Real Housewives of ISIS

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Real Housewives of ISIS

Post by Doka » 01-06-2017 04:29 PM

Every thing sacred, person, religion, action and etc. in this world has been hit with Satire ! There would be no movies, comics, cartoons, Saturday Night Live, endlessly on. The banning of humor especially in the form of being able for humans to laugh at themselves and others foibles , creates a very Dark World indeed. Since humans are the only species that have been given the gift of laughter.

That being said, the laugh police will get rid of this promptly .............!

BBC Comedy Sketch ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ Causes Outrage

BBC comedy sketch "Real Housewives of ISIS"BBC/Facebook
by CHRIS TOMLINSON6 Jan 2017283

The BBC produced spoof on the “Real Housewives” TV programmes, which has a comedic Islamic State twist, has been criticised by Leftists and Muslims who claim the sketch is offensive.
The BBC released the trailer earlier this week and were immediately slammed by those on the left and Muslims who thought that making fun of the brides of members of the terror group was out of the bounds of conventional humour. The sketch is part of a new programme called “Revolting” written by Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse which, according to the BBC, is “satirising the state of the nation.” ... s-outrage/
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