Gigantic 'object' spotted towering over Earth from ISS

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Gigantic 'object' spotted towering over Earth from ISS

Post by Doka » 12-07-2018 11:54 AM

Hope it 's a load of good guys, we have enough of the other!

Gigantic 'object' spotted towering over Earth from ISS – before NASA live feed is CUT

A BIZARRE blue object has been spotted hovering over Earth on a NASA live feed from the International Space Station – before the footage was mysteriously cut.

In a video posted online, a mysterious object seems to appear above the planet.

The glowing object – which appears blueish in hue with a white centre – can be seen in the background of NASA’s live feed.

As the camera zooms in, the alarming size of it becomes clearer as it towers over the planet.

But NASA’s feed is promptly cut short, reading: “Please stand by.

“The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.”

Unsurprisingly, the unexpected cut left conspiracy theorists up in arms.

One stunned viewer wrote: “That was a weird looking blob next to the space station?”

Video ... feed-video
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