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Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 12-10-2016 12:51 AM
by Riddick
Catholic Bishop Athanasius Schneider, echoing concerns that some bishops apparently are misrepresenting Church teaching on marriage, divorce, and Communion, said a "certain type of schism already exists in the Church" over these issues, and it is a "bizarre form of schism" because the clergy who reportedly are promoting error are using their authority to smear other bishops who are teaching the truth. The truth-tellers are being labeled schismatics, said the bishop.

He added that this "schism" and the scandal and confusion it generates is giving rise to an "anti-gospel," a worldly gospel that looks divine on the outside but is false on the inside. FULL STORY

Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 12-10-2016 10:36 AM
by Doka
The Catholic insiders knew that they had a "Renegade" for a Pope, before the ink was dry. The incessant in fighting on who owns god, has been going on for thousands of years. Like any big business or government they assume that they are too big to fail/fall. In the meantime the "Faithful" are getting more and more frustrated. NOT a heavenly emotion.

Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 12-11-2016 11:06 AM
by kbot
Catholics - at least those old enough, know that there has been a schism going back decades to at least Vatican II - some will say since the 1800s with the push towards Modernism.

Cardinal: 'Serious Division' Could 'Develop Into A Formal Schism'

Posted: 12-29-2016 12:41 AM
by Riddick
One of the top bishops in the Catholic Church, American Cardinal Raymond Burke, said there is "a very serious division in the Church which has to be mended" or it "could develop into a formal schism."

Cardinal Burke, the former head of the highest court at the Vatican, made his remarks in reference to the ongoing public debate over Pope Francis' letter on the family, Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love). In the letter, it is unclear whether the Pope is saying it is okay for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics -- who are objectively living in adultery, a serious sin -- to receive Holy Communion at Mass.

Cardinal Burke, four other cardinals, and 23 Catholic scholars and priests have publicly called upon the Pope to answer this question clearly -- yes or no -- and four related questions. So far, the Pope has not responded.

In a Dec. 19 interview with the Catholic World Report (CWR), Cardinal Burke was asked, "Bishop Athanasius Schneider, O.R.C., the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan and titular bishop of Celerina, who has written an open letter of support for the four cardinals and their dubia, has also said that the Church is in a de facto schism. Do you agree with that?"

Cardinal Burke replied, "There is a very serious division in the Church which has to be mended because it has to do with, as I said before, fundamental dogmatic and moral teaching. And if it's not clarified soon, it could develop into a formal schism."


Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 12-29-2016 11:50 AM
by kbot
The Church has been fracturing since its inception. CNN recently ran a series, one segment dealt with the Gnostic text The Gospel of Judas, which made quite a stir at the outset, but since then, new information has come to light in terms of missing fragments has made the text much more readable, but this text, along with others than constitute the official New testament (Catholic or Protestant) show that there have been divisions from the outset. These have continued over the millennia with sects separating from The Church (Roman or Orthodox).

I think that since the 1850s the pace of schism within The Church, both in Rome as well as Moscow and Greece has quickened, especially since Vatican II.
In the US, the US Conference of Bishops has been on a collision course with Rome and is also heading into schism.

So many conflicting messages.....

Conservative Criticism Intensifies Against Pope Francis

Posted: 02-05-2017 04:13 AM
by Riddick
VATICAN CITY — Conservative criticism of Pope Francis intensified Saturday after his intervention in the Knights of Malta order, with posters appearing around Rome citing his actions against conservative Catholics and asking: “Where’s your mercy?”

The posters appeared on the same day that Francis cemented his authority over the Knights by naming a top Vatican archbishop, Angelo Becciu, to be his special delegate to the ancient aristocratic order.

Francis gave Becciu, the No. 2 in the Vatican secretariat of state, “all necessary powers” to help lay the groundwork for a new constitution for the order, lead the spiritual renewal of its professed knights and prepare for the election of a new grand master, expected in three months.

The Vatican’s intervention with the sovereign group had provided fuel for Francis’ conservative critics, who until Saturday had largely confined their concern with his mercy-over-morals papacy to blogs, interviews and conferences. FULL STORY

Now 6 Bishops Challenge Pope Francis On His Divorce/Remarriage Teaching

Posted: 01-08-2018 09:44 PM
by Riddick
Three more Catholic archbishops have signed on to a letter released by three bishops on Dec. 31, which publicly challenges Pope Francis' teaching on Communion for the "divorced and remarried" and states that his instruction is "alien to the entire Tradition of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith." FULL STORY

Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 01-09-2018 12:24 PM
by kbot
This is a tough one Riddick.

For my part, I always feel sad when, as we approach that portion of the Mass where the parishoners go to receive communion, I will see some people start to filter out the back of the church. These are those who have been married/ divorced and are now remarried.

It's a fine line that has to be navigated, whether on the local level or by the pope. According to Catholic beliefs, the pope is God's representative on earth and pronouncements from the pope are infallible. But I can't believe that all pronouncements made by various popes over time are comparatively infallible. For example, I have serious problems wit the sex abuse issue and how The Church has protected offenders for decades.

In the case of divorce, I prefer to look back on the scene where Christ instructs a group of (most probably) men about to stone a woman to be the first to cast a stone - provided they are without sin themselves..... I believe that, if a man and a woman are remarried after being divorced that they should be allowed by The Church to participate fully in The Church's rites and sacraments. But, that's me. I think that Christ preached forgiveness, and criticized the various Jewish religious sects that preached strict adherence to Old Testament beliefs and Temple laws.

But, I'm probably wrong n my beliefs and will most probably end-up spending time in Purgatory (if not some place far hotter.....)

Cardinal: Pope's Failure to Transmit Faith Clearly Points to End Times Prophecy

Posted: 05-27-2018 11:22 PM
by Riddick
In a forceful commentary on Pope Francis' decision to not give the German bishops clear guidance on whether Protestants married to Catholics may receive Holy Communion at Mass -- intercommunion -- in some cases, Cardinal William Eijk of the Netherlands said this was "completely incomprehensible" and reminded him of the Church's teaching about its "ultimate trial" and "the price of apostasy from the truth."

Cardinal Eijk, the Archbishop of Utrecht, Netherlands, published his remarks in the May 5 edition of the National Catholic Register.

As the cardinal explained, in recent weeks a large majority of the German bishops voted to allow the Protestant spouses of Catholics to, under certain circumstances, receive Holy Communion at a Catholic Mass. This could occur if the Protestant discerned his (or her) situation with a priest and affirmed the Catholic faith.

However, seven German bishops opposed that idea because it violates the fundamental and long-held teaching of the Church on intercommunion, which says that only in dire situations, such as "danger of death" or "some other grave necessity" may a Protestant receive the Eucharist.

This is the case because Protestants reject Catholic teaching on the Eucharist, among other theological issues, and therefore are not "in communion" with the Church.

Given the differences among the German bishops, they appealed to Pope Francis for guidance. Instead of giving them a clear answer, Pope Francis told the bishops to go back and revisit the issue and try to come to some form of a unanimous decision.

This is "completely incomprehensible," said Cardinal Eijk. "The Church's doctrine and practice regarding the administration of the Sacrament of the Eucharist to Protestants is perfectly clear." It can only happen in "emergencies, especially where there is a risk of death."

"Intercommunion is, in principle, only possible with Orthodox Christians," the cardinal explained, "because the Eastern Churches, although not in full communion with the Catholic Church, have true sacraments and above all, by virtue of their apostolic succession, a valid priesthood and a valid Eucharist. Their faith in the priesthood, in the Eucharist and also in the Sacrament of Penance is equal to that of the Catholic Church."

"The Holy Father should have given the delegation of the German episcopal conference clear directives, based on the clear doctrine and practice of the Church," said Cardinal Eijk. "[He] is, as the Successor of Saint Peter 'the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of both the bishops and of the faithful.'"

The cardinal continued, "By failing to create clarity, great confusion is created among the faithful and the unity of the Church is endangered. This is also the case with cardinals who publicly propose to bless homosexual relationships, something which is diametrically opposed to the doctrine of the Church, founded on Sacred Scripture, that marriage, according to the order of creation, exists only between a man and a woman."

"Observing that the bishops and, above all, the Successor of Peter fail to maintain and transmit faithfully and in unity the deposit of faith contained in Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture," siad the cardinal, "I cannot help but think of Article 675 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

“The Church’s ultimate trial. Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the ‘mystery of iniquity’ in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth.”

Apostasy means an abandonment or rejection of religious belief. ... s-apostasy

Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 05-28-2018 08:18 PM
by kbot
It is true Riddick, that Catholics and the various Protestant denominations do not hold the same beliefs concerning the Eucharist and there are issues concerning who can receive communion in a Catholic church, and why there are restrictions and cautions issued to Catholics receiving communion in Protestant churches. To devout Catholics, the Eucharist is the real presence of Christ while Protestants do not hold that belief. Even among the various Catholic rites (Roman, Orthodox, Ukrainian, Coptic, Maronite, Antiochian, Armenian, etc.) The Church cautions against mixing - going form one rite to another. While The Church does not absolutely prohibit Catholics from one rite receiving communion during Mass at another rite, it doesn't encourage the practice.

Pope Francis certainly frustrates many Catholics as his message is mixed.

Re: Catholic Bishop: There Is An 'Anti-Gospel' Schism In The Church

Posted: 11-19-2018 05:06 PM
by Doka
When Religion Turns Evil (its a Large Group) Those Human gods can be a dissapointment to many and delight to others.

Fundamentally, neither bishops nor laity have any power in the government of their church. That's leading to some huge problems as Francis works against resolving the priest abuse crisis.
Pope Francis Has Mobilized The Papacys Absolute Monarcy Against Justice

Pope Francis administered a stunning and humiliating shock to the bishops of the Catholic Church in the United States last week. The American bishops had gathered in Baltimore to discuss a pair of measures to deal with the continuing crisis over clerical sexual abuses in this country.

The measures were fairly modest. One sought to build on the 2002 “Dallas charter” — measures designed to stop priests’ abuse of children, mostly young boys — by extending its rules on reporting and accountability to bishops. The other would have launched an investigation, led by lay Catholics, into reports of abuses by bishops. Conceivably, this would have looked into how former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., could have risen to the top of the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, despite being widely known — in secular circles, to the Vatican, and to many in the church — as being a serial abuser and harasser of young adult male seminarians (and at least one young boy).
The night before the conference, the pope abruptly quashed both measures. The bishops were left reeling, and lay Catholics were stunned and dismayed. For some, it may even be the last straw: If their church will not deal honestly with these issues, they will leave it.

Francis’ pretext was that a Vatican summit in February would address these matters “globally.” It then emerged that Francis, despite the outcry of American Catholics for action, had tried to get the entire meeting cancelled.

Rest of Story ... y-justice/