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Let the Market BE!

Post by cybrwurm » 11-18-2011 02:28 AM

"Let the Market BE the Market!" That is the basis of the free-market ideology that empowers the economic-philosophy of the Merchant of Truth. I think it means this: 'Let the Market Decide'. Let the markets decide what matters and what doesn't. Let the markets decide all those questions and problems and matters which affect the functioning of the markets. Well, it certainly sounds good in theory, but the only problem with letting the markets decide everything is that the market can't decide what to do about all the thieves, scammers, assorted criminal scumbags, and all those little dick-fuld wannabes out there hiding in the warm darkness of the Market's deepest corners.
All of these vile-creatures affect the markets, in many (and mostly negative) ways, with their collective criminal activities. Perhaps Kevin does not believe that anyone would deliberately try to destroy the great-market, but wiser investors know better than that. For it is the nature of mankind that the strong prey upon the weak. This is no less true of landlords than the market as a whole. Kevin's philosophy of 'let the markets decide everything' would only lead to disaster. Why just the other day a guest on the 'Lang and O'Leary Exchange' (cbc) remarked to the effect that with Kevin's 'market-freedom' we would have a new Lehman-Brothers event every other Tuesday. And he's quite right, the volatility would be utterly intolerable. Even now we have various "financial-products" that seem to be deliberately designed to 'mess-up the markets'.
Therefore, the markets must be protected by international regulations that attempt to ally the chaos, and dampen criminal activities, and yet leave the global-market able to function with flexibility, and some small measure of stability. This protective regulation should act like a soft and gentle net covering every inch of the market, generating maximum transparency by and for all parties, and thus allowing investors to stay abreast of changing developments as they happen. More effective communication of the facts allows the markets a more effective response. Moreover, cautious investors now shun the first thirty-minutes after the opening-bell, and the last thirty-minutes before the closing-bell, because this is well-known to be the time of the "bogus markets". These are all very serious matters, and I believe that the Merchant does not take them seriously enough.
Obviously what is needed is more effective legislation on the provincial, national, and international levels, and (even more importantly) more effective *compliance* with the regulations; such that criminal nations, criminal corporations, and criminal individuals can be properly identified and effectively stopped in their tracks! And so, government regulation of the markets is a necessary evil. Meanwhile, Kevin just wants them all to run-free like the savage-beasts of wildest Africa and let the Market decide if it be good or bad. It's just too bad that machines (even hideously complex machines like the markets) don't really know good and bad from celery and donuts. But look on the bright side: it's free haircuts for everyone! -- a concerned canadian - cybrwurm ;>
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the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist

Post by bobbo » 11-18-2011 05:51 AM

"I was wrong about the economy." Alan Greenspan--laissez faire regulator suffering not at all for foisting his fraudulent theories onto the American Public. Note: he is still adoringly referred to for his expertise.


Now, I will attempt my first embed. //// It worked first try. My thanks to Dale O Sea for his excellent tutelage. Teach me more===I'm a sponge.

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