Death's of Holistic Doctor's - deleted

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Death's of Holistic Doctor's - deleted

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 01-01-2016 12:14 PM

One month past a complete year I had a chance to delete all posts. So I did so but I left the surviving Twitter related note below.* :wink:

🔕 🚧 📴 Posting/chatting about this sad, suspicious topic should only be heard on the air waves of late night alternate news radio programs. 💉 📟

* I'll write it again just like I have sent this out several times on Twitter.

A stern reminder not on topic:🔔

"Before this seemingly never ending 1,400 year old war is over? We'll all be packin' heat, with or without a permit!"

Just today (1/1/16 not as dated above!) :rolleyes: Texans can utilize "open carry" along with 44 other states! 👍 🔫
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