turned off in that room with the door left open.

What caught my attention was the sound of papers moving ... thats when I saw the whirling vortex moving in the center of this room which was used as an office. It honestly looked like ripples of clear liquid moving in a circle ... this is when I put my hand out in the direction of that phenomenon to halt the intrusion saying
"I don't have time for this now" using all my psychic abilities so I could relieve myself without wetting my pants.

The only time I've heard of this type of activity was in Utah on a ranch.