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Linda Molton Howe

Posted: 03-12-2018 12:07 PM
by Doka
Linda offers a "Mass Amount of Nuggets". But for some reason the Woman herself drives me nuts, But, not enough to throw "The Baby Out, With The Bath Water", as they say, just a human thing. She is also one that knows more than she can ever say, but She can take you on a trip , on very rare occasions"into the weeds", the test is ours to take.

Her Youtube site is well worth watching.

Linda Molton Howe 3/7/2018

Re: Linda Molton Howe

Posted: 03-12-2018 07:19 PM
by kbot
I hear ya Doka - I've been searching for an Art Bell alternative over the pats few years and ran across LMHs shows and lately - I don't know whether its because of all the work she's done or what, but, yeah, she takes some tangents......

Re: Linda Moulton Howe

Posted: 04-01-2019 10:11 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Bump! After 28 years on Coast to Coast AM Linda has an announcement. :idea: ... nouncement

I've mentioned this before elsewhere,...........🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐲

Wild honeybee trees in the Midwest began disappearing in the Summer of 1999. Twice on hold and I stayed that way with Linda as the C2C guest and several unanswered e-mails to earthfiles@earthfiles later. There was no luck proving the bees were in memory trouble long before 2007 and that fact was not about to "bee" news from her! News flashes are seldom recanted from Earth Files or anywhere else there's news sources! 🌎 🌏 🌍


Re: Linda Molton Howe

Posted: 05-04-2019 11:17 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Here's George Knapp and Linda Moulton Howe last Sunday night. After recently closing her monthly appearances on Coast to Coast AM. She is a long way before retirement from talk radio. :wink: