Kings Ganutlet 2007

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Kings Ganutlet 2007

Post by Sir Ulli » 10-07-2007 04:33 PM

i just got an E-Mail from the Netherlands
I am quite sure the script is ok now, so the registration for TKIG 2007 is open!

The Kings International Gauntlet 2007 will start at Sunday the 4th of November at 20:00(GMT+1) and will end at Sunday the 18th of November at 20:00(GMT+1).

To found or join a team you can mail to rweezepoel[at]yahoo[dot]com or skype me (or leave a reaction here), and mention the subteam you want to create/join, the main team you're in (only when founding a team), and your user name and account number (which you can find here).

If you have a thread on your team forum, you can include this, then I'll place a link to it. You can then also sign up by replying there. Please create one thread per team, if you have two or more subteams they can share the same thread. Guests must be able to read posts on your team forum.

If you found or join a team before Saturday the 3rd of November, 20:00(GMT+1), you will be able to participate in The Gauntlet. If you do this later, you may or may not be able to participate.
Greetings from Germany NRW
Sir Ulli

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