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Re: Movin' on..............

Posted: 05-20-2016 08:36 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I do cherish the replies to my unblemished Freightliner story on Joshua P. Warren's L.E.M.U.R Team web site dedicated to his radio show "Speaking of Strange". I will post all of them in due time and those above and these new posts here today are related to the supernatural. :shock:

Moderators owlwoman and myself dealt with a huge influx of foreign, and weird named spammers and Joshua's friend Vance Pollock had the ability to cull them as she and I notified him! 8) When I left the site I deleted some of my threads that are now found here under FF's spider web covered Paranormal. :?

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« Reply #13 on: June 18, 2011, 09:14:27 AM »

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I'm very familiar with that section of I-40. About 1988 - 89, a friend of mine and I were on our way to go whitewater rafting up at Nantahala. We were so engrossed in our conversation, I missed my turn at Hwy 19 and kept going on I - 40. It was very late at night and very dark, not much traffic. All of a sudden we realized we were in the gorge area, a few miles before you get to Tennessee. There was NO place to turn around so we had to drive quite a ways before we could turn around to head back in the right direction. The road is different now than it was back then. There were cliffs on either side of us and all of a sudden we saw a man standing in the middle of the road. I slowed down to keep from hitting him. He looked right at us as I drove past. It was about 20 minutes before I got turned around and headed back the other way. We never saw him again. It was weird.

Re: If you see something,........say

Posted: 05-20-2016 08:56 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
:oops: Many apologies to all since I did not already have Moderator owlwoman's two contributions to my SCANIA truck and it's big white oak veneer logs encounter with the super duper natural world we live in. One more note about the site where their posts came from. It's days on line are numbered according to Vance Pollock. :idea: So I'm posting them to preserve them here. :wink:

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Re:I-40's North Carolina visitor center @ the Tennessee state line!

« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2011, 05:36:46 PM »

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There have been many, many wrecks in the gorge area over the years. Could it have been some poor soul who died in a wreck?

Knowledge is power, power corrupts, study hard, be evil.


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Re:I-40's North Carolina visitor center @ the Tennessee state line!

« Reply #16 on: October 3, 2011, 02:45:25 PM » Reply with quote

Well Cody, there is more mysterious happenings in the I-40 Pigeon River Gorge. Today, I was on my way back to Asheville after spending 5 days in Gatlinburg, TN. I stopped at the NC visitor's center for a quick break. I got back on the road and soon noticed, in my rear view mirror, an 18 wheeler right behind me. The cab was green in color. I looked forward to the highway and then glanced in the rear view mirror again. The truck was gone! It didn't pass me, nor were there any exits to take. Even if it had slowed down, there was not enough time for it to be out of my sight. There were no vehicles behind me so I could see back a good ways. I remembered your story and slowed down a bit. I did make it home to Asheville safe and sound. :shock: :o

I added the smilies............ :!:

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Re: I-40 TN/NC - SCANIA Hit! is back on line now!

Posted: 08-07-2016 11:49 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Here now once again is Mark Elvidge's A.I. Robot speaking my story using Sound Cloud! I do have a new description to read a bit different than what you might have read back on page 1. And you'll see I gave credit to Joshua P. Warren for trusting in me that this Illinois white oak veneer logs SCANIA trucking account was oh so true! :mrgreen: :wink:

Our son's computer skills and suggestion of this web site has made my evening/day! Heck! Today I won a $25 gift certificate to buy stuff on line in PENSKE's store! :lol: What a day it's been :!:

This has been unavailable on line since it was booted off Connect Pal dot com! :lol: The paranormal was just not their gig! :P :lol: ... olina-1989

MK II :mrgreen:

P.S. In our part of Midwest America NOAA weather bands are using this same robotic voice in just the last 2 weeks!
8) Do let me know if NOAA Weather is using the same "new" voice named "Paul" :lol: in your part of the States.

