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Meeting our alien ancestors

Posted: 02-23-2005 09:42 PM
by Patric
The ongoing crop circle phenomenon, which keeps getting more and more profound, should be enough evidence that our world is being bombarded in consciousness-altering ways. If you need more proof, alien abductions are reportedly occurring at the rate of 1-in-40 people and mass sightings of UFOs are happening all around the world. Our minds have finally started to venture inward as a result -- which might have been the goal all along. These encounters with higher intelligences have shaken us to the point where we now have the ability to see ourselves. Consciousness is nothing more than "awareness." And the foundation of awareness is "self-awareness." We are becoming self-aware on a massive scale.
The social upheavals that took place in the 20th century were all about one consciousness merging into another. It was--and still is--a tumultuous experience. Anti-depressants are commonly prescribed now. Hundreds of thousands of alcoholics have dropped out of society. Racism in one form or another is rampant. These are side-effects of a consciousness altering event. And this "event" is continuing.
The "event" may continue long after we die. Or it may quicken in our current lifetimes to the point where an epiphany is felt worldwide, and our alien ancestors can announce themselves, and humankind can take its new-found Consciousness to even grander levels.

Posted: 02-27-2005 05:37 PM
by Waverider
I think you are so right on' in the respects that even Jesus was alien to mankind.

A teacher of great wisdom and love.

What we did with it and him', left us with another 2000 years of history...

Maybe next time? :)

Posted: 02-27-2005 06:00 PM
by Alien_UK
If you agree that our history is distorted filled with lies and has many holes. Then one thing that I’m now entertaining is yes we have visitors on the horizon. Hence “These encounters with higher intelligences have shaken us to the point where we now have the ability to see ourselves.” Its also to get our psyche ready aswell for the visit.

Patric I hope it’s sooner rather than later, I’m ready and would love to know the truth about our past and origin.

By the way good thread!

Posted: 02-28-2005 04:32 PM
by daboodaddy
As would I.

Posted: 03-01-2005 07:57 PM
by Patric
The main purpose of these abductions, from what I gather, seems to be reproductive. Why on earth would aliens want to keep us--or some version of us--existent if we weren't related to them?
We must realize once and for all that we are related to them. We are in a very real way their children.

A quick study of "growth" needs to be done to realize why it has taken so long for extraterrestrials to reveal themselves.

A little background...

The only thing both evolutionists and creationists can agree on is that Life is all about growth. Fundamentalists and atheists share the same view: that growth--even at the tiniest levels--is essential for survival. Growth is universally recognized to be what Life is all about.

So with that in mind, how are we supposed to "grow" spiritually? Should we just grow a little, then stop? Or do we keep growing? The goal, it seems, is to evolve, or grow. But any "growth" spiritually past a certain point becomes heresy. The Church has already decided how much growth is permissible. If you go past that point you run the risk of being shunned or worse--killed. The amount of influence the Church has over us cannot be underestimated. Even hardcore atheists or skeptics are influenced by the conservative, "Whoa now!" doctrinaire of the Church. As far as the new age is concerned, skeptics and fundamentalists are (ironically) of like mind: they are both opposed to its growth.

But despite all odds, growth continues.

Growth has never been successfully stymied for very long. Sooner or later, like pods pushing their way to the surface, growth succeeds.

The struggle between growth and non-growth happens every day, even at the mundane level of one's workplace or home life. Everywhere you look you will encounter people who are growing in one way or another, and those who (seemingly) aren't. In reality even those who aren't growing really are growing. It is imperceptible. Unless you know a person's complete karmic background you will never perceive or appreciate his or her growth if he/she is growing more slowly--or differently--than you are.

But we all grow. That is the function of karma. It's impossible to experience Life without at least a trace amount of growth occurring.

So "growing" is what we do, whether we like it or not...or whether we know it or not.

(A quick note: You tend to grow more rapidly once you realize that there is such a thing as growth.)

We have grown spiritually in fits and starts to where we are now, in this present age, awaiting another Awakening.

Spiritual growth begets physical growth which begets intellectual growth which begets technological growth which begets spiritual growth. It goes full circle.

All growth leads to something else.

We are at the point now where we have grown enough to behold the stunning, spiritual "something else" that our extraterrestrial--and no longer quite alien--ancestors are telling us.

That we are them.

Posted: 03-01-2005 08:57 PM
by Waverider
You have opened a subject that is so desired.. Thank You!

I tend to agree with everything that you have posted...

From what little I've gathered from life so far, that is the only view that truly makes sense to me.

The techology that has come about in the last century has come from inspired men and women..
The chosen ones'. The door has been opened..

What we do in mass as we enter that opening', thru the Quickening of events' here on earth in our 3 dimentional world' of perception is still yet unknown..
.. will we grasp the hand of our elders'and be invited to join the galactic world?, or will we once again, cryout' crucify him?

We truly have a need, beyond desire, to know.
I believe mankind needs to know the truth.
As they say, the truth will surely set you free.
Like it or not. Except it or not.