Superman Like You've NEVER Seen Him Before

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Superman Like You've NEVER Seen Him Before

Post by Riddick » 09-02-2011 02:57 PM

To start off here I'll say I thoroughly enjoyed DC Comics' "All-Star Superman" maxi-series a few years back, with the historical mythos and cast of supporting characters culled from Supes' various incarnations, wrapped seamlessly together in an epic 12 issue story.

Written by Grant Morrison, for me it was a more than pleasing amalgam and modernization of the Kryptonian, his life, his loves, his friends, his foes and his world over time, featuring new twists and takes on memorable add-ons to his canon over the years like his Fortress of Solitude, the Bizarros, the bottle city of Kandor, STAR Labs and more.

The way Morrison packaged all of it into one wondrous tapestry, a Superman fan from nearly every era could find something to like. In truth, what's not to like? IMHO, more than any other 're-invention' that had ever been attempted to that point, Morrison had it right.

Now, if DC Comics were to have put THAT Superman revamp into their regular continuity it might have had me coming back for more. Alas, such was not, and is not the case. As matters stand, the 'All-Star' series may have been the swan song for many if not all of the old-familiar features and fundamentals associated with the character.

Of all the changes to back-stories for DC's relaunch of its entire publishing line, Superman's are by and far the most drastic ever for an iconic super-hero. Certainly, sales have a lot to do with it; with figures for his books far better, Batman comes out of this more or less unscathed.

That said, while Fast Company cites Morrison's latest version as paring down the 'convoluted narrative,' fact is NOT ONLY did 'All-Star' establish a way his long history COULD be made readily accessible, sales of the book way outstripped other Superman titles of the time.

With such as the case, why not go with what Morrison had already done instead of, by making him 'more human', running the definite risk of alienating current followers in hopes of attracting new readers? It could well be that, in looking down the road, DC had no other choice to make...

As it is, changes ALREADY announced for the Strange Visitor From Another Planet may not be the last. Looming large, settlement of lawsuits brought by the heirs of his creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster could mean by 2013, DC will lose all rights to use certain elements of the original back-story -

Not only that, the ultimate outcome may present a situation where we'll see not one, but TWO VERSIONS of Superman - one owned by DC, the other by the Siegel-Shuster estates, with the latter potentially being licensed for publication by none other than DC's biggest competitor, Marvel Comics.

Are two Supermen better than one? We may have not all too terribly long a wait to find out!

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Post by Shazam » 09-04-2011 03:58 PM

DC drives me NUTS with all of there reboots and relaunches....To me Marvel does it right and does it better in EVERY single way.....And if the ORIGINAL supes goes to Marvel DC dies....Batman is NOT Atlas and can not carry the whole Company on his shoulders...

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