Bush's Noze Job

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Bush's Noze Job

Post by Iris » 10-08-2004 06:48 AM

Bush's Noze Job

See it here!
We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately. B. Franklin

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Post by dotcosm » 10-08-2004 11:07 AM

LOL, I love this:

"The President Bush pictures above are undoctored. The nose? Not so sure. The political significance of this possible nose job? Zero.

"Nonetheless, it is very important to speculate as much and as loudly as possible about what these photos may mean. What matters is not that this doesn't matter. What matters is that we're open-minded enough to have a discussion--nay, to inflame a discussion--about how it might be possible that it could matter. For example, what if everyone started to talk about it, so even though it doesn't matter it starts to matter?"

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