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Re: Swine 101 via WTC's Wilson and American bull wagons!

Posted: 03-12-2017 09:40 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Thanks for the up date Riddick on a subject that's found it's way onto alternate news that MSM has mostly abandoned! :oops:

As a reformed and recovering habitual pig hauler from the 70's and 80's moving 1,500 to 1,800 per week. I know a lot about Swine 101. I had a reputation for keeping them all alive in very hot weather. Driving my rig safely was Number 1 and wetting them down by pouring in the hog market's free unlimited water supply was Number 2. :mrgreen: Rushing automobiles coming up behind my rig pulling out safely in front of them on western KY's US 60 had them quickly dropping back and slowing down to about 20 mph! That legally expelled yellowish green water always prevented tailgaters for about 2 miles! :lol: :P You'da just had to been there to see that Riddick. :mrgreen:

Pigs are resilient critters to say the least. They ARE part of the MEEK that could qualify one day as the small to tiny animal world's total inheritance of the planet after we humans have mucked up the place! :P

Wild boars do make great Guinea Pigs! We dumb and dumber humans are just second string to them............ :idea:

MK II :realmad:

As a bonus, a bit off topic but delving deeply into the paranormal world, I've always got a livestock truckin' story to tell. With my :mrgreen: advertisement at Linnea's Fantastic Forum here is another one for the steadfast few pirates and our regular but very shy guests to ponder on........ :surprised No doubt no one reading this story will be as surprised as I was! :shock: ... 41&t=49631

Re: Fukushima: The World in Crisis

Posted: 03-12-2017 11:00 AM
by Doka
Glow in the dark Wild Boars and Melting Robots. The Japanese System, ignore it all. It is almost Surreal, how the Japanese People and radiation get brought together :confused:

Of course we here on the west coast are getting our fair share........... :surprised

MK II , The moral to your story, is that if you see a Truck Trailer with lots of holes in it, you may quickly re-think your tail-gating habits! :D

Re: Fukushima: The World in Crisis

Posted: 03-12-2017 01:05 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I liked your glow in the dark pigs and melting robots working for lithium battery go juice. The older news was weird about how the Japanese gov is holding money over the heads of the former residents saying if they don't go back into the new boar country they will lose their evacuee benefits! I heard that about a year ago. :x

Humans don't rate highly with their dear leaders on most of the planet. Never did, never will! Even if they are wage earners with a value and valuable taxpayers! :rolleyes:

Off topic a wee bit on a happier note.

Thanks! Doka writes, "MK II , The moral to your story, is that if you see a Truck Trailer with lots of holes in it, you may quickly re-think your tail-gating habits! :D"

Doka, the big Bull Wagon's lower level drain holes in front of the trailer's dual tires were not visible. But each side's open slots could let a Miss Piggy pee downwards on an Indiana State Police trooper's shinny white cruiser from bumper to bumper while it's uniformed driver stood behind it! :lol: :o

8) I'll be right back with that one! :idea:

8) Just now editing a bit & thankfully it's not noted at the bottom of the page: :P I just bumped my old true story back onto page 1! It was standing-by on DP3! :( The Dark Pages on any forum active or inactive are related to Europe's Dark Ages as lost and forgotten but without the flea transmitted Black Death plague! :D :wink:

Here it is............ ... 18&t=49664


Fukushima's Surfers Riding On Radioactive Waves

Posted: 05-02-2017 12:41 AM
by Riddick
Tairatoyoma beach, a prefecture of Fukushima and some 50km from the nuclear plant, was among the most popular areas for Japanese surfers prior to the nuclear accident.

Surprisingly, despite the presence of radiation in the sand and water, some dedicated surfers continue to come here to catch some waves. They are aware of the risks, and the hundreds of bags of contaminated sand piled up on the beach serve as a constant reminder of the health risks to them.

"I put on sunscreen against the sun, but I haven't found anything against radiation," said one surfer. "We will only know the true consequences of our time in the water 20 years from now."



Re: Fukushima: The World in Crisis

Posted: 05-02-2017 03:50 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
You were busy last evening Riddick! We could watch MSM for weeks and not see that update that you've provided us. "Gulp!"............thanks for the eye opener this morning. I won't need that morning Joe now! :shock:

:o ATOMIC SURFING is right :!:

MK II :(