Independence Day idea... give hope...

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Independence Day idea... give hope...

Post by fabzilla » 07-04-2005 08:21 AM

Independence Day, a day of celebration for most, but not all.

We who are able to engage in the old traditional BBQ and fireworks display relish in these holidays and take much of this for granted but there still remain elements of our own incapable of enjoying that indulgency of citizenry that they two are also a part of and by means of social status and economic situation may not be able to participate in the celebration as they would like.

I would suggest doing as I will be doing between my festivities and prep work and enjoyment of togetherness amongst my friends and family, go down to your vendors and when you opt to buy fireworks or other party favors, buy a little extra for children that will go another year without being able to also take part in this tradition and make a difference for someone they will surely remember for a lifetime, the day a fellow American reached out and gave of themselves to another, as our forefathers did so long ago.

Buy two watermelons or anything else that we may take for granted that others without would really appreciate and need, find a homeless shelter or an orphaned children center or any other such entity dependent upon others for its survival that gets by on just mere handouts from the government and the goodwill of our communities and its members that donate, and bridge that gap.

Anything, just do it.

Every little bit helps, and the ripple effect is what we all need to occur.

Help us all heal a little, in any way we can.

Give something back.


Ah drrr drrr drrr

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Post by sayntbrigid » 07-04-2005 08:37 AM

We are on the same page on this thread Fab, in fact, I look at each day that way, and when you get in the habit of looking around, there are things that come to your atention like that which you can do to make the day better and memorable for somebody else. And they are usually just the little things that make a stranger smile, and maybe feel like passing that along. Kindness is actually very contagious. especially toward the poor, the elderly and the ill :)

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Post by SETIsLady » 07-04-2005 08:50 AM

"Fab" ulous idea :) I do try to do these things on a regular basis.

25% percent of the homeless in this Country are Vets, we must remember them on more than just this holiday. They didn't forget us. A good place to go not just on this holiday but anytime is a VA hospital, let them know we appreciate their sacrifices, and haven't forgotten about them.

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Post by Cherry Kelly » 07-04-2005 11:47 AM

Happy Fourth to one and all.

Rained last night - heavy winds - and a bit on wet side today.

Excellent idea to always be thinking of others -- ones who are less fortunate and most of all REMEMBER OUR VETS!

(I spent over an hour this morning picking up fallen hanging baskets and flower pots that had been knocked over by heavy winds, tree limbs and debris that had been blown about.)

Later today will be a get together with family and friends.

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