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EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - The Sasquatch Museum

Posted: 01-07-2018 04:47 AM
by Riddick

In the far north of Georgia, just off Highway 515, sits one of the of the most complete collections of Sasquatch artifacts, memorabilia, and folklore gathered in one place. “Expedition: Bigfoot!” wears its heart on its sleeve. Also known as the Sasquatch Museum, it wastes no time attempting to mask its end goal: trying to convince visitors that Bigfoot is real. FULL STORY

Re: EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - The Sasquatch Museum

Posted: 06-10-2018 08:21 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
During the past six months since you've posted this good info on The Sasquatch Museum in Georgia. I've always wanted to post a note other than, "Thanks, I'd like to visit that unique travel destination soon." But I would like to for sure! :D

Then I quickly decided this evening to post what you and more good company can enjoy right here! :surprised

Crypto PTSD

One US Navy veteran's exciting accounts of Bigfoot encounters up close and personal in the NW Cascade Mountain Range! :shock: Mark is a great one to listen to. He spent 3 years in Japan and thinks Sasquatch's speech could compare to their language if slowed down and examined closely! 8)

Do tune in and then keep on surfing Linnea's enduring forum named for the fantastic experiences posted by anyone daring to join us today! :o

MK II :idea:

Re: EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - The Sasquatch Museum

Posted: 12-25-2018 06:30 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Merry Christmas Riddick!

It's 🕔 CST! Your new Earnest P. Worrell avatar via the late great actor Jim Varney who was born in Lexington, Kentucky, was a good synchronicity for this Sandy Hook, KY Bigfoot report near Lexington! :o

Matt Drudge on Christmas Day: this is his report on a 7 foot tall, tree colored creature viewed crossing a Kentucky roadway on October 18, 2018!

Followed by a Bigfoot and a barking terrier dog's video from North Carolina!

Credited to: Lexington - Herald Leader ... 24695.html


Re: EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - The Sasquatch Museum

Posted: 01-26-2019 10:57 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Connie Willis and friends with Bigfoot in the Rockies! :shock:

Catch this very alternative news borrowed from Coast to Coast AM's highlight reel. This video time of 1:12:28 has a 10 rated Wow factor without viewing the Chewbacca-like critters! ... ie-willis/

Connie Willis' Blue Rock Talk on You Tube........ :) ... +rock+talk

MK II 8)

Re: EXPEDITION BIGFOOT - The Sasquatch Museum

Posted: 02-17-2019 09:23 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Congratulations Riddick! My post just edged your topic over 1,000 views. In one still barely active UK Supernatural Earth. Via a glaucoma effected, nearly blind, former safe driver of a double decker bus in Halifax-West Yorkshire, the one and only Admin-Madmart owned a view'n "where to be online" for a Strangeness Class #101!

When a topic went to and past 3 or more goose eggs. As the last active moderator and seeing that view count achievement I would bump it with smiles toasting a mug of beer or wine and write a few words. :D

Looks like we're in a dry county around Seattle. So I'll toast your interesting Georgia Bigfoot museum entry with non fluoridated water!😄

⛲ 🗻 🚿

MK II 8)