Fantastic Forum Anniversary Party coming up!

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Fantastic Forum Anniversary Party coming up!

Post by lil herbie » 04-01-2006 02:08 PM

Hey, Pirates of the Fantastic! The Fantastic Forum 6th Anniversary is coming up this month - April 22nd.

Let's start planning a celebration!

This year, it would be great to have some contributions from all of us. Graphics, Pirate Ditties, mp3s of original music, Flash presentations, Pirate Pix...limerick contest? Roasts? heh heh. Maybe Dale or Mark would make us a special Gallery.

Any ideas? Or - if you plan to participate, post your thoughts here.

*note: of course, lil herbie is a 'mascot moderator'...but he's friendly. Captain Fantastic lost his password. Lil Herbie volunteered.

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