Foreign Oil Dependence

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Foreign Oil Dependence

Post by drnewel » 01-27-2006 06:16 PM

The Honerable Senator Boxer from California has this to say about Foreign Oil.

"Dear Friend:

The new year is a traditional time for making resolutions. And, at the
beginning of the year, I am calling for America to make a resolution to cut our
nation?s dependence on oil. Not only is it possible to cut our reliance on
oil, but we will also see significant benefits.

First, let me offer a summary of the steps necessary to reduce oil dependence.
Each of the following can offer an incremental savings in our nation?s oil

1. Better vehicle gas mileage, including:
- raising fuel economy standards for all vehicles
- closing the fuel economy ?SUV Loophole?
- broadening the Energy Star program to include vehicles

2. More hybrid vehicles
- Extending the tax credit for hybrid vehicle purchases
- placing more hybrids in government vehicle fleets
- enhancing incentives for hybrids to be used in taxicab fleets

3. Alternative fuels
- making the Hydrogen Highway a reality
- maximizing the availability and affordability of ethanol and biodiesel
- funding the development of agricultural waste ethanol fuel

4. Better tires
- Establishing standards for fuel-efficient replacement tires

5. Convenient public transportation
- adequately funding public transportation
- building more intermodal stations and park-and-ride facilities
- expanding rapid bus transit service

While taking these steps to reduce oil dependence will not be cheap, the
benefits will be significant. The first and most important benefit would be
improved national security. Quite simply, we are currently too dependent on
foreign oil that originates in nations that we cannot and should not depend
on. Second, as we lower our dependence on oil, we will see fewer gasoline
price spikes. We will also see both cleaner air and a stronger economy.
Lastly, we will see reduced highway congestion and shorter commute times.

Last year, I visited San Francisco?s Department of Transportation because it
leads the way in reducing the city?s dependence on oil by using more
alternatively fueled and hybrid vehicles. In response to my visit, Mayor Gavin
Newsom said, "In these times when breaking our dependence on fossil fuels and
gaining energy self-sufficiency is critical, San Francisco is demonstrating the
viability of clean, alternative technologies. Our fleet of alternative fuel
vehicles, the nation's largest, performs as well or better than conventional
engines, and we are committed to increasing our use of alternative fuels and
clean technology whenever possible."

In the year ahead, you can count on me to work to reduce our dependence on
oil. The cost of inaction is too high.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator"
Dr. Newel

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