Princess **'s fate was long foretold X 2!; in a brief mention from me to Ian Punnett @ 3:08 AM on 11/26/01

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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold, told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 12-26-2018 12:33 AM

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July 14, 2004 - Coast to Coast AM's host begins by introducing his frequent guest R. Gary Patterson and he ended his remarkable bio with this topic to cover, among many others. The last highlight ended this way and I now quote George Norry accurately here........."and to whether the death of Princess ***** was foretold in a coupla songs".
Here's MP3 links for that night's show - Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3 | Hour 4
What a super gift from SE Wisconsin that your MP3 hours 1 - 4 links were on this Christmas day/night Riddick! I can never thank you enough for that "thoughtful" find and fresh eye opening e-mailed FF topic!🍻

MP3 hour 2 around the 4 minute mark has the now edited ("predicted" changed to "foretold") quote above from George while discussing new, little known rock mysteries with Gary 14.5 years ago. 🎸🎸🎢🎀🎧🎷

I do know Gary's outline to George had plenty of Clarksdale, Mississippi St Rts 61 & 49 crossroads generated, Robert Johnson era and beyond music mysteries to highlight.

With air time speeding by there were no minutes reserved for this twisted tale of multiple synchronous lines. Which finally came into alternative news radio as the two most closely connected songs in the brief music history of Rock N Roll!

I'll close this post of gratitude sent up North your way because there is no way I can top that last statement ever again.πŸ“»πŸ“€πŸ“ΌπŸŽ§

MK II :idea:

The view count here sure runs at a 🐌's pace or at times a lot faster on four legs 🐒. 🎭 πŸ“­ πŸ’» πŸ“‰

PS: Jump on in citizen's of 196 countries and post while the warm inviting sea water is still available to float this pirate themed ship! The late heavily visited Imaginative Worlds cyber ship was deep six'ed last month and IW is likely to never be re floated again.

PS II: 3/9/19 At 12:33 AM Coast to Coast AM's bumper song was 'One Headlight', again. I once kept the number of times I heard it on the shows beginning in February of 08. Since then I've lost out with the count stopping at 24 and on November 26, 2001 it made it's debut on the show with Ian Punnett.

PS III: April 30, 2019 At 12:33 AM 'One Headlight' was played as the bumper song while George Noory hosted Robert Young Pelton.πŸ•§

PS IV: August 12, 2019 @ 12:33 AM Topic - Spitzer Space Telescope experts with host George Noory - While talking on the cell phone to my wife the radio was barely audible on C2C. I faintly heard the beginning of 'One Headlight'! So quickly the volume was turned up and I said to her "Listen to this!" :wink:

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Re: Princess **'s Fate Long Foretold: hear it told to Ian on Coast to Coast AM 11/26/01

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 05-09-2019 08:19 AM

Go quickly to Dark Page 21 for "Princess ***** Pre-cognition!" in August of 2002 by me, DBA Punnett's friend.

Using patience for 3 years I was expecting others to bring these multiple syncs to alt news circles. ... =41&t=2088

Now back to business. Checking out Coast to Coast AM's "In The News" this morning led me to and I wound up here. :idea:

Eerily Accurate Premonitions About Famous Events That Actually Came True!
β€” Ranker ... ord?page=2

Off topic: This true account might have been a bit too dated to make an eerie event listed at Ranker. This American 6th grade boys innocent vandalizing of his school grounds on 12/7/39 was in our nations newspapers very shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor!

Forever more we as American citizens will remember two dates living in infamy! :( ... =41&t=2100

:-| Now nearing page 2 under Paranormal is the Winter of 63/64's Kennedy vs Lincoln legendary multiple parallels; to date originator unknown.

Edited in mid April: Recently this same topic on TV speculated it began it's public debut from the efforts of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy! :o ... 41&t=50265

That legend inspired my find during the mid-day departing Corydon, IN on I-64 West during September 6, 1997; to date the originator is NOT unknown.

To that day and all years prior. Myself trying to interpret rock lyrics was seldom given a second thought. :idea: Remember what I wrote here and told to Ian found on page 1. These two rock and roll songs are connected like no two songs in history. The whole history of our music world folks! :o

My 2020 New Year's resolution for FF goes like this! "If I can't make my topics completely understandable so as to inspire one new member to post. I promise not to edit in new alluring lines to be able to understand them better." :lol:

This thread will always lack any new or veteran member's better interaction. Since it is mere inches from page 2 I will leave you with this 1st of 2 wake up calls that awoke not a sleeping soul including me!

Pink Floyd 1988 Royal Albert Hall, London

On The Turning Away! ... YA&index=3#

Hello page 2; @ 12:12 AM sheltering in place awaiting cabin fever. Cabin fever up in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada, that is!πŸ˜•

:shock: This reserved synchro catch this morning at 10:49 AM will be posted running this thread back to page 1 when this arrives on Dark Page 2.

While checking under the hoods of PENSKE'S 65 Cascadia Freightliners and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces. To ease the mundane COVID 19 elimination process I began turning on their radios.

Once the "first" πŸ“» chosen digital radio came on and after it's delayed WELCOME appeared. :confused: Evansville, IN radio station WJPS 107.1 FM was viewed and just as I was about to switch to WABX 107.5 FM. The first verse of 'One Headlight' was playing and I had not heard it in months!πŸ“­ πŸ“¬

Talk about a randomly generated synchro that had me talking to myself!🎢That catch did it!

Whoa! Three weeks later at 3:30 AM this morning I spun the radio tuner knob randomly with no station in mind. Who would have guessed it? "One Headlight's" beginning was once AGAIN in play on WJPS 107.1 AM! Yep! That same catch did again! 😷 πŸ‘€ πŸ‘

MK II :o
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