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Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 03-16-2017 11:39 PM
by Doka
Malaria_Kidd II wrote:
Doka wrote:
Malaria_Kidd II wrote:Yes Doka it's the big blue H again! This time is a

MK II, "This time is a....." What? WHAT? Hope you just took a nap?!? :shock:
That abrupt ending can be blamed on an Amazon Fire and so far Doka there's been no recalls. :P

Atrial fibrillation is caused by spinal vertebrae between T 3 & T 4 pinching the nerves to the heart! :wink:

I hope it keeps typing now. Chelsea Clinton was in the TV news briefs today. There was no mention of her relationship via marriage to George Soros. Maybe it's not true. :confused:

I' m just glad you are OK! I love my Samsung tablet! I have worked it hard every day for 3 years, when it goes by by, I'm marching out for one just like it. :D

What's the plan for the pinched nerve, MK II? Can't have you out there driving truck at half power!

I don't think Chelsea or Hubby are related to Soros, All are really fond of his money though.......... :rolleyes:

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 03-17-2017 09:57 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Da plan? Da plan? It's using meds to get my heart in sinus rhythm, however it works, but as normal it's not a cure for A-fibb. :oops: :P But using just $360 per month my T3 & T4 vertebrae can be spaced properly just like they were for over 67 years of my past life!

Money wise there's no comparison since this single bed room will cost Aetna Insurance $40,000 for 4 days! Not counting all the extras! :lol: The cherry wood paneling and the red oak flooring was all fake via high tech plastic/vinyl. Also you could read a newspaper through the toilet paper! :realmad:

On topic: Doka, Maybe I should delete the SSoros C Clinton Twitter sized poster a few pages back. All those Twitter generated cartoons start from scratch inside a PC so total fake is always an option! :coolhat:

MK II :)

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 03-31-2017 11:56 AM
by Doka
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!?! :shock: :rolleyes: :confused:


Senator Grassley Asks Why "Extremely Careless" Hillary Still Has Access To Classified State Dept. Info

Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, would very much like to understand why Hillary Clinton and 6 of her closest "research aides" may still have access to classified State Department information despite FBI Director Comey's assertion that they were "extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."

And, after sending numerous requests to John Kerry's State Department that 'shockingly' fell on deaf ears, Grassely has sent a letter to Secretary of State Tillerson asking why Hillary's security clearance hasn't yet been revoked given that "any other government workers who engaged in such serious offenses would, at a minimum, have their clearances suspended pending an investigation."

See Letter( read comments, very interesting ... sified-sta

Clinton: Misogyny 'Played Role' In Election Loss

Posted: 04-07-2017 02:16 AM
by Riddick
Hillary continues to blame everyone but herself for the loss of the election. LINK

Hillary Reduced To Modeling Shoes For Katy Perry

Posted: 04-18-2017 01:08 AM
by Riddick
Clinton appeared in a photo on Katy Perry’s Twitter account sporting a pair of pumps the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer says were inspired by the former sec. of state. “POWER PUMP⚡️your way over to for the last few hours of the spring 25% sale❗@HillaryClinton is wearing #TheHillary,” Perry wrote to her 97 million Twitter followers.


”The Hillary” pumps, which are being sold on Perry’s website for $139, come in pink and seafoam green and include a clear heel full of golden moon and stars meant to inspire those who wear them to “step in and reach for the stars.”

It is the first public pairing between Clinton and Perry — who was a vocal Clinton celebrity consigliere during the presidential campaign — since November, when Clinton presented the pop star with a humanitarian award at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball.

Clinton relied on Perry to court young voters throughout the presidential campaign. The pop superstar also performed in Philadelphia just days before Election Day, and again just hours before Clinton’s loss had become obvious.


Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 05-12-2017 03:03 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
I hate to bump this again, but you gotta do what'cha gotta do.............. :oops:


The folks who voted for the H with an arrow must have been akin to actor Don Knotts playing Mayberry sheriff deputy Barney Fife. They carried one bullet around just in case they had to bite into it if H began lying again IF she became POTUS :!: :?

