Florence Nightingale Was Great At Infographics

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Florence Nightingale Was Great At Infographics

Post by Riddick » 05-17-2017 12:03 AM

Born 197 years ago, Florence Nightingale still serves as a symbol for nurses everywhere.


But for every hour she spent burning the midnight oil to help a sick soldier, the “Lady with the Lamp” likely spent another up late doing something else: working on some of the world’s first explicitly persuasive infographics.


In addition to caretaking and advocating, Nightingale was a dedicated statistician, constantly gathering information and thinking up new ways to compare and present it.

Her infographics were better than most of those seen on the Internet today. Besides using persuasive statistics to improve the health-care system, the famed nurse was an early practitioner of marshaling data to advance social causes.


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