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Posted: 09-23-2003 04:40 AM
by Dale O Sea
Pass the Margaritas. meg, you mention logging some CAD time for this project. Don't want to pull you away from that too long but I was wondering how you were incorporating Computer Aided Design into this? Were your plans on a disk? Were you entering in coordinates and dimensions for a more precise, accurate blueprint? Just curious. Post a wire-frame of what you have so far.

Another question. You said you were using wood. What kind? It's in abundance in Canada...We are suffering a shortage here. As explained on our local news last night they said that due to construction in Iraq prices were expected to be about 25% higher for plywood...if you can find it. Some shipments aren't even making it here. I guess up there you can cut your own. ;)

Posted: 09-23-2003 11:52 AM
by megman
One Jose Ceuvro Magarita coming up Dale. Hell, take the pitcher.:D

I do have extensive blueprints for the boat already from the designer. But a lot of the main frames and such have to be lofted. All dimensions come from supplied tables and it's making sense of those tables. At least for me. I've never built anything bigger than an 18' fibreglass canoe.

The purpose of the CAD is to take those numbers and translate them to something tangible so they make sense before having to layout a 42'x12' area and draw them full scale. Eventually it will have to be done to size, but this will eliminate any errors in translation of the numbers. Once a line is drawn you can actually see what it is supposed to look like.

The frames for the main and float hulls will be constructed out of Douglas Fir marine plywood. In fact most of the framing including the keel will be made out of this. Cabin bulkheads and floor will probably be Teak marine plywood.

The outer hull will be red cedar covered with epoxy.

A good look and layout of the boat can be found here: Hartley 422

Some of the drawings are of the 421. Only difference is the 422 has a wheel instead of a tiller and it doesn't have a keel board.

Both of these boats are proto-types and have never been built.

Posted: 09-23-2003 12:13 PM
by calamity jane
Hey, Lost Pirate ;) sounds verrry interesting. I'm betting your boat will be super! About your construction cam - is it possible to set it for a 'last picture' static view - much as Art has his configured? Hoisting a margarita in your honor and for the success of your project.


Posted: 09-25-2003 04:08 AM
by Dale O Sea
After I slept off that pitcher, megman I checked out those drawings. Very cool! I spent 20-30 minutes with them. I'm sure you can beat that by an hour or two...dreamin' of high seas and gentle breezes. :) She's a lot bigger than inside that I thought she was. Can she sailed by one man or do you need a crew? Costner didn't have one. ;) I was working on a post for here while in the ORR tonight but it got deleted accidentally. Now I'm getting sleepy and have another stop or 2 to make. I'm going to look at those plans again and I'll get back to this. I'm a freakin' land lubber but this is very interesting. The closest I've been to assail on the open seas was in my brother-in-law's little motor boat on Lake Erie. The motor conked out for an hour or 2 but we got it going. Prolly shoulda' posted that in the 'Adventure" thread. Maybe later.

Posted: 09-25-2003 10:39 AM
by Black Tassel
Megga great wishes for your success in your project.

My house was a prototype also...... that was over 20 years ago. I (with the help of a solar architect) designed it, built/contracted it.

Luv & Cheers from the Left Coast


Posted: 10-09-2003 08:40 PM
by deeremom
Hey Meg! We know you have lots of numbers and drawings to work with this winter ..... but are so anxious to hear of your progress! And looking forward to the cam ;)

Posted: 10-09-2003 09:58 PM
by Black Tassel
Alright, Brass hooks on the starboard hull for my paddles..... hope the 'head' is not too far away :D

Where's the galley? Aruba must have stirfry fixings :rolleyes:

Posted: 10-09-2003 10:11 PM
by megman
Hoping to have the cam up and going 24/7 soon mom:D

Really been under the weather and this computer needs a total wipe before I can get it to fire up sans glitches.:)

Won't need no paddles for this sucker BT.:D But then again, if I do a Viking ship.:cool:

On a 42' boat the head and galley aren't too far apart. And they have all the stir-fry fixin's in Aruba. Shellfish, scallops, squid........:D:D:D

Posted: 10-09-2003 10:31 PM
by Black Tassel
Will get a new PFD from "MustangĀ®" before I board..... their factory is right next door to DBC Marine...... where I get my CO2 for my beer :D

The 'Fire Safety' door is at the south of the building..... a stone's throw from the Mustang establishment

Posted: 10-10-2003 02:42 PM
by SvladCjelli
right on brother! I will be sailing with you in spirit.

Sail down to Montreal and say hi next summer :)

Posted: 10-10-2003 02:45 PM
by megman
Actually I be going through Montreal. Will be taking the locks headed for the deep blue.:cool:

Posted: 10-19-2003 06:52 PM
by deeremom
So Meg, where are we now???

Posted: 10-20-2003 04:48 AM
by Dale O Sea
Good question, Pat.

Lost at sea, meg?

Posted: 10-20-2003 10:45 AM
by Black Tassel
Guess he weighed anchor without us :(

Posted: 10-20-2003 07:44 PM
by megman
Oh how I wish it was that quick:)

Still planning, working on a 3D CAD model, bouncing ideas in my head for dis, dat, and the other.........:cool: