October, A Busy Month........2019

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October, A Busy Month........2019

Post by Doka » 10-14-2019 03:04 PM

October, A Busy Month........2019

Hopefully , We have our seat belts fastened and prepaired, for some big wrecks, or some good news. Americans can look for hardships either way, we have lost so much already, perhaps Our best bet is to stop the freefall and estimate just where the bottom is. That's more than we have "known" for a very long time,

•The Attorney Generals report is due to be released sometime next week. Any thing with less than indictments
Included, indicate we are still in "Freefall".

•BREXIT is supposed to be voted on, will England go for Freedom Or stay with the EU and be absorbed with the rest of Europe?

•Canada has election this month. Many will hang on to Trudeau just because of his Label, like here Corruption, means little, and like us, their Media has come under Trudeau Ownership, And the fact they have been hooked on "The Free Stuff" lot longer. Never mind that the quality of the "Free Stuff" is being ripped away from them. Also Canada is still hooked into the EU, as they have never broken with the "British Commonwealth " so basically, what ever happens to Europe, will happen to them.

So hang in , get some pop-corn (While you still can.)
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