Five Myths About Intervention

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Five Myths About Intervention

Post by Iris » 10-10-2004 10:45 PM

January 1, 2001

Five Myths About Intervention

by Karl Kammler

Two of the most prosperous nations in the world are Sweden and Switzerland. They mind their own business and amazingly no one wants to blow up their commercial jets. They also don't have a huge national debt resulting from attempts to be global policemen. Despite these clear examples of successful isolationism, there are countless kosher conservatives telling us that we must support "interventionism" and get even further involved in the Third World, even though our needless support of Israel is responsible for ALL our problems with the Muslim world.

Consider the five "myths of interventionism" listed below. There are surely more than just five, but these are the ones parroted most often by Americans, who have bought the usual pro-Israel propaganda.

Myth One: "America has interests overseas."

Liberals and conservatives both claim that America has certain key overseas interests, which they rarely define except for the two obvious sacred cows of American politics: oil and Israel. They write themselves blank checks on America's finite treasure and precious blood, and the only beneficiaries are the multinational corporations, international bankers, powerful ethnic lobbies (such as the Israeli lobby), and liberal "do-gooders" who pour our money into Third World countries like a madman trying to change the ocean by pouring buckets of fresh water into it.

America's true, paramount interest is maintaining our national sovereignty and independence as a recognizable, distinct nation. This can only be accomplished by strict control of our borders. Unfortunately this is the one thing that our sell-out politicians have deliberately failed to do.

The typical empire, before its final collapse, neglects the home country and focuses obsessively on foreign lands. Our politicians are following in the same footsteps as the last Roman emperors.

Myth Two: "We spread freedom to the people of the world"

At home, the imperial character of our foreign policy grows the government, magnifying the power of the executive branch in particular. The resentment toward American interference ultimately results in armed resistance against us. Americans had to fight rebels in the Philippines when we occupied that country, and our attempt to force democracy on Vietnam with our military locked us into a war of attrition that lasted thirteen years over there. Our conflict with the Muslim world is demanding more troops on the ground in more countries, and another war of attrition has begun. A vicious circle is born in which the nation must dedicate ever more power and resources to try to suppress foreign nationals, who want us out of their countries. While we supposedly deliver freedom to others, we become less free at home.

Few stop to think that the foreign policy elites like Condoleeza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz say and do things to perpetuate their own jobs. Too many people actually trust the government. The "enemy of the month" is currently Iraq; previously it was the Noriega and the Panamese, Qadafi and the Libyans, Russians, and the Germans before them. The script never really changes. There is always a 'boogeyman' out there, from Kaiser Wilhelm, to Adolf Hitler, to Osama bin Laden, to Saddam Hussein.

Myth Three: "The world is dangerous, and our enemies will attack this country!"

Americans who advocate an interventionist foreign policy tend to put America at the center of the world. They seem to think that every country on this planet can't wait to cross the ocean and attack us. Why do the interventionists consider America something so coveted by the rest of the world? Why wouldn't the "enemy of the month" invade Australia or Brazil instead? Why would any country attack or invade a massive nation situated between two oceans that has a large, heavily armed population?

Foreign countries desperately try to stay away from the United States, not come toward us. Serbia, for example, did not attack the United States or even display any kind of interest in Americans. The United States attacked Serbia because Bill Clinton needed a distraction from one of his many scandals. Iraq also never attacked the United States. The Iraqis would have been happy to sell us Kuwaiti oil at market prices. The availability of oil was never threatened by Iraq's occupation of Kuwait, but all our politicians told us different. We were fed nothing but lies about Iraq when the real issue was that Israel did not want Kuwait's oil profits going into the Iraqi military. Israel has 200 H-bombs and they basically ordered our politicians to wage war on Iraq so that they could maintain their nuclear monopoly. Americans constantly poke around in other nations' backyards. Foreign countries rightfully resent this --they don't want the U.S. acting as judge, jury and executioner over them.

Interventionism is more dangerous to the continuance of this nation than any potential series of terrorist attacks. Kosher conservatives dismiss any opponent of the new American Imperialism as a "crackpot," an "America hater" or a "terrorist sympathizer." Say anything different from the official globalist cheer-leading chants and you are accused of trying to damage the country.

Interventionists cannot see that the more America meddles overseas, the greater the chance that something tragic will happen. They propose ever more bold and dangerous military adventures, as if they think the United States is invincible. Then, in the next breath they tell you how dangerous the world is and how precarious America's position is, which contradicts the whole invincibility aura. Suddenly a superpower has to worry about countries like North Korea, whose average citizen barely subsists on a bowl of rice a day.

Myth Four: "America is a superpower."

One would think that America's "superpower status" would help alleviate the interventionists' fears of encirclement. Are we a superpower? Are there any other indicators of superpower status besides a huge military? Quality of life, maybe? How about our infrastructure, or the level of education of our population?

Why do these advocates of military adventurism think that it's okay for Americans to be taxed to fund foreign countries or to send American boys to fight other people's wars?

Taxpayer dollars, rather than benefiting Americans, are instead shipped overseas for the enrichment of foreigners. Conservatives claim to oppose wealth redistribution schemes characteristic of the welfare state here at home, yet they all too often support these schemes at the international level. They think it's normal for the U.S. to dictate to other countries what kind of government they should have. All of this is done in the name of freedom, supposedly. America calls out to the nations of the world, "you will become a democracy" while our Bill of Rights is shredded by the Office of Homeland Security.

Myth Five: "If you don't like the policy of this country, you're free to leave!"

Kosher conservatives tell us if we disagree with American foreign policy, then we should leave the country. "Love it or leave it" is the good old retort of the defender of the status quo. However, if anyone leaves America, would that free him of politically correct imperialism? What if someone unhappy with Clinton moved to Serbia, only to have bombs rain down on his head as Clinton demands that Serbia must allow in as many Albanian illegal aliens as America allows in illegal Mexicans.

Basically we have no choice, we can make a stand and fight political correctness here in America or we can flee to another country only to have open borders, gun control and "gay rights" forced on us under threat of war by presidents like Clinton and Bush. ... php?t=1838
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Post by Dude111 » 01-20-2012 07:23 PM

I agree with everything listed except #1
Myth One: "America has interests overseas."

Link to that thread: ... php?t=1838

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