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Post by Fan » 12-27-2013 11:22 AM

voguy wrote: Peak my interest. What do you mean "to a degree"?
Well, I don't carry it everywhere, nor do I test all food. I test suspect things, and take periodic readings outside during different weather events. It is also just an average, you could encounter a highly energetic particle at any time and ingest it, you can't have it on 24/7. It is more a way of knowing what to be wary of.
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Re: Fukushima via Fox News report! An actual new report!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-02-2017 05:10 PM

OMGosh! It's been 4 years since this Fukushima disaster topic has moved back to page 1! I hate the Dark Pages! :P

Health Ranger Mike Tweeted this out today on this never ending topic in northern Japan!

Fox News must have had a TOTAL brain re-engagement :!:

https://twitter.com/HealthRanger/status ... 2347590656

http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-09-t ... anger.html

(Natural News) We first want to thank Fox News for FINALLY reporting on a subject that has been highly censored by the mainstream media for the past 5+ years, the situation in Fukushima, Japan is completely out of control. While Fox News recently reported that radiation levels at Fukushima were now at ‘unimaginable levels’ more than 5 years after the disastrous earthquake and tsunami struck, as Steve Quayle asked in an SQNote he left while linking to that story, why has the mainstream media been silent all of this time?

Contd @ the above link to Natural News......

MK II :( :idea: Have you taken your daily dose of iodine today :?:
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Fukushima Execs On Trial For 2011 Meltdown

Post by Riddick » 07-08-2017 02:00 AM

Three former executives of the operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, which overheated after sustaining damage from a tsunami wave triggered by a magnitude-9 earthquake in 2011, have appeared in court charged with negligence.

In the first hearing of the trial at Tokyo district court on 30 June, the executives pleaded not guilty to the charges in the only criminal action that has been brought against officials.

Tsunehisa Katsumata, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) at the time of the environmental disaster, and two other former executives, told the court that they could not have foreseen a tsunami of the size that knocked out the facility’s backup cooling system, causing a meltdown in three reactors on 11 March 2011.

The reactor failures led to radioactive releases and triggered a 30km evacuation zone around the plant.

Prosecutors allege that Katsumata and his co-defendants – former Tepco vice-presidents Sakae Muto and Ichiro Takekuro – had been presented with data that anticipated a tsunami more than 10m in height. A wave of this height could cause a power outage and other serious damage because the plant’s seawall was not robust enough to withstand it.

The Guardian highlighted a government panel report, which said that Tepco had simulated the impact of a tsunami on the plant in 2008. The operator had concluded that a wave measuring up to 15.7m could hit the nuclear facility if a magnitude-8.3 quake occurred off the coast of Fukushima. Executives allegedly ignored the internal study findings.

Investigators have been highly critical of Tepco’s safety culture and also pointed to poor oversight by industry regulators. The Guardian reported that prosecutors had considered the case twice and dropped it both times. However, a citizens’ judicial panel overrode the decision and indicted the former executives.

Prosecutors allege that the executives should be held to account for the deaths of 40 elderly people, who had to be evacuated from a hospital near the plant. There are no records of anyone dying as a result of radiation exposure from the facility.

If convicted, the three former executives face up to five years in prison or a penalty of up to 1m yen (£7,000).

https://www.ioshmagazine.com/article/fu ... 1-meltdown

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Re: Fukushima vs GE

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-08-2017 07:38 AM

Thanks Riddick (gulp!) If any world news event needs updating very often this one's it! :( And it's no wonder MSM is not including this radioactive news. :? But it's out there to be read and you've given us more today that boils down to the health of the Pacific Ocean's questionable tomorrows! :cry:

Adding an obvious hindsight the GE power plant engineers and execs should have asked more questions about why TEPCO wanted it so close to the river in a region historically prone to earthquakes. When water could have been pumped up hill with all that "free power" to do it! :oops:

This is a daily example of why the 100 American nuke plants would be safer for us all if our electric power grid was hardened. Fully prepared against a possible X-50 class CME or the extremely remote? chance of us getting an EMP attack via any rogue nation willing to risk it. So I'll name a few; nah it's not worth my time!

I think the State of Israel is the only nation ready for such a catastrophe in either case. :|

Edited July 21 (now it can be noted at the bottom :P ) David Adair said no nation has done this hardening and George Noory though Israel had done it just like I did. :oops:

MK II :hourglass minus the smile.........
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Re: Fukushima

Post by kbot » 07-21-2017 06:21 AM

Maybe the reason why the MSM doesn't report this is because GE owns so much or the MSM.........


