when does three equal one

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when does three equal one

Post by cybrwurm » 12-30-2011 07:52 PM

Q: When does 3 = 1 ?
A: When the gospel according to the prophet John says so, that's
when! ... So who are you going to believe when it comes to saying
who and what Jesus Christ is, eh? ... Actually, you have a rather
easy choice to make. You can go with nearly two thousand years of
grossly uninspired and totally fubar traditions ... OR ... You can put
your trust in the inspired word-of-god :
the Life + the Light + Joshua Christos = the Logos ...
aka the 'way-of-reason'.
- one who CAN get straight to the point - cybrwurm ;>
PS & BTW: This is NOT the end of theology; but only the beginning
of a truly universal christian theology. You can make it happen ...
"Anyone who thinks that the truth is simple has got another think comming!" -- Grandpa Walton

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