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Posted: 02-12-2002 03:58 PM
by jeri sexton
Today, here in San Diego the promise of blue skies.. Well not for long.
The sky couldn't have been more blue, until the spraying started.. They have turned this south land into a sea of milky haze.
The laying of about two dozen crisscrossing of whatever the hell they are spraying has wrecked the clear blue sky.. And now I have a bad headache..
What's going on.. ?????
It's not natural, that's for sure. And I'm P.O.ed ...

Please report if this is happening in your area>


Posted: 02-12-2002 10:21 PM
by Linnea
Hey, Jeri - Sounds like Chemtrails are are and well out there! I wonder why Art Bell doesn't speak about chemtrails anymore? He has made some statements that he doesn't think they are such a big deal, and that they are probably weather modification strategies. What a cop out - eh?!

Wonder if Rense still has guests on the chemtrail issue -

Posted: 02-14-2002 11:16 PM
by Guest
Some fresh Real air would be good.
How many people remember the good air from the Seventies

Posted: 02-15-2002 02:18 PM
by daboodaddy
Not only do I remember the good ole fresh air from the 70's, but I also remember the freedoms we had in the 70's.
A person awakening from a comatose state which occured in the 70's probably would be arrested doing what was considered "normal" activity in the 70's.
Just consider that statement; and see how far we have "progressed".

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"

Posted: 02-16-2002 03:13 PM
by daboodaddy
Another day of sickly pale blue-grey sky.
The chemtrails when sprayed gennerally occur around just after daybreak, then it dissipates to the nasty colour I have described.

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"

Posted: 02-18-2002 02:11 AM
by Elk
Nothing to report from Seattle today. Just clouds and rain. SNAFU.....
Daboodaddy posted this in another thread, but I think it bears repeating:
Thanks again Daboodaddy.

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Posted: 02-18-2002 01:49 PM
by daboodaddy
You're quite welcome, ELK!

Posted: 02-18-2002 02:14 PM
by Gwen
I add my thanks to daboodaddy. The Clifford Carnicom site she gave in another thread, and which Elk posted above, is the most comprehensive site about chemtrails/contrails that I have seen. I urge everyone to check it out. William Thomas used to have a lot of info, but it seems he is just pitching books and videos on his Lifeboat News these days. There are some good photos there. I don't remember if there are any recent ones, but it is still worth a look.

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Posted: 02-19-2002 03:16 AM
by ElKamino
We are going to try to post as many links as we can. I have a feeling that this subject is going to come to a head in the near future. With all the folks that have seen these things, and all the pictures and evidence collected, those in the know arent going to be able to blow this off much longer. I, for one, want to know what the hell they are spraying on us. In less than two years Ive had three nasty "colds" and three bouts with an ear infection that wont go away. Im not the type who gets sick very easily, and Im hearing of many others that are suffering from upper respitory troubles. The reports are on the increase, and it all points got it....chemtrails. I'll have more on this later. Keep looking up, just dont inhale.

Posted: 02-20-2002 12:57 AM
by Ninerism
Jeri Sexton, Elk, and Linnea and Daboodaddy and all, I too, have been wondering what happened to this incredible topic, especially all of those incredible interviews ART BELL had with WILLIAM THOMAS?!

At first I thought it was "crazy talk", then the more I learned, the more it became plausible, and then when author WILLAIM THOMAS appeared to discuss it in such serious fashion, I thought that surely there must be much more to this than I first considered.

Now it has all seemingly disappeared. And remember when all those reports were coming into ART BELL from across the UNITED STATES from so many large cities which were having all those health problems, like an epidemic, as if massive biologicals had been rained down, or that massive innoculations might be occurring.... and now it is just as if we had a great collective figment of our imaginations, with ART BELL not saying much at all anymore about it.

What in hell is going on?


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Posted: 02-20-2002 01:19 AM
by ElKamino
It hasnt disappeared, folks just stopped talking about it. Even Art has steered away from the subject. Just last week we were "dusted" here in Seattle. I believe Jeri reported some activity down her way as well. This issue isnt going away anytime soon. ANY info you may have, PLEASE post.

Posted: 02-20-2002 01:23 AM
by ElKamino
Here are a few more links. Some of you may have already seen these, some of you havent.
At any rate, here they are:

Posted: 02-20-2002 02:50 AM
by ElKamino
From Arts tuesday night show:

For those of you with dial up, it will take a few...

Posted: 02-20-2002 12:33 PM
by Ninerism
Elkamino: Last nite's show was great! ART BELL did a great job interviewing that young author on weather control, and they discussed chemtrails at some length, too. It is about time.

ART BELL stated that he believes that this chemtrail topic is highly dangerous to even discuss on the airwaves at this time -- as perhaps it relates to our NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, and things, therefore, of NATIONAL SECURITY. Well, its the same thing with drugs, too -- with the Cocaine Importa Agency, called the CIA or something like that, going back many years. It is all an issue of "national security" now, with banks floating in $BILLIONS$ of narco-monies which now props-up our "funny money", but not like ha ha ha too much.

Lots of callers from all around the US have indicated that the chemtrail issue is "alive and well" er, ah, "alive and SICK!" That crapola being dumped into the air makes everything yucky, and makes many people sick, too.

The AIRFORCE's own website, I recall some months ago, stated: WE WILL OWN THE WEATHER! That is what they were telling all of us. Now that should also tell us something about our own MILITARIST ARROGANCE, too. If we can truly modify and control the weather, imagine how we can thus affect all food-growing and rain patterns around the World -- and that means total economic controls, hence, economic hegemonies which we desire to do, not the crazy Russians.


Posted: 02-20-2002 05:28 PM
by daboodaddy
Today it is cloudy and will rain. The sky cleared for a few minutes, and above the clouds were chem-trails, I presume to innoculate the rainclouds with their filth, so the stuff will hit the ground.

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"