Edited in on August 23, 2016 - I hate to make another post. So I'll add what was zipping through my mind while I did my log trucker's "walk around" inspection. Where the "Big Bang" occurred was just outside the east edge from our NPS border of the Smokies. I'm surprised the huge noise I heard did not wake up some sleeping drivers of trucks and cars! If the driver behind me would have been napping it would have knocked him about like a ping pong ball! :messedup:

Here ya go and yes it was just as weird as this one told at Sound Cloud. ... 41&t=49631

I tend to type too much since I've been up all night. AND I just got back from a wreck of two vehicles with injury to one man with his "face" blood covering 1/2 his shirt; from that stop sign running perp! :oops: 1 Ford Taurus was totaled & 1 large Ford SUV was also $0.00 :!: The 2 country Xroads intersection had one corner with the obvious blind spot due to 7' GMO corn stalks! :| Ya'all be careful out on the back roads and drive your best always. :wink:

MK II :mrgreen:

Since replies to this are 0 since my return after 11 years away. I may from time to time do like I did well above here. I'll bring in copied replies from others posts resting peacefully in the dusty forums over in the UK. So stand-by........ :mrgreen:

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 07-31-2017 01:32 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I knew there's been something missing "out there" so I could re-up this OP and it's 16 following posts!

Here's a view and index of Joshua P. Warren's book out in August 2014.......... :!:

You've undoubtedly just read "1.5 Million Safe Miles". So click on "Look inside" found on top of the book's cover and then scroll well down the page for my story indexed on page 180........... :wink: ... 1601633289

MK II :mrgreen:

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 09-23-2017 09:27 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Here's is the Glastonbury radio station's electronic engineer Mark Elvidge who is the keyboardist for the UK band Moscow For Pleasure. :) Search You Tube to see the band play great soft rock music. :wink:

His A.I. Robot was programmed just for me to speak SCANIA Hit! :mrgreen: ... 112724.jpg

:oops: The last on topic post here was just over 13 years ago! :( I still try to wrap my head around what happened to my Swedish veneer log rig parked safely inside Interstate 40's first East side's rest park in western North Carolina! :hiding:

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Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 11-03-2017 07:11 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Our 1986 SCANIA 112M and it's modified for logs 40' heavy duty 1977 Hobbs flatbed trailer was parked about 1 mile outside the border for the mysterious Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Interstate 40 East :!: :shock: As the old saying goes, "Does close count?" :idea:

So I read the word "paranormal" and I jumped on it PDQ!

MOTHERBOARD: missing persons, national parks, paranormal, bigfoot & aliens

This story is part of OUTER LIMITS, a Motherboard series about people, technology, and going outside. Let us be your guide. 8)

Sarah Emerson
Oct 28 2017, 11:00am

The disappearance of Stacy Ann Arras has a cultish online following. On dozens of Reddit threads and chat boards, thousands of people—strangers intimately familiar with her life—obsessively dissect her vanishing. The case is mysterious, eerie, and frustratingly unsolved.

Arras went missing from Yosemite National Park more than 30 years ago. She "just seems to have disappeared," the park's then-superintendent, Robert Binnewies, told the Fresno Bee.

It was in the afternoon on July 17, 1981, when a group of six, plus Arras and her father, rode into Sunrise High Sierra Camp on horseback. The camp sits 9,400 feet above sea level and is regarded for its historic significance, being the final stop in Yosemite's "mountain chalet" loop. It was built in 1961 to make backcountry an alluring destination for tourists, offering stunning wilderness vistas but also creature comforts like showers and reasonably comfy beds.

Arras told her father that she wanted to photograph a nearby lake. It wasn't terribly far, just over a bluff. He declined to accompany his daughter, 14 at the time, but an elderly man from their group would tag along. At some point, the 77-year-old man grew tired, and sat down to rest. Arras, seemingly determined to reach the water, trekked onward.

