John Doe Investigators Engaged In Domestic Surveillance Plot

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John Doe Investigators Engaged In Domestic Surveillance Plot

Post by Riddick » 12-10-2017 06:48 PM


Imagine finding out one day that your personal emails had been seized by a rogue state-sponsored bureaucrat fishing for damaging information. And that you had no idea until years after the fact that this government investigator had scooped up years of emails, soaking in your private secrets and filing them away for future use.

This isn't a tale from the East German Stasi. It just happened in Wisconsin. This most recent revelation follows well-known instances of law enforcement showing up at targets' homes in 2013 and conducting raids against innocent people. But as the Wisconsin DOJ made clear in its report this week, the invasion of privacy wrought by this domestic surveillance plot wasn't as bad as we thought.

It was far worse. FULL STORY

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