Doctor Attacks Cyber-Prophet!

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Doctor Attacks Cyber-Prophet!

Post by cybrwurm » 01-03-2012 08:52 PM

] Doctor Gene Getz sayeth: To avoid being influenced by false
] doctrine is, number one: Be on guard against a loner when
] it comes to Biblical interpretation.
wurm say: In other words, trust in the ancient episcopal councils, and their modern counterparts (the ecumenical committees), for they obviously have a better grasp upon the "true" christian traditions than any one man could have. And I certainly agree that believers should be "on guard ... when it comes to Biblical interpretation", but why stop at this "loner" person? *Always* be on guard, I say. *Always* question the ancient traditions and received understandings of scripture! If you truly love the word-of-god, then you have to *think* about what you read. You have to be critical ... Not just about the texts themselves, but be critical of ALL the bible scholars, and scribes, and sundry authorities who want to 'explain it all to you' ... I really don't see how being a loner somehow requires *more* caution and skepticism from the average bible-student. There's plenty enough third-rate thinking about the scriptures to go around! :(
] GG: People who say that they have the truth and they're
] alone in it and they're creating new ideas.
Yeah, gee, like that has *never* happened before in church history ... No wait, new ideas happen all the time! Just ask the thousands upon thousands of individual, loner believers and saints and prophets and heroes of the faith who took the time out of their doubtless busy lives to write their thoughts down on paper so that they could be accessed by other believers far far away in space/time. This is how our collective traditions formed in the first place; for example, Paulos was very much a "loner" who perfectly fits GG's description. Individuals contributing to the greater fund of christian literature, then (much later) others picking and choosing which writings have merit and which don't! Leaving all this picking and choosing to the so-called "traditional authorities" sounds to me like a very extremely bad idea ...
] GG: A lone individual who claims to have some kind of
] revelation which is actually false doctrine blended with truth.
Well, that's a fine thing to accuse me of, Herr Doktor. Have not important words (such as 'apostle', 'christos', 'slave', 'brother', etc etc) been *emptied* of their original biblical meanings? Emptied and replaced by *other* meanings? Yet all of these words were *very* significant to the Faith of the early greek-churches. You remember them, surely; the very ones who wrote the documents that were later collected into a book under the title of 'The New Testament'. But I am not the one who has emptied the sacred-texts of their meaning. All I'm trying to do is to *restore* the original meanings of these faith-heavy-words (and the texts around them) ... Meanings (the true biblical ones, I mean) that have obviously been forgotten in the centuries since ...
] GG: We have to be careful of these individuals who claim
] to have the Holy Spirit, but they are out of harmony with
] historic true doctrine.
"historic true doctrine" being, of course, the teachings that the bishops of the many and various churches of the Roman Empire developed through the centuries. Episcopal-Teachings that are so top-heavy with theology that they leave no room for reason, let alone wisdom. So I will indeed agree that the prophetic-spirit of the divine Logos is out of harmony with these traditional doctrines and teachings ... BUT I will NOT agree that prophetic teaching is out of harmony with true biblical teachings. No indeed, for christian prophecy is for believers, not unbelievers! So those who believe god is a Trinity will not believe in the divine Logos (or his prophetic spirit), because THEY are the ones who have been seduced away from the scriptures, and are out of harmony with the true biblical doctrines ...
] GG: Second, become a good student of Scripture ...
So then we *do* agree on something, after all! :)
] with other Bible studying Christians. Not alone only.
] It's not wrong to study the Scriptures alone,
Nobody with internet-access does that anyway, GG.
] but studying with other Bible studying Christians, interacting
] with other Bible studying Christians, mentors, on full time
] regular basis, in order to avoid some kind of strange
] interpretation of Scripture.
Well, surely the only way to avoid "strange interpretations of scripture" is to find the best gosh-darn bible-scholar in the whole entire world and see if his teachings conform to the Way-of-Love-&-Reason. IF they do, then maybe we can learn something that might be relevant to a *living* and *active* Faith that wants to not just change, but also improve, our collective life on this tiny little shared-planet!
- one who never forgets the big picture - cybrwurm ;>
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Post by Fan » 01-04-2012 05:01 PM

I don't see how anything that has been translated, interpreted, censored over such a long time period could be considered by anyone to be "factual" or even faithful to the "original" (although as far as I know the "original" was itself a collection of texts that had already been compiled, retold, translated and so on).

As with all sources of information critical thought should be brought to bear, and literally interpreting any part of ancient texts is a bad idea.

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