Back at the camp, the group's tour guide remembered noticing her from afar. She was "standing on a rock about 50 yards south of the trail." According to a summary of her official cold case file, that was the last time anyone saw Arras—or the last time anyone is known to have seen her. She vanished that day, without a trace, leaving only her camera lens behind.


Search-and-rescue teams eventually stopped looking for Arras. But that hasn't stopped her case from finding new life. Today, the teenager is well-known among paranormal enthusiasts. Her disappearance, and hundreds of others, comprise a strange portfolio of "mysterious" national park vanishings, loosely tied together by a few common—and dubiously supernatural—themes.

The genesis of this movement belongs to David Paulides, a cryptozoologist with a self-described "law enforcement and investigative background." ... oot-aliens

MK II :mrgreen: There was no insurance claim which was a good thing. :wink:

Here's one word added and one changed to the title of Pink Floyd's iconic song that can now be read this way in my case, "I Wish You Were There."

:confused: :facepalm:

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 11-05-2017 08:16 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I thought something was missing this morning and it was :!:

:raspberry First off let the tongue flap freely at Daily Snopes.

This link shows proof how my true unexplained North Carolina I-40E veneer log trucking story was received by the viewing snopes members under a category named 'Spook Central'! :reader: :twoconfus

posted 13 June, 2004 03:07 AM

It's easy to find archived on page 9. It's the only entry with a 0 :!: :lol: ... t/280.html

FULL TRUE STORY found in the OP at Fantastic Forum ... p=0#000000


Re: One day may this true account wind up in her second book!

Posted: 02-03-2018 10:29 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
'Trucker Ghost Stories' by Annie Wilder

RE Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory: Over 5 years ago Annie requested trucker ghost stories to which she got so many sent to her. My entry must have been a bit too late or since it lacked at least one ghost, it did not qualify. :oops: ... 7NV1T4HGYT

After hearing Annie on Coast to Coast with George I e-mailed Nashville's Pop Odyssey Radio her name suggesting she be their guest. With hosts Stephen Wren and his guest host Michigan paranormal researcher Phill Roell Annie's time came on air and the trio together were chilling!

So I called in from the road with my topic being the OP. She said to me "live", on the long off line show, " Cody's story would have to be in my second book." I hope she eventually authors a 'Trucker Ghost Stories II'. :idea: As we closed my call I heard Stephen tell me his regular co-host, R. Gary Patterson was out with a bad cold. :(

To my later great satisfaction in August of 2014 just being part of Joshua P. Warren's newest book was perfect! :mrgreen:

Edited on July 8, 2018 (& not noted below :P)

A few years back owlwoman and I were chosen to moderate the constant spam attacks at Joshua's L.E.M.U.R. Team's forum. It's still on line as a dust covered discussion board for his now retired (on March 31, 2018) Speaking of Strange radio show.

Here below is something I did not expect the Administrator to do. Well before my surprise viewing of Excellent Contributor & Power Poster above 5 green stars; my raven avatar was all alone. :wink:

Malaria_Kidd II
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Quoting Poe's raven, "Never more!"

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Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 08-01-2018 10:05 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Paul, the A.I. robotic voice, was finally heard by me at 3 AM far away from here on Detroit's WJR AM 760. "It" was broadcasting a NOAA tornado warning for two counties to include Monroe, Michigan!

REF my old request about that voice: Our few still dedicated pirates from the few states they reside in, to date and since the Sound Cloud link was posted, have yet to post a note saying they hear the same voice of NOAA's Paul on their weather radios.

