MK II @ Sound Cloud plus FF links to more lost in the Dark Pages.

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MK II @ Sound Cloud plus FF links to more lost in the Dark Pages.

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-20-2019 08:15 PM

:idea: 2 motives: To inspire new members to join us few to post in ANY Fantastic Forum topic of interest. And if I decide to tell a select few friends where to go for easy discovery of just another potentially boring free book on line. :reader:

Mere coincidence has these two at the top with my favorite Pink Floyd song having over 2.84M bumps, next down is Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero from 3/31/17, and then 3 in a row by me also found in two topics @ FF under Paranormal and one under Weird News. :idea:

MK II........ there will be more of my FF Dark Pages titled topics here with links to come! :wink: Some posted still exist on Light Page #1. :wink:

So stand-by since I've put off doing this for a few years. :idea:

# 1 - Who's up for my baseball play not written in our papers sports section? - @ 4,050 bumps on page 3 under Weird News. :wink: ... 34&t=49722

#2 - The US 41 Semi Load Of Tombstones That Killed Two Women! :oops: :(


#3 - Snopes' stumper!: America's First Song For Inspiration After 9/11/01! :( :cry: ... 20&t=49627

#4 - My Scare At The Home Of The Legendary Bell Witch; Adams, TN! Weird News Page 10 ... 34&t=49660

#5 - Trucker's prayer fulfilled when I passed a Greyhound bus! :D Weird News Page 10 ... 34&t=49632

#6 - 1 Wonder from Ga'ia's life giving Star! Have you seen this also? ... 97&t=49721

#7 - 15 Movie Serials 1949 - (my cousin) Batman and Robin ... 70&t=49671

#8 - My Unusual Coincidence; or was this a real Jungian Synchronicity?


#9 - My Shawnee Indian arrowhead found then lost!


#10 - The Steak Knife From Indiana!


#11 - I Predicted Our Town Would Get The 18M$ Doppler Radar Planned for Tri-State IN - IL - KY


#12 - My NDE @ Age 16! "Wanna take a ride?"


#13 - Are there piles of Prayer Stones along highways in your area? ... 41&t=49926

#14 - Was there a spooky song from The Doors that was prophetic about cowardly I.E.D.s from 1991 to 2019?

:oops: As that thread nears Paranormal's Dark Pages. Sign up for a monthly donation today with 3 links in the last post dedicated to the wounded US soldiers bravely at war for our freedom and security.


#15 - Best Practices For Time Travelers _ The topic of traveler John Titor held the reigns for a while. :mrgreen: Then since I knew some members could talk to me I think I hijacked the thread and Dr. Newel gave it his best! :wink: Watch for the Batman avatar with the lighting flash behind him. :D


#16 -
"Old World villages with the flea borne scourge of the Black Death or bubonic plague during 1665 AD. Would have had better visitor participation than todays New World's alternative news on line forums!" MK II 🙈 🙉 🙊 :P :P

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