MK II @ Sound Cloud plus FF links to more lost in the Dark Pages.

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MK II @ Sound Cloud plus FF links to more lost in the Dark Pages.

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-20-2019 08:15 PM

:idea: 2 Motives: To inspire new members to join us few to post in any forum topic of interest and if I tell a select few friends where to go for easy discovery. :reader:

Mere coincidence has these two at the top with my favorite Pink Floyd song having over 2.84M bumps, next down is Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero from 3/31/17, and then 3 in a row by me also found in two topics @ FF under Paranormal and one under Weird News. :idea:

MK II........ there will be more of my FF Dark Pages titled topics here with links to come! :wink: Some posted still exist on Light Page #1. :wink:

So stand-by since I've put off doing this for a few years. :idea:

# 1 - Who's up for my baseball play not written in our papers sports section? - @ 4,050 bumps on page 3 under Weird News. :wink: ... 34&t=49722

#2 - The US 41 Semi Load Of Tombstones That Killed Two Women! :oops: :(


#3 - Snopes' stumper!: America's First Song For Inspiration After 9/11/01! :( :cry: ... 20&t=49627

#4 - My Scare At The Home Of The Legendary Bell Witch; Adams, TN! Weird News Page 10 ... 34&t=49660

#5 - Trucker's prayer fulfilled when I passed a Greyhound bus! :D Weird News Page 10 ... 34&t=49632

#6 - 1 Wonder from Ga'ia's life giving Star! Have you seen this also? ... 97&t=49721

#7 - 15 Movie Serials 1949 - (my cousin) Batman and Robin ... 70&t=49671

#8 - My Unusual Coincidence; or was this a real Jungian Synchronicity?


#9 -
"A gun is like a parachute. If you need one but don't have it, you'll probably never need one again!" :oops: :wink: from 'Gun Shots' on Twitter/ Check out it's 95% Turmeric :!: :mrgreen:

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