The Late Great Democrat Run State Of Oregon

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The Late Great Democrat Run State Of Oregon

Post by Doka » 01-11-2019 06:49 PM

Is your Governor A Democrat? You may want to worry...............

We had Measure 103 on our November "2018" Ballot.

Oregon Measure 103, the Ban Tax on Groceries Initiative, was on the ballot in Oregon as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 6, 2018. It was defeated.
A yes vote supported this amendment to prohibit state and local governments from enacting taxes on groceries.
A no vote opposed this amendment, thus retaining the authority of state and local governments to enact taxes on groceries.
PROOF THAT IDIOTS CAN'T READ or Suffer From The Democrat Infection so badly that they lost their last marble.

NOW............Here is the "Kicker" Our Beloved Governor and the Countries First, Very Proud, Practicing Bi-Sexual. Was re-elected in November with 4 more years. (She is the one that insists on what Her True sleeping habits, be mentioned) Gov Kate Brown wants a 2 to 4 Billion $ budget for 2019. The State has a population of around 4 Million. The state is in debt to the tune of 30 Billion to the teachers and firemens fund retirements PERS(unfunded but paid out) Do the Math :confused: :!: She says she wants the money for education reform, but has "reformed" education Every Year since Elected. OREGONS Graduation Rate is 48th out of 50 states.

But,But it's for the Children................ :rolleyes: ... W2Pi8KYNM/

Ballotopedia, check out your state ... ive_(2018)
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