3 Sept. 2005 - Matt Savinar - Oil Issues

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3 Sept. 2005 - Matt Savinar - Oil Issues

Post by Shirleypal » 09-01-2005 07:13 PM

Matt Savinar
-Oil Issues-
Life After The Oil Crash


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Absolute nonsense

Post by bupper1 » 09-04-2005 05:23 PM

This is same kind of crappy show that C2C continues to put on. I listened and disagreed with virtually everything the guest had to say. A few points.

1. We will never run out of oil.

2. Oil prices will continue to gradually rise as the supply dwindles.

3. Demand for oil will begin to decrease in the next few months because people are beginning to conserve. They are driving less, they are trading in their big SUV's for more fuel efficient cars.

4. With each and every increment upward in the price of oil or gas the demand for it will be reduced.

5. New technologies will gradually come about because they become cheaper alternatives than burning fossil fuels.

The whole reason we've become dependent on fossil fuels was always because it was the cheapest alternative. When it is no longer the cheapest alternative the demand will continue to fall.

This guy is just pushing his book or his website. Has everyone forgotten Gary North and his doomsday prediction for the year 2000?

Now it is true that we may be headed for some tougher economic times because of several factors only one of which is the price of oil. Global warming will continue to cost our nation dearly because it is rather expensive to keep rebuilding cities hit by severe weather. Furthermore the federal government is 45 trillion in debt and the baby boomers are soon to start retiring.

Yes we are in for some "tougher times" than we are used to seeing but in no way are headed for a radical change in our way of life.

Lord Moon
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Yes I heard what he has to say...

Post by Lord Moon » 09-04-2005 09:24 PM

But even though I am usually pessimistic, I do not believe things will be as dire as Mr. Savinar believes....

For one thing because of global warming were going to have to give up fossil fuels anyway....

And I see some developing technologies that are going to help things, I think there are lots of technically smart people in America, who have created some really inovative technology....

I don't believe that we can wait for our government to do something because of the influence that large corporations have on it, and because there making so much money on fossil fuels, they never wanted us to stop driving, or use mass transit...

I really think that people are changing, every time I go to WHole Foods and Can't get in the parking lot....

People want to live healthy lives, and when that happens eventually you realize that is not possible as long as your enviornment is sick....

I believe with a little postitive energy we could be about to catch a wave that will take us to places we've never dreamed of before... and all of them good.....

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