TSA Needs Their Pay To Feel People Up

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TSA Needs Their Pay To Feel People Up

Post by Doka » 01-07-2019 12:48 PM

I would think the Democrats would be Happy to have all population "Safety Measures" pulled. It would make it much easier for them to get rid of of those on Their "Selected Hit List". :evil:

Airport Security Lines Grow Across The Nation As TSA Sickout Continues

Security lines at airports across the country are starting grow long as nationwide action from Transportation Security Agency (TSA) workers starts to take its toll. On Friday, CNN reported that the agency, which is responsible for operating security checkpoints at airports across the country, was suffering from staffing shortages as a function of the government shutdown. According to the report, TSA agents have been calling in sick in record numbers during the shutdown in protest of withheld pay. Frontline staff at the agency have worked without pay since the shutdown began, though they expect to be paid in full after the government resumes operations.

The shutdown is also affecting staffing levels in air traffic control towers, though those absences have been less in the public eye.

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