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Posted: 04-27-2009 04:21 PM
by Shirleypal
George Knapp, Nick Pope, Colin Andrews, Col. Gordon Cooper, John D. Podesta and Dr. Michael Salla, can't get any better then this, Congrats to all.:)

Posted: 08-23-2009 03:21 PM
by starbrite
I have been reading a very sheltered life on this forum. Mainly, I have only gone to the first options on the forum concerning the show, Coast to Coast, Art Bell and the other hosts. I just decided for the first time since I joined, almost two years ago to explore further and I see that you had a thread on the X-Conference. I love ufology and other topics on the paranormal and probably should have ventured out months ago.

The reason I am posting now, months later is that I too, went to the X-Conference and thought that informationally it was one of the most instructional ones I have gone to.

What I like about it was that the speakers interact with audience just like anyone else. For instance, I sat beside Victor Vigioni? (not sure of the spelling in the last name) but he is a Canadian researcher and talked with him. Two points that I found amazing, he used some of my legal paper to prepare and present his presentation. He knows Pau Hellier (not good with spelling today) and they are good friends and often e-mail. He actually showed me an e-mail he had just sent him, I did not read the e-mail really, but I did observe that they are close friends. I also got to know Greg Peckman, the Denver citizen that is trying to get the UFO Citizens' Advisory Council on the ballot for a vote by the citizenry.

Posted: 08-23-2009 04:04 PM
by Shirleypal
starbrite I am glad you discovered this area of the forum, lucky you having attended the X-Conference, you may have walked right by Swerdloc not knowing who he was and a fellow Pirate here on the Fantastic Ship. This area is very active and look forward to your contribution.

Posted: 08-23-2009 05:10 PM
by Swerdloc
Hey, starbrite, nice to meet you. I'm the bald-headed, bearded dude in a light colored jacket, on the far right near the door. ... =638954003

Posted: 08-23-2009 05:49 PM
by starbrite
Nice to post to you! I have usually only posted in the Coast area. I accessed your facebook page and you do look familiar. The conference was just large enough to have a big audience, but also small enough to gain some familiarity with other attendees. I sat on the far right if you were viewing the speakers at one of the tables. I was ususally on the second row from the back. I don't have a picture online that I can reference at this time.

It is nice to know people before you attend although I find that people at these conferences are for the most part very friendly and congenial. I love to meet people at these conferences. That is the fun part for me, along with hearing the speakers. I don't like to name drop, but do you remember Mel Torres? He was one of the featured guests at the conferences. I got to know his son and sat with him at the bar, one drink is my limit, along with some other folks on Sunday nite before I returned home and just talked about ufology and the conference in general. It was fun.

Do you think that you will attend next year?

Posted: 08-23-2009 06:08 PM
by Swerdloc
Gee, I probably saw you, since I generally sat at the last table on the far right, facing the speakers. I'm planning to attend next year, and I spoke briefly with Steve Bassett about volunteering, since I live in the area and am retiring at the end of the year.

I do remember Melvin Torres, a very brave and honorable man. Most of the people I ran into were quite decent folks, although I know there are some stinkers in the semi-celebrity world of ufology. Richard and Karyn Dolan also impressed me as nice people, and I got to sit at their table at the banquet.

Posted: 08-23-2009 06:42 PM
by starbrite
I did speak to Karyn Dolan and she organizes or directs, I don't remember which, the UFO conference in Laughlin, NV that runs a week in length during February. She was so nice. I did not have the opportunity to meet her husband, Richard, but I did hear him speak and he is so knowlegeable. I said that I also met Greg Peckman, that is wrong, it was Jeff Peckman.

I went to the banquet, also, but I sat beside Paola Harris and she was very friendly and down to earth. Also, I did exchange a few words with Nick Pope, but it was very minor.

I would like to go again next year, but I had to fly in and I if I do I really have to plan for it. The Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs is the weekend before it and I have attended it for the last two years and plan to go back, I usually drive there. What tht means is that I am attending UFO Conferences on back-to-back weekends and it is soooo hard for me to save the money and plan my work so that I can that I am not sure what will happen yet next year.

Posted: 02-02-2010 01:03 PM
by starbrite
I really enjoy going to conferences but due to the conference's financial problems, I did not think that they would be holding the X-Conference this year. Recently, it has been announced that it will be held in May this year. I like that better. It is also going to be held at a different location, I believe, in downtown Washington D.C. I'm not sure if I am going to be attending this year, however, due to scheduling conflicts.

It really is an informative conference, and if you are into ufology at all it is worth the time to attend if you can.

Posted: 02-02-2010 01:09 PM
by Swerdloc
The X-Conference this year is going to be 7-9 May at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. It looks like attendees are on their own with regard to a place to stay, and hotels in DC can be pricey. The only confirmed speakers so far (as listed on the website) are Richard Dolan and George Knapp.

Posted: 02-02-2010 09:51 PM
by starbrite
I'm glad you posted the more specific information. I read the website after I read your post and I see that you do have to find your own hotel room. Of the few conferences I have been to, they are in a hotel and conference area. Personally, I prefer that as I enjoy the experience of meeting fellow attendees and that makes it more condusive.

It also seems like they are not going to have presentations on Friday, just Saturday and Sunday. I liked the three day event. I am not going this year, but if I go in the future, I like to make it worth my travel time.

For a while, I believe they were unsure they were going to have it at all. I read a post from Steven Bassett on another site and it was questionable about a month ago. It is good that it is being held. This is one area that needs that special attention. The location for the convention makes it more politically impactful, but again I like everything under one roof.

Posted: 02-08-2010 02:59 PM
by Swerdloc
The list of speakers for the X-Conference now includes Richard Dolan, George Knapp, A.J. Gevaerd, and Linda Moulton Howe.