Largest solar panel plant in US rises in Fla.

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Largest solar panel plant in US rises in Fla.

Post by SETIsLady » 10-23-2009 09:39 PM

ARCADIA, Fla. – Greg Bove steps into his pickup truck and drives down a sandy path to where the future of Florida's renewable energy plans begin: Acres of open land filled with solar panels that will soon power thousands of homes and business.

For nearly a year, construction workers and engineers in this sleepy Florida town of citrus trees and cattle farms have been building the nation's largest solar panel energy plant. Testing will soon be complete, and the facility will begin directly converting sunlight into energy, giving Florida a momentary spot in the solar energy limelight.

The Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center will power a small fraction of Florida Power & Light's 4-million plus customer base; nevertheless, at 25 megawatts, it will generate nearly twice as much energy as the second-largest photovoltaic facility in the U.S. ... ower_plant

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Re: Largest solar panel plant in US rises in Fla.

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Solar power was in its "infancy" when my other half built a solar unit in middle USA (here) since removed and replaced with solar panels.

I know I have talked about having solar battery backup here for now just over 10 yrs. It works, but only works on 110 outlets. I would love to be able to afford to upgrade to some of the newer panels which are even more efficient.

KS Wind Power is where our panels came from so they have been around a long time. (Ya they also do wind stuff.)

Almost everyone in the middle to southern USA could really do well with solar, even northern half of the USA could benefit, but not quite as well due to the angle of the sun, hours of light.

The nice thing is that even on a cloudy day - the solar panels keep on working.

There is another group discussed some time ago, that was working on a solar shingle type panel for homes. Haven't heard about it in some time.

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