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"1619 Project" Seeks To Destroy America As We Know It

Posted: 09-15-2019 03:51 PM
by Riddick
Remember the controversy when President Obama said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." The New York Times appears to have endorsed Obama's view and gone a step further.

The newspaper's executive editor recently called a staff meeting to announce "The 1619 Project," named for the year the first African slaves were brought to Virginia. Someone recorded the session and leaked it to Slate, which published a transcript. The Washington Examiner reported on it.

No more America beginning with the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers and the Constitution. The Examiner writes: "The basic thrust of the 1619 Project is that everything in American history is explained by slavery and race. The message is woven throughout the first publication of the project, an entire edition of the Times magazine."

One excerpt reveals their drift: "If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation." Never mind that "brutal" capitalism has lifted more boats than any other economic system.

There's much more. We are led to believe America is evil, soulless, that those at the top have always exploited those at the bottom. There appears to be advocacy for bigger government, reparations and never-ending guilt for things we today had nothing to do with.

Is this what we want to impose on our children? Not satisfied with practicing what used to be called journalism, it appears the Times' ultimate goal is to change what is taught in public schools so children will no longer think highly of their country because of the "stain" of slavery, a stain more than paid for in blood and federal programs, which have attempted to lift some descendants of slaves out of poverty.

No wonder private and home schools are growing at such a rapid pace. The Times' attempt to shape history to fit its own biases is not journalism. If public schools follow its lead, they will begin to resemble schools in countries where freedom is not the prevailing tenet and antithetical to what the Founders gave us.


Throwing America Under The Bus

Posted: 09-15-2019 07:00 PM
by Riddick
In taking the measure of America last month, Beto O'Rourke found it wanting. "This country, though we would like to think otherwise," he intoned, "was founded on racism, has persisted through racism and is racist today."

This is now a mainstream sentiment in the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders said earlier this year the United States was "created" in large part "on racist principles." The New York Times has begun the so-called 1619 Project, marking the 400th anniversary of the importation of slaves from Africa.

The series seeks nothing less than "to reframe the country's history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are."

It is certainly true an American nation existed prior to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and slavery was its great sin, with permutations still felt today. But to say racism is the essence of America and constituted one of the country's founding principles is an odious and reductive lie.

It doesn't explain why any reference to slavery was kept out of the Constitution. James Madison, per his notes during the drafting convention, "thought it wrong to admit in the Constitution the idea that there could be property in men."

It doesn't explain the passage of the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, prior to the adoption of the Constitution, setting out the terms of settlement in the swath of territory between the Great Lakes and the Ohio River. It stipulated that "there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory."

It doesn't explain why the Constitution permitted the prohibition of importation of slaves as of 1808, when it was indeed prohibited.

Rather than enhancing the moral standing of slavery, the founding tended to undermine it. "The Revolution suddenly and effectively ended the cultural climate that had allowed black slavery, as well as other forms of bondage and unfreedom, to exist throughout the colonial period without serious challenge," the historian Gordon Wood writes. In his view, it set in motion the "ideological and social forces" that eventually led to the Civil War.

In the broadest gauge, it's a mistake to treat the United States as an outlier in terms of its racial attitudes, when it was really an outlier in its (imperfect) embrace of liberty. As the late historians Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Eugene Genovese observed, "Perception of slavery as morally unacceptable -- as sinful -- did not become widespread until the second half of the eighteenth century.

"Today we ask: How could Christians or any civilized people have lived with themselves as slaveholders? But the historically appropriate question is: What, after millennia of general acceptance, made Christians -- and, subsequently, those of other faiths -- judge slavery an enormity not to be endured?"

It's not a question anyone running in the Democratic presidential primaries, or editing The New York Times, is inclined to ask.


Re: "1619 Project" Seeks To Destroy America As We Know It

Posted: 09-16-2019 01:37 PM
by Doka
I can guarantee you that there will be no mention of the Democrat Party that tried to keep Slavery as long as possible . They will also never mention The Black African Kings that sold their own, to the slave merchants from around the world. Nor , Mention the Muslim Slavers that are still active. Nor ,mention the Surfdom of feudalism that took place in Europe for way too many years.

Historically, the Democrats are pushing all, into going "Backwards" for the Ignorant and the Guilty this is like the waters of twisted redemption. NOT!

You will note that Democrats some how Miss-Out on any guilt for their own actions, their own white skin.

Earth Humans are the most Deceptive and Evil beings in the Universe. They are so easy to be toyed with.

Why Beto O’ Rourke's Embrace of the 1619 Project is Dangerous

The 1619 Project is dangerous enough as an intellectual exercise, but that danger increases exponentially once put in the hands of a radical politician who could one day be president.

Full Story/Comments ... dangerous/

The Alternative History Of The United States

Posted: 09-19-2019 12:41 AM
by Riddick
Last week, Democrats held their first true presidential debate. With the field winnowed down to 10 candidates — three of them actual contenders for the nomination -- only one moment truly stood out from a candidate desperate for attention: Beto O'Rourke.

