ETs Serve A Wisconsin Man Pancakes From Their UFO

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ETs Serve A Wisconsin Man Pancakes From Their UFO

Post by Riddick » 02-21-2021 01:00 PM

The Aliens Brought Pancakes

On April 18 1961, three aliens allegedly landed in a flying saucer on the Eagle River, Wisconsin property of Joe Simonton. Simonton, a chicken farmer, claimed that the extraterrestrials presented him with a parting gift: a stack of pancakes that they had been nonchalantly grilling within their craft.

Perhaps it was the fact not only did he report the UFO encounter, he had in his possession honest-to-God pancakes from the Unknown that prompted the U.S. Air Force to conduct a full investigation. I mean, you can make fun of a guy who talks about aliens all you want…but it’s hard to laugh in the face of a stack of pancakes. FULL STORY
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