Internet censorship Trial Balloon?

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Internet censorship Trial Balloon?

Post by Linnea » 07-18-2005 11:20 PM

O, happy days!

From: Whitley Strieber

Comcast Censorship Trial Balloon?
17-Jul-2005 is an organization that seeks to draw attention to the Downing Street Minutes and to lobby Congress to open an investigation into whether the President has committed impeachable offenses.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with any given organization's political stance, it is clear that it has the right to conduct its affairs without harrassment, and it appears that ultra-conservative cable and broadband provider Comcast may have attempted to sabotage the organization's email messages.

Last week, the organization noticed that many of its members and supporters were not getting its emails. This turned out to be because the version of Brightmail being used by Comcast as a spam blocker had had the phrase "" placed in its spam file, and any email containing that phrase was automatically blocked.

Comcast initially claimed that this had been done because it had received 46,000 complaints about the small organization's email activities. But it was unable to produce any of these complaints when asked by organization officials, and finally laid the blame at the door of Synergy, the company that owns Brightmail. Synergy immediately removed the block.

However, these actions, if political in nature, reveal the ease with which the small number of corporations who control so much internet activity can censor it at will.

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