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Post by voguy » 07-03-2016 07:16 PM

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"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." - Thomas Jefferson

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The Brexit Battle Shows Democracy Is Only Allowed When The Regime Likes The Outcome

Post by Riddick » 09-27-2019 12:45 AM

The United Kingdom's Supreme Court ruled "illegal" a parliamentary tactic used by PM Boris Johnson to ensure Brexit would be carried out on October 31, more than six months after Brexit was supposed to take effect.

While the court wasn't ruling on Brexit, per se, the context of the situation makes it clear the ruling is really just the latest move from the UK's political class designed to postpone Brexit yet again.

Given the history of EU-related referenda in Europe, we can already guess how the situation will play out. British voters will either be asked to vote again on Brexit - so that this time, they can get it "right" - or the Brexit agreement will be constructed in such a way that Brexit will be a British exit in name only.

At the same time, bizarrely, Johnson's moves in parliament have been credited as being "undemocratic" or even a "coup." This charge comes even though Johnson had attempted to call an early election, but was denied.

In the meantime, any sort of democracy that might actually strengthen the pro-Brexit position will not be allowed. This is a tried and true tactic in European politics. Only votes that help the pro-EU position are allowed. Everything else is declared "undemocratic" or is simply ignored.

Politicians never tire of lecturing us about the sanctity of democracy. But it's clearly only sacred when the Important People agree with the outcome.


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Post by Doka » 09-27-2019 11:28 AM

The whole world is standing at a "Threshold" a doorway, an entry or an exit, what will it be? Simply put it is a battle over "Sovereignty" , Self-Rule, or "Hive" Rule.

Russia is a perfect example. It gobbled up countries that no one remembers the name of and threw them into the same Socialist poverty as the rest of the Old USSR(The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ) The Government had ALL the Power and All the Money, the people suffered terribly.

That is what is happening in the United States(not so United) that is what BREXIT is to England to keep being a Country or NOT. The EU and The Democrats want the same thing ,A Rich and Powerful Government of Elites that TAKE what they want and RULE over the people, Human Nature Has NOT CHANGED. Power,Money, Greed, is the name of the game. Then you have Trump and Boris Johnson, unlikely pair, that are being literally destroyed, for standing up for the Country and The People!

Raggedyann and I differ in many ways, She is hellbent to live life as told to, in order to get a few nickels and told what day to stand in the Breadline, so she can spend them on the Wealthy Governments not so great bread.
Me.....I want the Status Quo of taking my very own money to grocery store and select the brand of bread I like. I know, I'm just spoiled.
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