My credo, part one.

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My credo, part one.

Post by Patric » 03-08-2005 07:44 PM

I am aware that I am conscious--and conscientious--of those around me.

Every person I encounter I will try to treat fairly (and with love).

I realize that a person's good traits typically outnumber his (or her) bad traits by 1000-to-1, so it should be fairly easy to recognize them.

If someone has good traits, as everyone does, then why not tell him (or her)? This ego-less admission on my part will not affect that person's ego as much as uplift his or her consciousness. It will add new meaning to their Experience.

And it won't require anyting on my part except an honest expression -- a few simple words.

People should be told they are loved, so let them know it, using this method.
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