Once again; Is there anyone from California to Maryland who cares to acknowledge if you hear the same weather radio voice broadcast by NOAA as we do in the Midwest? :wink:

Now just by chance, due to the bad weather forecast up in Mitchigan, I think young A.I. Paul is sounding off on NOAA's radio 24-7-365 nationwide! 8) :D

MK II 8)

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 11-26-2018 09:23 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Ka bump! :lol:

Since my SCANIA's big bump :shock: was not a boom in the night. Here's more Tweeted this morning to @ScaniaUK! Although folks all over that NC I-40 East's Fern Creek Rest Area could have heard it if they were dozing lightly. :wink: Heck! I would surmise the missing FREIGHTLINER truck driver heard it wide awake inside the building! :idea:

At Twitter while watching your Tweet you can see the view numbers change! 8)

Retweet and or Like this one if you are an active member of Twitter. Just the 3 MK Tweets that is................ :idea:

You gotta be quick! When you see the centered block put your mouses' pointer on the red SCANIA pulp wood rig then click and scroll down. It won't stay up long so repeat if necessary! :mrgreen:

The more I age in life the more I want this fantastic miracle afterlife report "out there" online! :wink:

MK II :reader: :hourglass


Posted: 06-03-2019 08:31 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Right next this thread, and just above this miracle. You will see the FF topic that was swirling as an old instant replay inside my mind in mere seconds after walking between the 2 Guardian Angel protected rigs! :mrgreen:


Even though my 1.5 million safe miles, semi truck driving record unmeasureably benefited. I will always believe it was not my Guardian Angels huge hands that took me into a "brief time delay" that arrived PDQ right out of the Twilight Zone! 8) :shock:

So this happening leaves me still scratching my head to this day. That at that split second our two semis touched, back to front, another traveling American was living an Angel charmed life! :o

Or not! :confused:


Re: Supernatural Earth and SCANIA Hit! by Mark Elvidge's A.I. Robot "Paul"! NOAA's Paul too....

Posted: 06-03-2019 08:31 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I've been a 10 year moderator culling spam here, more so in it's active days, and now the spammers have long disappeared! :lol: :P But new members do arrive once in a while. :wink:

It's home base is Halifax-West Yorkshire for the UK's Supernatural Earth by Madmart. 8) :shock:

Do give my true Creal Springs, Illinois veneer log trucking story, just "replaced" here last weekend, a "bump". :D ... t1538.html

You do know we can't dream up a miracle while we ARE wide awake! :mrgreen:

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Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 12-24-2019 03:11 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Christmas Evening on Coast to Coast AM :D

My Spring time Great Smoky Mountains NP eastern border line on I-40 East's Fern Creek Rest Area "miracle" in 1989 was getting way too close to the Dark Pages. :mrgreen:

Helped by Angels/Christmas Miracles

Tuesday - December 24, 2019
George Noory

Catherine Lanigan, SQuire Rushnell

On our live Christmas Eve show, in the first half, author and angel researcher Catherine Lanigan will discuss real sightings of angels in human life and how they are always here to help us. Then, writer and speaker SQuire Rushnell shares true-life stories of extraordinary "Godwinks" at Christmastime, demonstrating that what some thought was "coincidence" wasn't coincidence at all, but a supernatural "hotline" from God. :o

That I can recall it's been over 12 years since SQuire Rushnell was on Coast with George Noory! :D Merry Christmas coincidences/synchronizations :shock:


Angel Watch - Goosebumps, Signs, Dreams and Other Divine Nudges
The Christmas Star
Godwink Christmas Stories: Discover the Most Wondrous Gifts of the Season

Tune in here


PS - My 2020 New Year's resolution for FF goes like this! "If I can't make my topics understood enough to inspire one new member to join. I promise NOT to edit in alluring new lines to be able to understand them better." :lol: :lol:

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 02-03-2020 01:06 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
This true story of mine was not based on any synchronicity. But it was simply an alert Guardian Angel's (mine or another persons G.A.) time line travel delay preventing a for sure accident in the mountains headed towards Asheville, NC. :wink: :mrgreen:

This Tweet of mine to the UK was a major synchronicity related to the make of semi we used for 13 years to transport high grade lumber logs, domestic veneer and export veneer quality hardwood logs.

So your doors, walls and floors may have been connected to our log trucks. You never know! :idea: Oh, on second thought! Please pass on that idea if your doors, walls, and floors are vinyl photocopied fake, tennis shoe squeaky hardwoods! :lol: :lol: :P

Replying to
@ScaniaUK (RE: Pic provided for customers on Twitter - It was a 2019 Christmas greeting with 3 red glass balls having the SCANIA griffin emblem showing clearly)

Thanks! Now a coincidence 4 all: 1996 - I had just laid down OVERDRIVE magazine noting SCANIA was leaving the U.S.A. for Mexico. I went outdoors, walked up to the American forests veneer logs loaded T-112M & your blue and red griffin shield was just starting to peel away! Whoa! What a syncro! :oops:

:shock: 8) :mrgreen:

MK II :coolhat:

Re: I-40 TN/NC state line, was 4:00 am

Posted: 06-01-2020 02:18 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Alt News Forums vs Facebook watchers with pay! :lol: :P

A month ago FB said I posted Spam with a bunch of active links, like seven ready to go, and FB knocked it out. It was true alt news all the way and the subject at hand was, of all top subjects in world history, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR IN WHITE CHALK DISCOVERED ON THE MORNING OF DECEMBER 7, 1939.

Ref: The original "Into Infinity" - is closed for reading only

The original site's members left it like the plague in 2018. Facebook became thier go to place. But FB was atually the "wrong place" for our sometimes eerie topics. So there was a second, apparently reactivated stand-by "Into Infinity", all new to me, so cool! But hey, the now active site's freshest posts were from 2018 too! :confused:

So I get invited there as a kind gesture by a long time member here and there. My first thread was this one................ :mrgreen:


SCANIA Hit! I-40 East - Fern Creek Rest Area - North Carolina!

Let A.I. Robot "Paul" tell you all about......really not much of anything. :lol:

My big bump in the night is the last Sound Cloud report by me, SCANIAowner. Mark Elvidge owner of the wholly archived "Mysterial" in the UK is credited with the title and then putting his A.I. Robot to work for me. A whole seven years before NOAA Weather Service USA chose "Paul" to speak their forecasts nationwide.

Scroll down for the 2 loaded log trucks hauling veneer logs stopping at the white Swedish rig with our "badly" mismatched green stripe kit from 3M, the "Scotch Tape" Company. :raspberry Then look around your room to potentially be connected to the USA wood industry and us. But only if your walls have the higher priced paneling or your doors and furniture are real oak veneer or solid white or red oak. Because our off road trucking efforts maybe staring back at you! LOL :lol:

SCANIA Hit! by SCANIAowner but pay no attention to the blue striped "black walnut veneer logs" loaded rig. Both are my two boring calls into host Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM in late 2001 and early 2006.

Listen to Paul tell my big bump in the night.............. :!:


Our family's steam powered band sawmill, among many other American wood processing mills, turned out millions of board feet of Southeastern Illinois and Southwestern Indiana black walnut wood for US military rifle stock blanks used in the 1903 Springfield, the M1 Garand and the M1 Williams carbine during WW I, WW II and the Korean War.

The members there were not happy with Facebook's reactions recently nor with Tapatalk that took over the orginal "Into Infinity" with 157 members.

Then I registered there and right off I openly claimed FB sucked too for entering these strange topics. So I posted a select few of my off-the-wall-fantastic topics found also at FF totallying 4. In no time 2 were removed along with my post in The Weatherman's OP on a legendary strange bridge in England. :shock: Besides those losses my only video of the SyFy Channel's 1998 "Beyond Belief Fact or fiction's" (fact) "Graffiti" was strangely gone too! :roll:

Now my only surviving OP is in between the above lines; very odd! Social messaging sites and these alt news web sites have a very strange existence. And anyone's unexpected/unexplained deletions are all too common now days. :confused: Except in here still doing business as Linnea's Fantastic Forum! :wink: :D

MK II :coolhat: