! WHO's coming to Sci-Fi Channel ?

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! WHO's coming to Sci-Fi Channel ?

Post by Dr Powerfun » 01-12-2006 08:48 PM

Costello: Hey Abbott!
Abbott: What is it, Costello?
Costello: I hear a big British TV icon is coming to Sci-Fi this March?
Abbott: Yes.
Costello: So what's the fellow's name?
Abbott: NOT What... WHO is coming.
Costello: What are you asking ME for! That's what I want to find out! Who's the guy coming to Sci-Fi Channel?
Abbott: Absolutely! Friday nights!
Costello: OK, so 'Absolutely Friday Nights' is coming? That's kind of a daffy name
Abbott: NO, NO! I already TOLD you WHO is coming!
Costello: Abbott! If you don't know just say so. Will you MAKE UP YOUR MIND ??
Abbott: Now don't get excited, Costello.
Abbott: With this kind of news? Who isn't!
Costello: WAaaaghH!! I'll never find out, Abbott!
Abbott: Why you dummy! Instead of getting upset Check out the link:

NEW Doctor Who Episodes to Air on Sci-Fi Channel

Costello: OH! So THAT'S Who's coming
Abbott: And What's on Second & I Don't Know's on Third
Costelllo: .... Shaddup, Abbott! I'm reading
Abbott: Since when can you read?
Costello: Since I graduated 3d grade.
Abbott : When was that?
Costello: Last week. Next week, I'm going out with girls!

Abbott: I don't blame you.

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Dr Powerfun
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Post by Dr Powerfun » 03-16-2006 08:14 PM

The Cosmic Wanderer Returns
New 'Who' has own bag of tricks
By Chris Kocher Gannett News Service / Edited & abridged by Yours Truly

Look out, America: The Doctor is ready to make house calls again.

No, this isn't some new wrinkle in your HMO coverage. This is THE Doctor, legendary Time Lord hero of the British science-fiction television series "Doctor Who."
You may think you know the original "Doctor Who" from its many years on public TV - an eccentric curly-haired alien in a floppy hat and overlong scarf, an undertone of campiness, and production values on a par with the original "Star Trek."

Well, you can forget all that. The new "Doctor Who" brings the series into the new millennium, which means top-notch special effects and mature writing chock-full of delights that adults and kids can both enjoy.

The core of the story remains the same: The Doctor is a cosmic wanderer who travels through time and space in the TARDIS, a bigger-on-the-inside spaceship that's disguised as a blue British police box. Along the way, he becomes embroiled in all manner of alien invasions and other nefarious goings-on. Because he relies on his wits, not muscle or guns, the Doctor is very unlike most sci-fi protagonists.
The new series of "Doctor Who" features respected British actor Christopher Eccleston ... With Eccleston's portrayal, gone are the pseudo-Edwardian attitudes & dress sense that have defined the character in the past. This Doctor can be dark and brooding, a working-class bloke in a leather jacket who bears the psychological scars of a great Time War... episodes build on each other to become a whirlwind trip: Earth's last day in the far future, ghost-hunting with Charles Dickens, fighting an alien takeover of the British government, and a confrontation with the ruthless robotic Daleks...

For good old-fashioned escapism - something that makes you laugh, cry and think - "Doctor Who" is the trip of a lifetime. Here's hoping audiences on this side of the Atlantic will think so, too.

"Doctor Who"
9 p.m. ET Fridays on Sci Fi Channel
beginning with a two-hour premiere March 17

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Post by Shirleypal » 03-16-2006 09:14 PM

Thank you, thank you for the heads up, will be watching.

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Post by Rombaldi » 03-16-2006 09:26 PM

You're in for a treat :)
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Post by Alien_UK » 03-17-2006 05:22 AM

Following Dr.Who from childhood I have to say Christopher Eccleston has to be the best DR. ever. This is one great new series and really does bring the show into the millennium. As for Billy Piper she has to be the sexiest smartest assistant yet in the show.

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Re: ! WHO's coming to Sci-Fi Channel ?

Post by Riddick » 01-28-2018 03:23 AM

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