Rise of the Robots

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Rise of the Robots

Post by Shirleypal » 05-06-2009 01:28 PM

"Unless mankind redesigns itself by changing our DNA through altering our genetic makeup, computer-generated robots will take over our world." --Stephen Hawking

Robots won't be vulnerable to the viruses, bacteria, and other deadly organisms that constantly pose a health threat to humans, now will they? So unless the future robot masters eliminate the never-say-die viruses - they will have to continually use their time and resources to treat a bunch of sick humans - unless, of course, they eliminate all the humans - whether sick or not - first.

The nearly invincible robotics industry

"The recession that's hammered the global economy appears to have spared the robot makers."

http://www.boston.com/business/technolo ... _industry/

Robots prepare to walk upside-down

"The ability to scale walls and hang off the ceiling with gecko-like ease may be within reach - for robots at least."

http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg2 ... 227056.100

AquaPenguins and other robots

"These robots were created by Festo as part of their bionic learning project. They navigate independently and can communicate with each other -- just like real penguins."

http://machineslikeus.com/news/aquapeng ... her-robots

Revolutionary Robot

"Waseda University in Tokyo unveil its updated humanoid robot, named Twenty-One, showcasing its ability to pick up even the most difficult of objects."


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Post by Linnea » 05-06-2009 06:25 PM

I believe we need vulnerable humans - and viruses - for life to flourish in all its immense grandeur. And - there must be some reason for life to flourish - beyond just 'existence' itself.

I vote no on the 'robots' taking over.


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Post by Janus232 » 05-13-2009 05:05 AM

It seems to me that we are Robots, albeit of a biological nature... engineered to operate within the Biosphere. As we unlock our own genome and tinker around we will re-design ourselves.. it is absolutely inevitable... I do not argue that this is a good or a bad thing... it just is.

However I do not subscribe to the view that a purely machine intelligence will wake the biological - some kind of Matrix - terminator scenario etc - As this misses a fundamental point about "what we actually are" a higher dimensional life-form trapped in matter... we are minded - conscience - eternal...

There may well be Non-Terrestrial life in the Universe that is based on silicon, or plasma or who knows what... but I maintain that the form and morphogeneisis is secondary to mind - which is primary...

A symbiotic evolutionary step is I think extremely likely, and may actually be with us - should we fear this future? - should we care? I think not.... We are not running the show and have never done so.... !!
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