And they all knew she lied before the election......... :P

MK II ::p

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 05-12-2017 05:19 PM
by Riddick


Posted: 05-13-2017 02:32 AM
by Riddick

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 05-13-2017 10:26 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
OMGosh it'll be classic rap someday and what a find and more on the side at You Tube. Much obliged amigo from the dairy state of Wishconsious! :mrgreen:

That was a great contribution bookmarked faster than you can say Jack Sprat! :lol: :lol: Now President Nixon is off the hook thanks to her! :|


Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 07-17-2017 12:27 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
The Haitian insider who knew too much and then became a whistle blower on the Clinton Foundation's financial antics, is dead! Imagine that :!: :(

That news is out there if any member finds it before I do please post it here. I'm sure there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. :rolleyes:

I did not click it to read it but I should have brought the link here. :oops:

HILLARY & COMEY RAP DUET :!: :lol: :lol: :o
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Post by Riddick » 05-13-2017 08:17 PM

OMGOSH :!: In an edit not noted YET on the bottom :P ....

You deserve a medal posting that video and I'm still ROTFLMAOff :lol: How in the holly heck did they do that lip syncing so perfectly? :o

MK II :?:

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 07-17-2017 10:48 AM
by kbot
My mistake was trying to watch this while eating lunch............

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 07-17-2017 11:52 AM
by Doka
Friend or Foe apparently, makes no difference? :confused:

Haiti Official Found Dead ... found-dead

Plane Crash Kills Health Director That Released Obama Birth Certificate (* The Fake One) ... -1.1572282

Re: The Hillary Clinton Corner: All things Hillary

Posted: 07-17-2017 07:39 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
Hi kbot, what'd I miss that messed with your lunch? :idea:

Thanks for the 2 links Doka and sadly they're die'n like flies! :oops:

Col. Allen B. West reports on another one from Twitter today! The Haitian whistle blower is also mentioned well down the page. :( ... nraveling/

Former Congressman West's Tweet......there's no end to the madness!

It's good that so many involved in their many publicized scandals are alive today. :wink:

MK II :confused:

61% Say It’s Time for Hillary Clinton To Retire

Posted: 09-12-2017 04:03 PM
by Riddick
Hillary Clinton is back today with a new book, “What Happened,” to further explain why Donald Trump is president instead of her. But most voters still don’t buy her excuses and think it’s time for her to step off the national stage.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Clinton still has a future in public life. Sixty-one percent (61%) say it’s time for her to retire, up from 55% just after she lost the presidential election to Trump last November.

Half (49%) of voters believe Clinton’s continued presence on the national stage is bad for the Democratic Party. Only 21% say her presence is good for her party, while 23% say it has no impact.

Forty-four percent (44%) say the weakness of her candidacy was the most likely reason for Clinton’s loss last November. Just 11% attribute the loss to the strength of her opponent. Forty percent (40%) still agree with Clinton that outside factors beyond her control were the most likely reason, but that’s down from a high of 44% in May.

Most voters still believe Clinton is likely to have broken the law in her handling of classified information as secretary of State and disagree with the FBI’s decision to keep secret its files on last year’s Clinton probe.


Defiant Hillary: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

Posted: 09-12-2017 04:09 PM
by Riddick
Former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a message for Democrats who want her to fade into the background: she’s not going anywhere.

Clinton made that clear in an interview promoting her book with NPR’s Rachel Martin, who asked Clinton if she has “reconciled that, that people might not want you around as the party steps forward?”

“Well, they don’t have to buy my book, and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking. I’m not going anywhere,” Clinton said.

“I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out. And 2018 is going to be incredibly momentous. We have a chance I won 24 congressional districts that have a Republican member of Congress sitting in them. And I think that gives us some idea that maybe, if we are really focused we have a chance to pick up seats, maybe take back the House. We’ve got to defend the Democratic senators,” she continued.

“I have a lot of ideas about how best to do that. And a lot of people are already calling asking for my help and my support. I’ve started a new organization called Onward Together, which is, you know, funding and lifting up some of the grassroots groups that have started around the country. I’ll be supporting candidates.

“So there will always be the naysayers. I understand that and most of them as you might notice are anonymous, but that’s fine. But I’m responding to a very large outpouring of people who want to know what I have to say, who are excited that I’m not going to be, you know, slipping away into the background, but going to stay front and center, doing what I can to try to speak out on behalf of this country that I love, and just want to do everything I can to make sure it’s strong going forward.”