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The Clintons and the Bidens Were Born Under the Same Sign, “FOR SALE”

Posted: 02-14-2020 12:24 PM
by Doka
Too bad that the list doesn't Begin and End with them. Too many , too long! :(

The Clintons and the Bidens Were Born Under the Same Sign, “FOR SALE”

Two of our recent most “illustrious” families—The Clintons and the Bidens have proven how “public servants” can become very wealthy by using their public service as a profitable vehicle to generate monetary gains.

First the Clintons. Look at what the Clintons accomplished from their public service jobs, both during and after their government employment. When Bill Clinton left office, both Bill and Hillary claimed that they were broke and in debt (mainly because of big legal fees incurred by Bill’s behavior both before and while he was in office).
But, within a matter of 12 years they were multi-millionaires and the chief owners of a close to a billion dollar “charitable” foundation where most of the “charitable donations” went to the Clintons themselves and the flunkies who surrounded them. (A fact chronicled in the the best selling book by Peter Schweizer called, ‘Clinton Cash’).

These two “grifters” used their prior and present government service to accumulate millions of dollars

These two “grifters” used their prior and present government service to accumulate millions of dollars. Bill, being an ex-president, and Hillary being a U.S. Senator after Bill’s two terms as president, used their “gravitas” to feather their nest. Enormous speaking fees by both Clintons were received from people interested in getting favors from the Clintons in their various positions, in and out of government.

These monetary gains increased when Hillary was appointed Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Donations to the Clinton Foundation increased exponentially, especially from foreign countries and individuals who wanted something of value in return (does “quid pro quo” sound familiar?). A prime example was the sale of 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia, that resulted in big donations to the Clinton Foundation and a $500,000 speaking fee to Bill Clinton from a Russian bank with ties to Vladimir Putin.

All these financial shenanigans by the Clinton’s caused many to think of them as the “Bonnie and Clyde” of politics. A title well deserved.

As for the Bidens, here’s another case of using public service as a means of generating wealth. Joe Biden has been in politics for over 40 years. During that time he and his family have become wealthy by “sucking on the teat of Uncle Sam”.

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Re: The Clintons and the Bidens Were Born Under the Same Sign, “FOR SALE”

Posted: 02-15-2020 11:44 AM
by Doka
More, than likely........very true.

“They say that we went searching for dirt on Joe Biden.. No, No.. We were given crimes on Joe Biden.”
Rudy 'Can Prove' the Bidens and a 'Bunch of Democrats' Engaged in Ukraine Money-Laundering 'Scam'

Rudy Giuliani says he "can prove" that the Biden family and a "bunch of Democrats" engaged in a money-laundering scheme and that the evidence is "with the right hands now." He wouldn't say who those people are, but it's possible it's the Department of Justice.

Guiliani called the money-laundering operation a seven-year-long "big Democratic scam."

Waving his iPad full of "smoking gun" documents, the former U.S. attorney, New York mayor, and President Trump's personal attorney told Fox Business Network's "Trish Regan: Primetime" that there was a huge influx of cash, $7.5 billion, given to "an institution run by former Obama aides."

He quoted from Latvian documents given to Ukraine alleging that the junior Biden received $14.6 million, "laundered" through four banks and given to Hunter Biden "disguised as loans."

Trish Regan: So you think that people were actually on the take?

Guiliani: I don't think it, I can prove it. ... This is what you call a smoking gun, money laundering case."

Giuliani said his visit to Ukraine "three weeks ago," the first visit in two years, was to interview Viktor Shokin, the government official Joe Biden got fired in his infamous on-camera quid pro quo. He said Shokin has been poisoned with massive doses of mercury. He claimed that "they were literally trying to kill me" too.

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Re: The Clintons and the Bidens Were Born Under the Same Sign, “FOR SALE”

Posted: 02-15-2020 01:51 PM
by Doka
The Democrats are coming "undone". They can't seem to get rid of Trump nor put a wedge between him and his Liberty Loving Constituents. They have just about worn out Their , Hateful and Emotional driven ,hiConstituents, by promising("We got the "goods Now" Rhetoric) an " Imminent" take down.

Then , they(Dems) have this weird view , that if someone Looks, good Speaks well and is freshly showered, that ,they make gods out of them , suggest they run for President, YA! Like they did Michael Avenatti , who just got convicted of trying to Extort 25 Million from "Nike" (tennis shoe people ?) They do tend to "Deify" those who are just as Corrupt, as "They" are, that in it's self is So obvious, it really is so hard to miss, unless, you are a hate-filled, brain dead ,Liberal Label lover, see nothing, hear nothing.

Another problem the Dems have ,A BIG problem, by the name of "Bernie" , They couldn't get him out and down , even with the help of Hitlery's , Robby Mook, rewritting the software used for the "Iowa Caucus"( Buttigieg, was also helpful, his Backers are the Hi-Tech people, that also want to rule the world). You would think Staunch Libs. Would notice this?

OF course "Bernie" is out there with the Full backing of the "Muslim Squad", promising 3rd World Health Care, tasty "Bread Lines", and a Decorated "Gulag"(gulag:Forced Labor Camp). After taking All the Rich Peoples Money, that will take about 6 months to go through, then they will just have to come after the poor and whats left of the middle class, and that's even with paying said "Heath Care Professionals" $20.00 a month, Cuban Style. $30 some Trillion, only grows easily in the minds of the greedy. Reality can be a "bitch"

Then we have the "Virus" nipping at our heels. Are we "Stressed Yet"?

So get your pop corn, put your feet up, watch some HGTV about the fine lady that adopted lot's of Children she could not afford to care for and they build her and family a big brand new house, that they can't afford to pay the property taxes on. A "Heart Warming" story.

And watch the Democrats continue to take out Trump and his followers and take out each other. Exciting, huh!?

Maybe He Got A Job At The Laundromat

Posted: 08-08-2020 09:36 PM
by Riddick
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was reportedly hit with a $450,000 tax lien last month, and paid it off within just a few days despite having “no discernible income.”

The report from The Washington Free Beacon notes that Hunter Biden told a judge in a paternity case that he was broke and unemployed. The revelation raises questions about Hunter’s finances, which have been under the microscope throughout this current election cycle.

Harvey Bezozi, a tax expert who specializes in large-scale tax debt negotiations, said that for the issue to be resolved in just six days indicates that there “had to be some kind of expeditious kind of process for this.” Bezozi also told the Free Beacon that the government rarely files a lien in error.

The Biden campaign did not respond to questions about how Hunter Biden settled the debt in less than a week and whether he has found gainful employment, the report added. The Biden family has been hit with several tax liens over the past few decades.