List of assets owned by General Electric

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Primary business units
GE Capital GE Capital Aviation Services
GE Energy Financial Services
GE Real Estate
GE Americas
GE Asia
GE Europe, Middle East & Africa

GE Energy Connections Industrial Solutions GE Power Electronics
GE Power Components
GE Critical Power
GE Intelligent Platforms

Power Conversion
Digital Energy

GE Oil & Gas
GE Power & Water
GE Home & Business Solutions GE Appliances
Consumer Electronics
GE Lighting
GE Intelligent Platforms

Electric Insurance Company

GE Technology Infrastructure[
GE Aviation
GE Transportation

GE Healthcare Amersham plc
API Healthcare
Datex Ohmeda

NBCUniversal (now owned by Comcast) NBC - National Broadcasting Company NBC Entertainment
NBC News TheGrio.com
Peacock Productions

NBC Sports
NBC Studios

NBCUniversal Sports & Olympics
NBCUniversal Television Group Universal Television
NBCUniversal Television Distribution
NBCUniversal International Television
NBC Owned Television Stations WNBC 4 - New York
KNBC 4 - Los Angeles
WMAQ 5 - Chicago
WCAU 10 - Philadelphia
KNTV 11 - San Jose/San Francisco
KXAS 5 - Dallas/Fort Worth²
WRC 4 - Washington
WTVJ 6 - Miami
KNSD 39 (cable 7) - San Diego²
WVIT 30 - Hartford
NBC Nonstop

EMKA, Ltd.
NBC Universal Digital Media
NBC Universal Cable A&E Television Networks (co-owned with The Hearst Corporation and Disney/ABC): A&E
The Biography Channel
Crime & Investigation Network
The History Channel
The History Channel en Español
History Channel International
Military History Channel

Chiller (horror-themed cable channel, launched March 1, 2007) [1]
CNBC World
MSNBC (co-owned with Microsoft)
USA Network
Universal HD

Weather Channel Companies - with private equity firms Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group The Weather Channel Weatherscan

The Weather Channel Interactive weather.com
The Weather Channel Mobile
The Weather Channel Desktop
Weather Services International

Comcast Sports Group NBCUniversal Global Networks NBCUniversal Global Networks
LAPTV (Latin America) - co-owned with Paramount Pictures (Viacom), MGM and 20th Century Fox (News Corporation);
Telecine (Brazil) - co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM and 20th Century Fox;
Universal Channel Latin America (except Brazil)
Universal Channel Brazil (co-owned with Globosat Canais);
Sci Fi Channel (Latin America)
NBCUniversal Global Networks España.

Telemundo KVEA/KWHY - Los Angeles
WNJU - New York
WSCV - Miami
KTMD - Houston
WSNS - Chicago
KXTX - Dallas/Fort Worth
KVDA - San Antonio
KSTS - San Jose/San Francisco
KTAZ - Phoenix
KBLR - Las Vegas
KNSO - Fresno
KDEN-TV - Longmont, Colorado
WNEU - Boston/Merrimack
KHRR - Tucson
WKAQ - Puerto Rico (independent Spanish station)

Universal Studios (co-owned with Comcast) Universal Pictures
Focus Features Rogue

Working Title Films
Universal Studios Licensing
Universal Animation Studios
Universal Interactive
Universal Pictures International
Universal Studios Home Entertainment Universal Home Entertainment Productions

United International Pictures (co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom);
Universal Operations Group Universal Production Studios
Universal Parks & Resorts

Qubo - Qubo Venture,LLC¹
¹Minority interest²Stations which LIN Television owns a minority interest (24%) in

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_a ... l_Electric
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Re: Fukushima

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-21-2017 09:19 AM

:o :shock: Man o man kbot what a list! I never knew that. :?

I'll repeat my line above replying to Riddick: "But it's out there to be read and you've given us more today that boils down to the health of the Pacific Ocean's questionable tomorrows! :cry:"

20 plus years ago GE lost an 8 acre + warehouse to fire that burned tons upon tons of tiny plastic pellets for three days! Hundreds of relief firefighters were riding in commercial buses with some coming from over a hundred + miles away from 3 States! :shock:

I doubt nationally there was any in-depth coverage of those 3 hot days of it belching a huge black plume of torched plastic's volcano-like air pollution! :oops: :realmad:

Now the Japanese are using an underwater rover the size of a loaf of bread to view where no divers will ever swim. The on line news from that nation mentioned that the radiated water leaking was not so much. As soon as I read that, it was the lie I expected to read, when I began eyeing the article! No smilie for that...........

MK II :idea:
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