The Quest For Jesus’ Foreskin

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The Quest For Jesus’ Foreskin

Post by Riddick » 07-29-2020 02:29 AM

While there are many relics attributed to Jesus surviving through more modern times, unlike others of Christendom's historical figures, relics of Jesus’ body itself aren’t really a thing.

This is, of course, because apparently nobody thought to collect the Holy Fingernail Clippings or cuttings of his luscious locks and magnificent beard before he and his body ascended to heaven.

However, there is one cutting from his body that did purportedly survive through the ages- a piece of his manhood. In fact, this snipping of his member was revered through much of Christian history and even prayed to, including a feast day (January 1st) where towns that had one would cart it out and celebrate…

That is, 'til the Catholic Church decided maybe they wanted to rethink this particular relic and in the early 20th century even went so far as to ban any mention of it. Sadly, in 1983 the last, and supposedly true, Holy Foreskin went missing for good.

Some conspiracy theorists believes the real power behind the disappearance was the Pope himself, with the church at this point being as embarrassed as ever about the existence of the supposed Holy Foreskin and the powers people attributed to it.

Whatever the case, despite extensive searching by many, nobody seems able to figure out what happened to this bit of baby flesh.

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