'The Simpsons' 30th Anniversary

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'The Simpsons' 30th Anniversary

Post by Riddick » 12-07-2018 06:03 PM


To celebrate both the holidays and its 30-year anniversary, The Simpsons has some fun events planned.

First, on Sunday, December 9, FOX will air The Simpsons holiday season episode. Entitled "Tis the 30th Season," the episode has the family traveling to a Disney World-esque resort in Florida in an effort to cheer Marge up after Black Friday Christmas shopping goes wrong. Jane Lynch guest stars as Jeanie.

The following Sunday, December 16, FXX will air a 15-hour marathon featuring episodes specifically curated for this special programming event by executive producer Al Jean. The 30-episode marathon begins at 9 a.m. ET/PT

Finally on Sunday, December 23, FOX will re-air "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," the Christmas episode that started it all by also serving as The Simpsons' 1989 series premiere.

The Simpsons' longevity is staggering when one considers just how much of the population has never known a world without the show, or at the very least have been watching it their entire adult lives.

A whopping 648 episodes have aired to date, and with no announced end point for the series, it's quite possible the 700-episode mark gets crossed within the next few years.

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