Most dramatically, O'Rourke has refashioned his vision of American history. In this debate, he laid out his retelling of the American story, saying: “Racism in America is endemic. It is foundational. We can mark the creation of this country not at the Fourth of July, 1776, but Aug. 20, 1619, when the first kidnapped African was brought to this country against his will and in bondage, and as a slave built the greatness and the success and the wealth that neither he nor his descendants would ever be able to fully participate in and enjoy.”

This version of history is cribbed from “The 1619 Project” by The New York Times, a retelling of American history as a story rooted in white supremacy — not colored by or affected by white supremacy but rooted in it. Capitalism, criminal justice, lack of universal health care, traffic patterns, Donald Trump's election -- all of it, according to “The 1619 Project,” is fundamentally based on America's legacy of slavery and racial discrimination.

That perspective on American history, in turn, is merely warmed over Howard Zinn. Zinn, the Marxist author of “A People's History of the United States,” sought to recast America's story as a story of hideous ugliness covered with the hypocritical facade of goodness. Never mind that “A People's History” is, in fact, rotten history — factually inaccurate, wildly disjoined from a more comprehensive examination of time and place, near plagiarized from the work of better leftist historians. Zinn's history has now infused the teaching of American history in high schools and colleges across the country.

But that historical retelling is at odds with the better, truer story of America: the story of a nation founded on eternally good and true principles, principles only fully realized for many Americans at the cost of blood and sweat and death. Ex-slave Frederick Douglass's take on American history remains the most honest, as well as the most visionary. While acknowledging that to the American slave, Independence Day represents "more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim,” Douglass recognized that the Constitution is a “glorious liberty document,” the Declaration of Independence a charter of “saving principles.”

American history is our common history. O'Rourke's pathetic rewriting of American history is designed not to unify us as a nation but to divide us — to call us away from the unifying principles that lie at the foundation of America, in favor of divisive principles of tribal partisanship. We must recognize the evils of American history — that is part of our common story. In fact, our quest to rid ourselves of those evils is our common story. But if we wish to survive as a nation, we must also recognize that the story of America lies in the constant purification of our actions to align with our founding principles, not oppose them.


The Disdain Is Great As The 2020 Clown Car 'Dem-olition Derby' Plods On

Posted: 09-21-2019 09:09 PM
by Riddick

The last debate among 10 Democrats seeking their party's nomination for president set a new low for demagoguery, contempt for America and just plain foolishness. FULL ARTICLE

Re: "1619 Project" Seeks To Destroy America As We Know It

Posted: 02-11-2020 12:15 PM
by Doka
The Democratic Party is the longest lasting, still functioning racist organization. Democrats should pay, not those of us who were never part of such a wicked organization.

To Fight The 1619 Projects Lies, Take this Free US History Class

Although fact-checking the 1619 Project and offering academic criticism is important, it is not the most effective strategy for winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

Although criticism of The New York Times’ 1619 Project has not yet stymied the project’s success, giants in the conservative world are beginning to forge a tactical and strategic response that will outflank the project’s stated purpose of reframing the country’s history.

The 1619 Project is a series of essays about slavery and racial issues. Its primary claim is that racism has tainted every aspect of America’s founding and development. The project contains 18 essays, a collection of original stories and poems, a photo essay, a five-episode podcast, as well as other elements. The Pulitzer Center has also provided free reading guides, copies of the magazine, and lesson plans to educators.

In conjunction with the Pulitzer Center, The New York Times has already written and disseminated curriculum to public schools with the intention of reframing the country’s history by demonstrating that 1619, the year a slave not owned by Native Americans set foot on U.S. soil, is our true founding. Despite criticism from renowned historians, academics, and conservatives, the project continues to gain momentum.

The project was the dream child of Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is also the author of the project’s flagship essay, which argues, “Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true.” Hannah-Jones has shared that a fundamental restructuring of society must include financial reparations because “It’s not enough to simply have political power if you don’t have economic power.”

Rapidly Spreading False Ideas

In only seven months the project has made great headway. Demand for the 1619 Project print edition of The New York Times Magazine was higher than all others since President Obama’s 2008 victory edition, reports NPR. According to the Pulitzer’s Annual Report, they have successfully brought the 1619 curriculum to 3,500 classrooms around the nation.

Full Article ... ory-class/

Re: "1619 Project" Seeks To Destroy America As We Know It

Posted: 02-11-2020 12:20 PM
by Doka
It is just Soooo "Democrat " to Slime a whole Nation and it's people with THEIR Own Actions and History.

Mark Levin On The "Diabolical" 1619 Project

Posted: 02-12-2020 01:51 PM
by Riddick

The New York Times’ 1619 project and the fixation on racism will destroy America as it conquers our public schools. This program seeks to destroy patriotism by teaching hate for this country to our students. That’s why 12 scholars from across America have penned a critique of the NY Times’ project to set the record straight. This is reminiscent of the “Progressive Project” and this is why we have candidates like Bernie Sanders. YouTube LINK | Full Show Summary

In related diabolical developments, recently the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Sunday edition devoted its 'Ideas Lab' front page in full and half its Op-Ed section to the 1619 project. Not at all surprising coming from a USA Today Network paper, looking for "Common Ground" *yeah, right*