The Secret Lyrics To Classic TV Show Themes

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The Secret Lyrics To Classic TV Show Themes

Post by Riddick » 03-23-2019 11:50 PM

Instrumental TV Themes With Little-Known Verses
These tunes are forever stuck in your head—now check out the words that go with them!

Andy Griffith recorded a version of “The Fishing Hole,” aka THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW theme song, that the producers replaced with the now iconic all-whistling version.

In a season two episode of I LOVE LUCY titled "Lucy's Last Birthday," Desi surprised Lucy with a song he wrote for her. It just happens to match the show's theme music.

The pilot to BONANZA featured the Cartwrights singing a little ditty. Apparently producers realized it was a little silly since they ended up scrapping the lyrics.

Never meant to be sung, STAR TREK series creator Gene Roddenberry penned lyrics for the theme to earn half the royalties from it. That savvy decision paid off handsomely.

In 1966, HOGAN'S HEROES cast members Robert Clary, Richard Dawson, Ivan Dixon and Larry Hovis released an album with them singing the "Hogan's Heroes March"

While instrumental in the TV version, the M.A.S.H. theme had full lyrics. The song, "Suicide is Painless," was written for the theatrical movie that inspired the show.

As was the case of M.A.S.H., along with the original tune lyrics for the theme to THE ODD COUPLE were written for the 1968 movie adaptation of the Neil Simon play.

An extended version of the ALL IN THE FAMILY theme song "Those Were The Days" was released as a single and reached #30 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1972.

As with its main theme the ALL IN THE FAMILY closing tune "Remembering You" also had lyrics (written by Carroll O'Connor), but was broadcast only as an instrumental

Written by Chuck Barris and recorded by Eddie Rambeau, The King Of Schlock used an instrumental cover of his song "Summertime Guy" as THE NEWLYWED GAME theme

No performer was more dedicated to injecting words into instrumental TV tunes than Sammy Davis, Jr. Here Mister Showbiz transforms the themes to HAWAII FIVE O and KOJAK.

“The Toy Parade,” better known as the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER theme song, was an old children's song by Melvyn Leonard before it became synonymous with the Beav.

While entirely absent from the show, the lyrics for THE MUNSTERS theme tune were included on the first track of the 1964 novelty album, "At Home With The Munsters"

Similarly to The Munsters, a lyrical version of the MY FAVORITE MARTIAN theme tune appeared on a 1964 Golden Record release, as rendered by "The Satellite Singers"

Most fans remember the 4 line sign off song to THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW though she would sing the full version with 3 verses and a bridge at the end of each season.

Before THE TONIGHT SHOW theme was tweaked and renamed “Johnny’s Theme,” it was a Paul Anka pop instrumental called “Toot Sweet.” Here’s the Annette Funicello lyrical version of it - retitled again and called “It’s Really Love.”

Composer Hugo Montenegro released a vocal version of the I DREAM OF JEANNIE theme. The opening lines work within the show's context but are cringeworthy today.

Steve Lawrence's ring-a-ding lyrical rendition of the BEWITCHED instrumental theme went largely unheard until the big screen adaption of the TV show came out in 2005

THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW theme’s lyrics, written by Morey Amsterdam, may not be so secret any more as Dick loves to sing them at each and every opportunity he gets!

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