Recycling seeds and stems

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Recycling seeds and stems

Post by Devastated » 11-06-2004 07:15 AM

Any ideas?

The hemp car? Hemp pillows?;)
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re: recycle seeds

Post by drnewel » 11-14-2004 06:41 PM

I am 40 years old and do not smoke pot, or use the products of hashish. Having said that, there are plain seeds you can buy at the store that are sterile hemp seeds.

They are pennies per ounce, and taste good on baked products, or put onto toast, etc - very rich in protein. They are clearly labeled "Hemp Seeds," in the bulk section of our store in San Francisco. They do not grow, I think they are sterile.

The store is an independant co-op of Health Foods and Organic Growers: "Rainbow Grocery."
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Post by Cpt Spike Mike » 11-15-2004 01:25 AM

You are correct, drnewel. Most hemp seed comes from China and is steam sterilized. However, you might get a small number of those seeds to sprout, but it won't be the smoking quality hemp.

Hempseed can be pressed for the rich oil, and the leftovers can be formed into cakes for animal feed.

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Post by Glop » 11-26-2004 05:14 PM

they make hemp ale in norcal, hombolt county. not bad i guess but i dont drink! :D

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Post by Gotrox » 11-30-2004 05:57 AM

stems for *vino*----or rope, traditional usage-----birds love the seeds, and if you have a wicked sense of humor, wild birds will spread the wealth :D

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Guess What I got For Christmas

Post by tiffany » 12-26-2004 07:35 PM

My sister in law gave me a bamboo cutting board (very nice) and a large rectangle with a loop on one corner.

It is HEMP! I guess it is a dish towel. It states it's made in Thailand by hand...It is very strong feeling. Wonder if it asorbs water well.

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Post by fabzilla » 12-27-2004 03:08 AM

Believe it or not, the Amish in our parts still have large fields of hemp and cannibis all over the place, especially in Kosciusko county. They still make rope and such from their harvests. The funny thing is that all the locals know this and every late summer/fall a bunch of out of towners come in thinking they are going to bear the fruits of harvest and cash in on a major score. About 50 of them every year wind up in lock up trying to pick the old Amo Pot, silly kids, you don't smoke that stuff, there's plenty of the real deal growing elsewhere in patches. They used to put up billboards that said " marijuana pickers, you won't like our joint" and had a jail cell pictured, funny thing to see driving in to Warsaw, heh, heh.


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Post by TABwebmaster » 03-11-2005 10:25 AM

I know I mentioned this before somewhere...probably the ORR one night.

Hemp is used in the center of the cross-deck pendants on aircraft carriers. Mainly for its strength and lubricating properties. Cross-deck pendants are the arresting wires that the tailhook grabs to bring the aircraft to a stop. Each one has a rollout of about 180 feet. That's a lot of hemp!:D

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